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September 30, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

  • Rep. Grayson apologizes …to the dead (Open Left).
  • Finance Committee blocks ID requirements for immigrant healthcare The Hill).
  • Olympia Snowe may save her “trigger” amendment for the full Senate debate (TPM DC).
  • Senators unveil new climate change bill (McClatchy).
  • Following the defeat of the public option in the Finance Committee, the White House says they continue to support it, but are open to alternatives (Salon).
  • Similar lines on the public option today from Senate Majority Leader Reid (Washington Independent).
  • Sen. Harkin says Democrats have 60 votes in the Senate for the public option (Huffington Post).
  • David Waldman answers your questions on the procedural elements of health care reform in the Senate going forward (Congress Matters).
  • Lawmakers worry about losing influence over the internet under new deal (The Hill).
  • GAO faults FEMA on nationwide alert system (NPR).
  • Senate clears stop-gap bill to keep the government funded and operating (The Hill).
  • What happens if Harry Reid doesn’t get re-elected? (Politico).
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