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September 9, 2009 - by Avelino Maestas

Congress is back from recess, preparing for a joint-session where President Barack Obama will address the country with a speech on health care reform. And while that topic will continue to dominate the news cycle, lawmakers have plenty on their plate:

  • Madoff whistleblower, SEC head to testify before Congress (Reuters).
  • Cramdown might be making a return (Mortgage News Daily).
  • Congress lagging behind in budget bills (Kansas City Star).
  • Senate Finance Committee to mark up health care bill week of Sept. 21 (CQ Politics).
  • House to consider consumer privacy legislation this fall (Consumer Affairs).
  • Climate change legislation still a priority for some in Congress (New York Times).

There’s also a smattering of additional news to close out your day:

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  • Euclid_543 09/09/2009 5:43pm

    There was no retraction of Socialist policies in this latest speech by George Soros’ “trained monkey.” Obama was threatened with a “primary challenge” in 2011 to unseat Obama in 2012, if he did not deliver a “National Health Care” plan in 2009. He lied again, and over and over. They can put all the window dressing they want on Socialist plans that will bankrupt the current Insurance Companies, but Socialism with any amount of sugar on it still tastes like POO.

    Obama correctly stated that the effort to nationalize our country’s health industry has failed for 65 years. When will the elites in D.C. recognize that the American People want to drive a stake in the heart of this issue and MOVE ON? Now hear this, Congress and Obama: We do not want you in our lives; read the frikkin’ Constitution!!! Or, see Wikipedia: “American Revolution.”

    Please, JUST GET IT!

  • HoustonLawyer 09/09/2009 7:05pm

    There isn’t always an appropriate time to speak the truth.

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