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Health Care Vote Coming Down the Pipe

December 20, 2009 - by David Moore

Photo, right: Sens. Baucus, Reid, Dodd, and Harkin are bullish on health care reform (via Daylife).

Congress Links, Sunday eve / Monday morn edition ::

  • “Cloture vote foreshadows conference tussle over health bill” (The Hill). Kevin Bogardus reports: “With Nelson’s support, the Senate is expected to pass its version of healthcare reform legislation by Christmas Eve at the latest. The House passed its bill earlier this year. Big differences remain between the two bills, such as over how to handle the contentious issue of abortion, how to pay for the reforms or whether or not to include a government-run insurance plan, known as the “public option.”” For quick-handy reference, here again are the Senate and House versions of the health care reform bill, and previous OC Blog coverage of the debate.

  • Prof. Jacob Hacker, “Why I Still Believe in This Bill” (TNR via Memeorandum plus roundups galore).

  • “Nelson Pledges Support For Health Care Bill, Making Passage Likely” (FiveThirtyEidght via Google Blog Search).

  • “Pivotal Senate Health Vote Looms” (WSJ via Memeorandum).

  • “Thought experiment” (@chrislhayes, The Nation).

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Follow along with OC’s uniquely-aggregated news & blog coverage from around the web on key Senators in the health care wrangling: Lieberman (I-CT), Nelson (D-NE), Snowe (R-ME), Reid (D-NV), McCain (R-AZ), Collins (R-ME), view all.

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  • What a wonderful 2,000+ page Christmas (oops, holiday) present…
    Among other things, mandatory coverage with government seizure of money owed for non-compliance (according to the linked information, criminal penalties could return based on the ultimate incarnation after the conference committee works on it).

    Why can’t our apparently well-educated legislators admit this whole concept is unconstitutional? Our elected officials continue to ignore us.

    Is no one paying attention to the several surveys that show this plan has less than 40% of nationwide support?

    Fo rthe supporters, ask yourself if it is healthcare this year, what will it be next year? What if it is something YOU do not want or need?

    Our only means of rectifying the situation is to vote in those that will listen in November 2010 and ASAP after that for the remaining senators.

  • magnusonart 12/21/2009 4:12am

    it’s all about INSURANCE COMPANY clout, as we witnessed in WALL STREET & BANKING clout… how have they rescued US debt/

  • Moderated Comment

  • bfallen 12/21/2009 12:06pm

    This congress makes me sick to me stomach.

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