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All About the Medicaid Expansion

December 10, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

Chris Bowers at OpenLeft reminds us why progressive Democrats in the House are almost certainly going to support health care reform regardless of how weak the public option gets:

The largest public option in the health care bills is, and has always been, the significant expansion of Medicaid. In terms of the number of people it covers, this expansion dwarfs any other public option expansion currently on the table in Congress. In terms of the type of people it covers, the Medicaid expansion includes a much higher percentage of Americans who are uninsured, and a much higher percentage of Americans who are in poverty, than any other public option expansion on the table in Congress.
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  • bassmac 12/11/2009 1:58am

    Your link to your website is in html format. How funny is that.

    Yeah, okay, expansion of Medicaid will be outstanding as an option. But, only if the process for deciding who gets coverage is based on the foundation of equality for all people of all ethnic backgrounds and gender. No unfair advantages or loopholes should exsist for any one person over another. The standard should be the same accross the board in otherwords.

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