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September 10, 2009 - by Avelino Maestas

With the nation seemingly glued to coverage of Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst last night, it’s been a somewhat slow news day for the rest of Congress. Here are a few links to send you home:

  • Senate Appropriations Committee approves FY 2010 defense spending bill (Senatus).
  • Senate committee chairs revealed (CQ Politics).
  • Congress to consider opposing offshore drilling plans (Houston Chronicle).
  • Ambassador tells Senate committee Iraq troop-withdrawal plan on schedule (Reuters).
  • House Judiciary Committee steps into fray over Google book deal (PC Magazine).
  • Sen. George LeMieux sworn is an Flordia’s junior senator (New York Times).
  • House to debate repeal of Defense of Marriage Act (Politico).
  • Congress weighing action to limit airlines’ flight delay practices (USA Today).
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  • Anonymous 09/10/2009 3:32pm
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    It so sad to see the day when a congressman could have so much disrespect for the Office of the president. Where do you go from here? Openly fist fighting. What Joe Wilson did was reprehensible and he should suffer severly. To add insult to injury he claims people are coming after him as if he did nothing wrong. I mouth an insincere aplogy and then started crying for himself. You should be so ashamed of yourself. I feel sorry of South Carolina if the re-elect you.

  • Comm_reply
    adamchristiaan 09/11/2009 5:18am

    You must be joking. If a democrat did this to Bush, they’d be sainted. And remember, America is three branches of government with checks and balances- not two fake ones whose sole job is to respect and praise the king of the executive branch.

  • Comm_reply
    jesuissb 09/11/2009 10:12pm

    Joe showed no more disrespect to the office of President than the Democrats did during with their outburst during Bush’s 2005 State of the Union Address. Or Bill Clinton did with his affair in the oval office. Obviously neither side has a monopoly on respect. And I can’t believe our founding fathers would have behaved any differently in light of current events.
    I was more offended by John McCain’s smiling acquiescence and think that he owes the Republican party an apology.

  • patriotgirl1 09/10/2009 7:24pm

    Senator Wilson is America’s Constitution at work. I am not saying that what he did was right or that it was fair to interrupt the President’s speech. But, I do think that he voiced the one word outburst that MANY Americans agree on: President Obama is NOT telling the truth to the American people. I heard Senator Wilson speak today and he was so sincere about his passion for being a Senator for his state, not to mention being SINCERELY sorry for his “outburst”. I think that he has heard so much from his state and knows that the health care “reform” that Obama is proposing DOES give ILLEGAL aliens the right to health care. I wish he was my senator in California. It’s so refreshing to hear a Congressman actually have integrity, not taking his own reputation into consideration. He gets my patriot vote!

  • Anonymous 09/11/2009 5:40am

    How is it that in a chamber full of hundreds of people there were cameras directly on this one person at the exact time that he made this comment in the middle of a 45 minute speech?
    Maybe there were several cameras on everyone during the entire speech, however, it seems staged to me.

  • FallenMorgan 09/11/2009 9:34am

    The president isn’t the national Messiah. We have three branches of government that are meant to balance eachother. What Wilson did may be a bit rude, but I applaud him for speaking out.

  • FallenMorgan 09/11/2009 9:35am

    And Wilson is a member of the House of Representatives, not a Senator.

  • Anonymous 09/13/2009 8:53am

    It goes to show how bigotry takes all sorts of shapes and morphs into a quasi-argument between politicians about who’s a liar. The question should be who’s the bigot! As a South Carolinian white male I’m quite sure in his mind, he wasn’t disrespecting the President, he was degrading a black man who happens to be the President. He should leave the House and go back home and join the KKK, they’ll probably making a Grand Wizard, if he’s not one already.

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