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Lawmakers React to Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

October 9, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

Sen. John McCain [R, AZ]:

“I can’t divine all [of the Nobel Committee’s] intentions, but I think part of their decision-making was expectations and I’m sure the president understands that he now has even more to live up to. As Americans, we’re proud when our President receives an award of that prestigious category. […] I think all of us were surprised at the decision, but I think Americans are always pleased when their president is recognized by something on this order. [link].

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid [D, NV]:

“By ushering in a period of optimism in American politics, President Obama has become a great source of pride and inspiration for many Americans.  I congratulate the President on this tremendous honor that he has earned with his dedication to a new type of politics based on hope instead of fear.  I am confident that the President will work to continue to live up the ideals of this award throughout his term in office. [link]

Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi [D, CA-8]:

“President Obama is working to restore American leadership worldwide and build bonds of friendship across the globe. The Nobel Peace Prize is a testament to his leadership and vision and a tribute to American values. I offer my congratulations to President Obama on this outstanding achievement.

Diplomacy and cooperation are the cornerstones of a strong, effective foreign policy. President Obama has worked tirelessly to put these principles into practice. In an age when the actions of one nation can affect the future of all nations, the President has recognized the need for global solutions to our most pressing challenges. And he is rallying the world around the common causes of building a world free of nuclear weapons, combating climate change, defeating the forces of terror, securing human rights, and pursuing peace among all nations. [link]

House Foreign Affairs Committee Rep. Howard Berman [D, CA-28]:

“I’m delighted at this recognition of President Obama’s work to strengthen international cooperation. It validates the president’s approach to tough trans-national challenges such as global warming and the spread of nuclear arms. And it celebrates his steady efforts to improve America’s standing around the world. [link]

Sen. Orrin Hatch [R, UT]:

I can’t second guess the Nobel, but I will say this: we never expect a conservative Republican to be chosen. For instance, when Ronald Reagan helped to bring about the end of the Cold War and he was ignored by the Nobel Committee. I mean, to me, we’re just used to having the Nobel people picking Democrats or liberals to honor in this way. But it is an honor and there’s no use kidding about it, and especially to have our President win. I think for Barack Obama, this will be an incentive for him, as he indicated, to do an even greater job around the world, and hopefully he’ll be able to do that with our help. [link]

Sen. James Inhofe [R, OK]:

“This just reemphasizes how this president has moved the United States from a foreign policy of strong national defense to one based on multinational cooperation,” says Inhofe. “That is the kind of change that the Nobel committee believes in.”

“I fear that this could change the president’s view towards Afghanistan,” adds Inhofe. “General McChrystal has a strategy to win. We need 40,000 more troops. If getting the Nobel Peace Prize somehow influences our policy Afghan policy, I’ll be disappointed.” [link]

More reactions form Members of Congress will undoubtedly continue to roll in all day. I’ll be updating this post as they do.

Rep. J. Gresham Barrett [R, SC-3]:

Congratulations to President Obama on his prize. I’m not sure what the international community loved best; his waffling on Afghanistan, pulling defense missiles out of Eastern Europe, turning his back on freedom fighters in Honduras, coddling Castro, siding with Palestinians against Israel, or almost getting tough on Iran. The world may love it, but following in the footsteps of Jimmy Carter is not where America needs to go. Hopefully, this surprise award will give the President cause to reevaluate his current course. [link]

Sen. John Kerry [D, MA]

I congratulate President Obama on being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. This is an honor of the highest magnitude and all Americans should be proud of this recognition. Since his inauguration, President Obama has taken great strides to elevate America’s standing in the world. Under President Obama, America has returned to its true spirit and core values – global engagement, alliance-building, and respect for international human rights and treaties. The Nobel Committee and the world have taken note of America’s renewed commitment to responsible leadership. [link]

Sen. Claire McCaskill [D, MO]

I feel that I’m in an alternative universe. For eight years some people called anyone who disagreed with the President’s foreign policy or war in Iraq unpatriotic. Then in the course of two weeks, those same people cheer when the United States does not get selected for the Olympics and boo when our President is the unanimous choice for the Nobel Peace Prize. Go figure.

Congratulations Mr. President for standing up to the scorn and derision of your opponents in the election when you firmly stood for the proposition that strength meant being willing to talk to your enemies, not just your allies. Thank you for the confidence and wisdom to say that a hand will be extended when their fist is unclenched. And thank you for understanding that our national security rests on our principles, the example we set for the world, and our alliances along with the excellence and strength of our military, rather than exclusively the latter. God Bless America. [link]

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  • jcivitano 10/09/2009 9:03am
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    It’s a great day for America! Whenever the world recognizes the American President as a leader for world peace we are all honored.

    The happiness I feel for our country is dampened by reading the anti-American rhetoric from members of the House and Senate who feel it necessary to speak out and work against the better goals of America.

    It speaks volumes that the rhetoric from certain members of the Congress (Rep. Barrett for one) cannot be differentiated from the hate-filled rhetoric of terrorist groups such as Hamas and the Taliban.

  • kc0itf 10/09/2009 9:42am

    WAR IS PEACE! George Orwell is laughing…

  • Anonymous 10/09/2009 10:20am

    Are all legislators from South Carolina that stupid?

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 10/10/2009 3:03am

    The world is upside down. The “peace” prize obviously lacks substance. It looks as though the “Nobel” brand is dead. Supposedly the prize candidate deadline was less than 2 weeks before the president was elected, which makes it even more of a suspect occurrence.

    Occupation in two countries, drone attacks in Pakistan, military bases worldwide, arms dealing worldwide, dept of defense budget putting the US deeper in debt=“peace”. Is there a Nobel Prize for Justice?

  • Anonymous 10/09/2009 10:22am
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    Whatever happened to the republican mantra of, “You’re either with us, or against us.”? Or does their faux patriotism only extend to republican presidents?

  • mercysmith 10/09/2009 3:26pm

    Will everyone love it when we abide by the laws of foreign countries that do not share our values and love of freedom? Transnationalism can be very dangerous. As far as this prize, I was unaware that it was bestowed upon someone who had the ability to give great speeches – I thought it was for great accomplishments.

    Hoodlums that run neighborhoods are not dealt with by handshakes. Hoodlums that run countries might shake your hand and smile for the camera, but laugh with their friends as they push the button to launch their nukes or send a little terrorist boy with a bio weapon strolling across our unprotected borders. Chavez, Ahmadejad, the Taliban among many others can’t wait to ‘kill’ Americans and run the world. Hope people wake up before it’s too late.

  • Comm_reply
    jcivitano 10/09/2009 3:54pm
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    + -1

    it must be sad to live life in such fear … do you really think the leadership of this country is so naive as to be less wary of other nations and their hidden intentions? that seems a very immature attitude to take.

    my point is that the world is a better place when nations work together. it is better to extend a hand than a fist – but this is just basic human intuition. basic human decency – something that is altogether missing from what used to be the ‘conservative’ movement.

    i hope this prestigious honor offers our President an opportunity to search his soul for the right path in Afghanistan and anywhere there are US troops. I do believe this man knows the correct choice … we shall see

  • Comm_reply
    mercysmith 10/09/2009 6:28pm

    It’s funny you reply w/the words ‘live life in such fear’. In 60+yrs as an Amer.patriot I have never felt that emotion re.our government.I am the eternal optimist-it drives my children crazy. But last week as I was reading the Presidents ideas I actually felt fear-for my country,children & myself. Because I have studied history & read so much, the information available is downright alarming.

    I agree w/you-goodwill between nations is best. But pls remember the leaders of some ‘nations’ behead people, use 6yr old children to carry bombs,have martyrs swallow plastic explosives into their intestines before boarding planes & have not even a remote sense of the value of human rights/life. Basic human decency is not in their dictionary.

    Have a great evening. I am glad we are Americans where we can talk about these things.

  • Comm_reply
    mercysmith 10/09/2009 6:34pm

    By choice I do not own a TV. News is either extreme left or ext. right. There are no true journalists anymore, just ‘opinion’ givers. I do have a computer. I read lots of books,esp. history.
    I had to post twice to say everything – sorry!
    I pray Obama will do things right,but so far things just sound great-the actual path he is taking does not measure up to history well at all.

    We cannot become a Calif. welfare nation. America is broke. We should pay our bills,stop using cred.cds or our children will suffer terribly.

    You might find the following link interesting:
    I would sure like someone to explain that to me!!I will be researching it.
    Good evening again!

  • Anonymous 10/09/2009 8:35pm
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    Our President earned it! He has come to Congress to work for the people and bring changes to the nation for the better. At least he does not make the same mistakes of throwing lots of empty promises to the people and play politic to get stay in the office like those before him. This is the president the American people need.

  • Moderated Comment

  • Anonymous 10/10/2009 7:31am

    The Nobel Prize Committee set a new standard for groups like the Motion Picture Academy, in that an Oscar no longer requires the winner to give a great performance, but intend to give one. The Nobel Prize was once given to people who do something great; while today just saying one wants to do something great is enough to win. The Nobel Prize Committee is trying to shape future reality by recognizing intent to do something they admire, such as equalizing America with the third world. The Oscars could be awarded to actors who never perform, but tell others they would like to. Obama, then, should also be given an Oscar too. Check THE CHANGING FACE OF DEMOCRATS on Amazon and

  • Anonymous 10/13/2009 12:32am

    Obama is no surprise winner of the peace prize abroad, unfortunately they did not take into account, that while he may be working for world peace he is causing unrest on the home front by his pushing toward socialism in America. While I would like to be one to congratulate him for his accomplishments, he needs to be tending the home fires more closely as president of the US and stop tripping the world globe like president of the UN.

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