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Reality Check

August 10, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

The White House put out a new website today, “Health Insurance Reform Reality Check,” in an attempt to debunk some of the misinformation circulating about the health care bill. In a series of short YouTube videos, members of the Administration tackle rumors ranging from health care rationing to the claim that the bill would encourage senior citizens to end their own lives.

Will it work? My guess is that the people who are convinced by the rumors aren’t going to have their minds changed by the Administration since they have so much invested in getting the bill passed. Still, the content of each video is strong.

The best way to get to the bottom of it all is to read the bill. It’s dense stuff, but if ordinary citizens do the work of understanding the legislative text, and if they do so with an open mind, I have no doubt that the truth will rise above the rumors.

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  • Anonymous 08/10/2009 10:41am

    The congress “persons” should also be sure and read it and see if they understand it before they ever vote for it. It should be written in plain English for so everyone can understand it. The wording is too legalese.

  • Anonymous 08/10/2009 3:01pm

    The part about encouraging seniors to end their own lives can’t rightly be called “rumor” :

  • Anonymous 08/10/2009 4:47pm

    Oh, yeah. That should work. After all, this Congress and Obama are the most honest administration ever in the history of the country, right? They wouldn’t give us false information on purpose, would they? FYI we have read the bill and we’ve been trying to get the idiots in Congress to read the bill as well. The problem is, they KNOW what’s in it. I say read it for yourself and don’t rely on any web site from the White House. They’ll say what they need to say – not what’s necessarily true.

  • mrsjackflash 08/12/2009 7:11pm

    Ive read the bill and frankly I agree with it I didnt see anything in there that said that ederly people were supposed to end their lives on the contrary It provides for more secure care for all who cant afford health care or are not covered at all. It provides for education of health care workers in reimbursments and for payment of their time in health care settings. I am a person in need of healthcare and am in support of it all the way. Its time for us to be in control of our health like Canada and other countries!!! Watch Sicko and learn how the other half lives!!!! We need this badly!!! We can get back control of our Government and take control of our lives again. I need this!! You need this. Read it with a more open mind and learn the truth!!!

  • Comm_reply
    jefferyhigh 08/13/2009 3:43am

    You really need to understand what healthcare in Canada and the UK is like before you start making statements like this. The U.S. has the best healthcare in the world for a REASON. People from all over the world come HERE to be healed and pay out of pocket because they can’t get the right treatments anywhere else.

    I’m in a poverty situation and I have more than adequate medical coverage under the current set of rules. If I can get it, anyone can. We need better info, not more laws.

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