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The Latest Healthcare Rumor: Microchip Implants

September 8, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

There’s a new rumor going around about the Democrats’ healthcare bill that’s so absurd and off-base that I hesitate to even bring it up here in order to debunk it. The rumor, which is being spread mostly in online forums and hasn’t yet received any kind of validation from a national political figure, is that the bill would require all Americans to get a microchip embedded in their body so the government can track them.

Or, at least, I think that’s what they are claiming. I’ve seen a few variations, including claims that everyone would need to get the microchips, only people who enroll in the public option would have to get it, and that the bill doesn’t require the implants, but it leaves it open to the government to decide after it is passed if they want to require them. You can view forum threads on the topic here, here, here and here, for examples. The rumor first came to my attention when someone wrote into the OpenCongress Facebook group asking for information on it.

The portion of text people have been referencing to support their claims can be read here, in Title V, Subtitle C – “National Medical Device Registry.” If you read the actual bill text, it’s very clear that this microchip rumor is just completely made up.

What this section of the bill actually does is call on the Secretary of Health and Human Services to “establish a national medical device registry to facilitate analysis of post-market safety and outcomes data” on all Class III medical devices and all “implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining” Class II medical devices that have been used on a patient. In other words, it establishes a registry designed to gather data on the effectiveness and safety of the most highly-regulated medical devices.

The key to understanding this section is knowing what these different classes of medical devices are. The Food and Drug Administration has divided up all medical devices that are used on patients into three classes according to their potential to cause harm. Class I devices include things like tongue depressors, latex gloves and handheld surgical instruments. They are subject to very little control from the FDA. Class II devices are a little more sophisticated, but still not subject to a great amount of FDA oversight. They include things like wheelchairs, surgical needles and x-ray machines. Class III devices require the most FDA oversight, including pre-market testing and approval. They include things like implantable pacemakers, silicone breast implants, and replacement heart valves.

The registry that would be set up by the bill is aimed at tracking the safety of Class III devices and some of the most critical, borderline-Class III devices that are technically classified as Class II. The bill specifies Class II devices that are “implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining,” which is lifted almost verbatim from the FDA’s own definition of Class III devices. Class III devices “usually sustain or support life, are implanted, or present potential unreasonable risk of illness or injury,” the FDA writes on their website. From my limited knowledge of the matter, Class II devices that would be tracked in registry would include things like dental implants, IV bags and catheters.

This rumor about the bill requiring people to have microchips implanted in them by the government seems to be based on a combination of fear of government, paranoia and simply the appearance of the word “implantable” in the bill text. There’s no real analysis going into the rumor, so it’s hard to come up with a more thorough debunking beyond saying that it’s baseless and simply not in the bill.

For more debunking of false rumors about the healthcare bill see this post linking the rumors to the actual bill text.

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  • maersdet1 09/08/2009 11:45am

    “This guidance document was developed as a special control guidance to support the classification of the implantable radiofrequency transponder system for patient identification and health information into class II (special controls). The device is intended to enable access to secure patient identification and corresponding health information in humans . This guidance is issued in conjunction with a Federal Register notice announcing the classification of implantable radiofrequency transponder system for patient identification and health information.”

    The document then goes into more detail.

  • Comm_reply
    donnyshaw 09/08/2009 11:50am

    And how exactly does that relate to the bill?

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 09/08/2009 2:51pm

    Keep tearing down those straw men Donny, But you know that the way this bill is wrote anything can be added changed or required “by the secretary” at anytime without congressional approval, by the secretary is in this bill over 175 time so even after this bill passes the “secretary” can add any new requirements the administration wants without congressional or voter approval. (I would love to see that addressed in one of your blogs)

    As far as the Idea being far fetched out neighbor to the south(mexico) already requires government employees to get chips implanted. Their is also a law on the books(in the US) that requires states to put a chip in everyone’s IDs and passports.

  • Moderated Comment

  • Comm_reply
    maersdet1 09/08/2009 5:30pm

    Because the document is titled:
    ‘Guidance for Industry and FDA Staff – Class II Special Controls Guidance Document: Implantable Radiofrequency Transponder System for Patient Identification and Health Information’

  • Anonymous 09/08/2009 12:55pm

    OMG….whats next? UFO’s? Alien’s taking over the free world? Will I have to wear tin foil on my melon so they don’t steal my toe nails while I’m sleeping? Should I go get a trailer and be all clamdamourious?
    Are they gonna vote for Jethro?

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 09/08/2009 3:00pm

    Your right this idea would be just as ludicrous as the government requiring chips to be installed in animals or divers licenses, there is a wackjob born everyday.

  • Anonymous 09/08/2009 6:54pm

    I bet someone who read the short titles saw “Title VII: Medicaid and CHIP” and thought microchips!!
    CHIP = Children Health Insurance Program


  • deidreeast 09/08/2009 7:55pm

    My thought on this is that it is a stretch of interpretation. To track the medical devices for the Medical Device Registry, one must have an efficient mechanism by which to do so. Enter RFID (radio frequency identification). If the devices are equipped with RFID and the registry has patient identification, which doesn’t seem to be much of a stretch, one could make the leap. If these devices are implanted in you (such as a pace maker), then one could scan the device and link to a patient’s personally identifiable information.

    The devil is in the details…or in this case, lack thereof.

  • need_to_comment 09/09/2009 8:19am

    Do you frequent “” often? You find some obscure rumor and throw it up here as if it is wide spread and needs debunking. Spend more time analyzing the bill for how it subverts the Constitution.

  • Comm_reply
    donnyshaw 09/09/2009 8:33am

    No, this was brought to my attention via the OpenCongress Facebook group. I found the forums, including “,” based on a search using Google@Omgili. According to the search, all the recent discussions on the Web that are linking to the OpenCongress bill page for H.R.3200 are about this microchip stuff. Figured it was best to address it as soon as possible.

  • Euclid_543 09/09/2009 8:56am

    Yeah, there are people out there who would belieive anything, including “I had to abandon the free market system to protect the free market system.” Or, “The government will take over GM.” Or, “The federal deficit will triple in Obama’s first 100 days.” Or, “An avowed communist will be hired directly by the Obama administration without being vetted or approved by Congress.” Or, “We will tax people who (want to practice liberty and freedom because they) choose not to have health insurance.” Or, “The US Government will dictate what salaries and bonuses can be paid in a particular industry.”Or,“Democrats will say they want bipartisan solutions on health care and cap-and-tax, but will use Reconciliation if the people voice their resistance to it.” Or, “The Speaker of the house will rebuke Americans who disagree with and call them ’brownshirts.” Or,“Critics of Obama will be called racists.” Or other stuff like that. Tin foil hats notwihstanding.

  • Anonymous 09/10/2009 9:46am


  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 09/16/2009 5:09pm stock went UP 42% today (symbol CHIP, NYSE) Google Finance. Yeah, must just be a ‘rumor’……

  • Anonymous 09/17/2009 8:00pm

    Don’t be a fool. Microchips ARE a class II medical device. Obama is playing right into the hands of corporate greed – it’s business as usual – only worse!

    This was written in 2007:
    VeriChip’s goal is to become the leading provider of RFID systems for people in the healthcare industry. VeriChip sells passive RFID systems for identification purposes and active RFID systems for local-area location and identification purposes. VeriChip recently began to market its VeriMed Patient Identification System for rapidly and accurately identifying people who arrive in an emergency room and are unable to communicate. This system uses the first human-implantable passive RFID microchip, the implantable VeriChip, cleared for medical use in October 2004 by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

  • Anonymous 10/22/2009 8:28pm

    well there are people in florida with implants already,micro chip implants are already in use some mexican police have them,its the mark of the beast nothing new the criminal elite want a mind controlled implanted society it is evil anyway,but people could have read the bill wrong it could mean pace makers and things like that ,but micro chips are real look up veri chip ,digital angel.but people will fight this if they ever try forced chipping ,some states have laws in place already against these evils.

  • Anonymous 10/22/2009 8:46pm

    well ya its me again and yes micro chip implants are a class 2 medical device ,they try and say they we will save you and they stab you in the back, they are power hungry control freak evil criminals face it this is something hitler would have salivated over. ,and any fool can see 911 was a demolition look at building 3 it was not ever even hit by a plane no building in history has ever collapsed like that ,no middle east guys with box cutters could do all that period ,stop being in denial do you want to be a fool believe ing in lies ?you can clearly see there were bombs like the fire men even said boom boom boom level by level ,the government cover story was dumb face it you have been lied to,and do not give me the tin foil hat crap,open your mind you have been programed ,dont you want to see the criminals brought to justice?i do!yes micro chip implants are real dont be fooled you can not debunk the truth!

  • Anonymous 10/22/2009 9:30pm

    and you guys in congress need to wake up!this is not right do you want your future family members micro chipped mindless drones ?how sick to put a micro chip in a babies soft spot of the head and then the scull grows over it!and these chips may even cause cancer in some with the waves that go through your body like a cell phone under your skin .are you guys going to stay in a mindless trance as a few greedy power hungry want to be satan worshipers try and steal all the wealth and rule the world and depopulate ?or do you want to get them prosecuted for there war crimes and become heros that will be in the history books and remembered like that ? or remembered as murderous tyrants ?there is time for you to come clean ,there are other alternative ways to run the world guys that do not destroy the life on the planet.micro chips the mark of the beast is not the way!stop being cowards and fools you owe it to your selves and family members make us proud of you!

  • Anonymous 10/22/2009 9:56pm

    and for you guys that want micro chip implants for what ever reason thats your choice ,but no one shall be forced to get this for what ever reason ever or be forced to get it to buy or sell period that is the law!if there are any criminals murder,rape ,child molesters that bad that can not be trusted in society they should not be there in the first place !there for there is no excuse to force a mark or tracking device on the people no reason ,and with the abuse off these micro chips it might be a good idea to out law it.i would not find the heart to even put it in a animal !we do not need to have our souls be condemned and have tyrants breathing down our necks!

  • countupir 11/13/2009 2:54pm

    If you are going to talk about micro chips, we all know the picture above is inaccurate. It sounds to me like it would be an easy way for the New World Order to take shape. People beware and know that this is all prophetic if you are a follower of Jesus.

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