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June 11, 2007 - by Donny Shaw
  • There is some interesting discussion taking place at The Open House Project about whether or not video taping committee work will actually increase transparency. Check it out here and here.
  • In advance of a tight no-confidence in Alberto Gonzales vote, DailyKos has put up an outline of some past critical statements from GOP senators. For the no-confidence bill to pass, about 10 Republicans would have to defelect from their party and vote for the bill.
  • “The doctor overseeing Sen. ”">Tim Johnson’s recovery from a brain hemorrhage said he expects the ailing Democrat to resume his duties in the Senate." – the AP
  • Cheney Impeachment bill gets its seventh co-sponsor. More from AfterDowningStreet. Learn more about the bill here.
  • “Republicans this week are prepared to use parliamentary procedures in a coordinated attack to try and thwart changes in the way the House adds earmarks to appropriations bills, according to GOP sources.” – more from The Hill
  • “Keeping momentum on ethics reforms is proving tough for House Democratic leaders, who are struggling to sell lawmakers on a proposal for overhauling House ethics enforcement, which is part of the party’s pledge to improve accountability in Congress.” – the Washington Post

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