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Brown Beats Coakley in MA-Sen

January 19, 2010 - by David Moore

(Updated 10:15 pm ET) Quick link roundup of the big news, with more analysis to come later tonight. Sen.-elect Brown’s profile page will be up on OpenCongress shortly after it’s available through official government websites.

WaPo: “Brown upsets Coakley in Massachusetts race”. “Defying Odds, Republican Brown Becomes Next Senator from Massachusetts”. “Who’s To Blame” Analysis by Nate Silver via Taegan.

Ezra Klein, WaPo: “The only thing Democrats need to fear is fear itself”. More, updated: “The End Of the Inside Game” (via Chris Hayes’ Twitter, see also his explanatory podcast on health care reform, The Breakdown).

Wonk Room, Think Progress: “Why Democrats Should Pass Health Reform Even If Coakley Loses In Massachusetts”.

MA State Portal on OpenCongress

OC Blog coverage of Health Care Reform, ongoing …

… as mentioned above, more to come tonight & tomorrow.

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