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Why the Sudden Rush to Seat Scott Brown?

February 3, 2010 - by Donny Shaw

Ever since his victory on Jan. 19, Senate-elect Scott Brown [R, MA] has been scheduled to officially become a senator on Feb. 11. Today he asked to be seated sooner — tomorrow, to be exact — and Senate Democratic leaders and Massachusetts’ Democratic Governor agreed to do so.

What’s up with Brown’s sudden request to be seated early? Marc Ambiner explains:

“They’re moving forward with controversial issues and nominations. These are votes where his vote is the deciding one,” an outside Brown adviser said.

“This man is now the certified winner in Massachusetts. The question is whether he’s sworn in or not. There are real optical concerns about [the Senate] moving forward with a nominee — Craig Becker — who they would in 48 hours not be able to move.”

Becker is a National Labor Relations Board nominee who is seen by critics as too pro-labor. His nomination is incredibly important to Democrats’ labor union base, which has spent in excess of $300 million to elect Democrats over the past several years. Brown also wants his say on Obama’s nominee to head the General Services Administration and his nominee for solicitor general. Becker’s nomination was held up by Sen. John McCain.

Labor leaders are steaming mad over the Democrats agreeing to seat Brown early.

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  • a1marineonr 02/05/2010 8:21am
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    The democrat senators seem to be so disorganized and self observing that they could did not see this as a way to override McCain’s delaying of the conformation vote for the Obama NLRB nominee. Hopefully in the next recess Obama will show some initiative and make some appointments and not cow-tow to the constant republican stonewalling of all his plans.

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