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The Week In Review

April 9, 2010 - by Eric Naing

The hits just keep coming. On top of financial reform, climate change, unemployment benefits and the ratification of a nuclear arms treaty, lawmakers now have the nomination of a replacement for the retiring John Paul Stevens waiting for them when they get back. If the acrimony over the nomination of Justice Sotomayor is any indication, expect this to be another brutal slog. But even though Congess is in recess, OpenCongress has been plenty busy. Here’s what we’ve been up to this week:

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  • Betonavette 04/11/2010 7:26am

    A word of caution to Obama and his munchkins:

    One must be careful in politics, lest the toes stepped on, on one’s rise to the top, might be
    attached to the buttocks which one must kiss in one’s descent to the
    bottom. Ya’ll might want to practice that pucker between now and November.

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