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April 14, 2010 - by Eric Naing

The Senate continued working on unemployment benefits and financial regulation today. While we still don’t have a full financial regulation bill, Democrats and a handful of Republicans are making progress on that issue at a remarkable pace – at least compared to the glacial speed that health care seemed to move at. For more on “FinReg,” as the cool kids in D.C. are calling it, and more, check out today’s edition of Congress Links:

  • The Republican line on financial reform seems to be “Democrats want to bail out the banks again.” Now it looks like the Democrats will respond with “Republicans are in bed with the banks.” (Mother Jones)
  • Major communications and Internet companies are beefing up their lobbying efforts ahead of an expected debate in Congress over Internet regulation. (The Hill)
  • Here’s a good rundown of President Obama’s nuclear summit and the results it yielded. (McClatchy)
  • Here’s a good list of ten loopholes and potential problems with the Affordable Care Act from the perspective of a consumer watchdog organization. (
  • Could a failed bill from 2008 have prevented the recent mining tragedy in Virginia? (The Washington Independent)
  • The week marks the 50th filibuster by Senate Republicans in the 111th Congress. (The Washington Post)
  • Vanessa Fox talks about using search data to bring open government information to the mass public, and gives OpenCongress as a use case. (O’Reilly Radar)
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