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September 25, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

Apparently, House Democrats are using today to make a point about Republicans’ supposed lack of ideas on health care reform. According to the Politico, today marks 100 days since Rep. Roy Blunt [R, MO-7] said, “I guarantee you we will provide you with a bill.”

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rep. Christopher Van Hollen [D, MD-8] said today: “It’s been 100 days since they promised they would unveil their own proposals — where are they?… What positive alternatives have they come up with?”

One problem – Republicans introduced their alternative on July 30, 13 days after making the promise. Here it is:

H.R. 3400 – Empowering Patients First Act

A one page summery of the bill can be found here. And below is a picture of Rep. Tom Price [R, GA-6] holding up a copy of the bill during President Obama’s health care speech to Congress as if to say, “We have our own plan.”

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  • oderintdummetuant 09/25/2009 3:37pm

    Thanks Donny. Wish this had some home page exposure.

  • oderintdummetuant 09/26/2009 5:33am

    Seriously Donny, why is the FDA Knee-replacement scandal up on the home page and not this piece? Put this piece up and let people discuss it.

  • Anonymous 09/26/2009 1:22pm

    Horrible idea one and all. Getting rid of the middle man insurance companies, and instituting a national health, is the only solution. Unfortunately our legislators are either coordinated hacks or yellow belly cowards. Get them out of the lobbyist pockets or get rid of them all.

    I spent the last two years in France, my daughter in law is French, and I can tell you that we, as a country, should be ashamed of the system the supposedly greatest country on earth has.

  • anomalous 09/26/2009 11:11pm

    This bill is closer to something I could accept. Some pretty tough reading as apparently the wordiest of the bunch put some of this phraseology together.

    I like the push towards individual insurance which should definitely make policies portable.

    Finally: tort reform!! unlimited economic and $250,000 max non-economic. Much better than the, consider talking about maybe trying something in a state that the Baucus mark has in it.

    The state transparency portals seem like a good idea, may actually inject market pressure into the health care market. If we know what it costs and who’s quality is highest, we can make value judgments properly and the market can force higher quality and lower prices.

    I have much more parsing to do, but so far, this might be something I could support.

    Rich Mitchell
    Conservative Daily News

  • oderintdummetuant 09/27/2009 11:28am

    SWEET, thanks for putting it up front D.

  • RetiredPublicSafetydotCom 09/27/2009 11:31am

    Why is the federal government involved in unconstitutional health care for free able-bodied individuals in the first place? I’d like my pro-rated portion of the cost of all of this effort as a tax refund. Then we can work on the $3 billion plus for Cash for Clunkers and the rest of the unconstitutional spending.

  • Comm_reply
    oderintdummetuant 09/27/2009 11:53am

    I have literally never heard anyone put this thing in this light. You sir are the freakin MAN! Well said and totally agreed with.

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  • Anonymous 09/28/2009 6:04am

    Is it just me or are Democrats being utterly ridiculous when it comes to health care reform. I don’t think either side has all the answers, but geez, if we started calling people out more often for lies on both sides, we migth get somewhere. Thanks for posting this!

  • pepesmom 09/28/2009 9:20am

    In my 60 years of voting, I have never seen a Congress or White House so opposed to the wishes of their constituents as this issue entails.
    The waste, lack of ethics and corruption in our government increases with each administration. We are already leaving our future generations with a debt which will never be settled and with leaders, who by their own enactions, have isolated themselves to all of the fallout yet to come.
    To Congress: Clean it up instead of making it worse and include yourselves as people who will be affected by what you do.
    To the White House: Stop the petulant child act of running to the media when the opposition speaks out and live up to your campaign promises.

  • pepesmom 09/28/2009 10:07am

    Sorry, should have been ‘who by their own enactments,’

  • pepesmom 09/28/2009 1:28pm

    I forgot the most important part. Thank you for this comment. We’ll never hear it from the major media. Unfortunately it makes too much sense for the elitists and lemmings who are trying to turn us into a third world country.

  • LucasFoxx 09/28/2009 6:02pm

    Interesting bill. But it seems to be either badly written or disingenuous. For example, Title II is subtitled “A Safety Net for Individuals With Pre-Existing Conditions,” but it doesn’t actually address Pre-Existing conditions. Then there’s Section 105 titled “Limitation on abortion funding” which specifically allows funding of abortions in cases of life-endangerment rape or incest. That’s surprisingly progressive for these sponsors.

    Section 221 creates something called Individual Membership Associations. Essentially Co-ops, but co-ops buying into the same status quo insurance providers. And what is the point of Sec. 1001: Sustainable growth rate reform?

    There is nothing in here for me. I don’t see much in the Senate Finance Committee, yet either. So far, the bill for me is still H.R.3200. Despite it’s flaws, it still eliminates pre-existing conditions, cuts co-pay for checkups and preventive visits, and limits, at least annually, out of pocket expenses.

  • LucasFoxx 09/28/2009 6:04pm

    I like some of the tort reform in this, but tort reform should stand on it’s own instead of being lumped into a Health Care bill. Tort reform is a much bigger issue.

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