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Power Tools to Build a Better Democracy, with Chris Hayes

September 10, 2012 - by David Moore

Power Tools To Build a Better DemocracyUpdate, Sept. 18th: video of event has been posted. Chris leads off, I start 21:40 in, followed by Aron & then Vince & Heather. Here’s a micropublishing update you can RT to spread the word. Interested in your feedback on my presentation: david at Thanks Philanthropy NY for the opportunity.

You may already know that the PPF team are big-time boosters of ‘Up with Chris Hayes’ on MSNBC, an evidently sharp-of-mind, reality-based, diverse, and uniquely-publicly-accountable weekend news discussion show. Chris is a great friend to all of us at PPF, and I can scarcely wait to have more time to write about his well-received first book, Twilight of the Elites. Go Hayza

I’m pleased to be presenting PPF’s work on OpenCongress at a panel discussion at Philanthropy New York, hosted by Chris: 

The 2012 Election with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: Power Tools to Build a Better Democracy

… along with tremendous panel :: 

Attending the event in-person is restricted to Philanthropy New York members, but there will be a livestream viewable to anyone over the web – will post a link here & on Twitter as soon as it exists – tune in at 3 – 5 pm ET today if you’re free to do so. Will be interesting.

Excited to chat about open-source tech for public accountability w/ Aron, to hear from Heather how activist groups can (and are) using these new tools, and to get Vince’s overview of the non-profit funding landscape behind them. Thanks to the considerate team at Philanthropy New York for hosting the event, I’m looking forward to meeting more of their community & demo’ing OC’s many, many public-benefit features & taking questions. Thanks to Vince especially for taking the lead in organizing it. 

For our part, PPF is a tiny non-profit working hard to keep OC up and running as a free public resource – with the equivalent of just two full-time employees – so please, support our work with a tax-exempt donation. Charitable foundations & philanthropists, please get in touch – david at, I’m easy to reach – we urgently seek grants to keep OC alive past the 2012 elections and into the 113th U.S. Congress. Here’s our non-profit funding prospectus to circulate. 

… and if I can bookmark a long-brewing essay I’ve been seeking to get clear to get out of my head: how PPF’s work on free technology for civic engagement & positively disrupting representative democracy & fighting systemic corruption dovetails with Chris’ book’s themes of the powerful oligarchical tendencies of meritocracy. I can’t praise #ToTE highly enough and am excited to show how our web development work underpins Chris’ urgent analysis of the mechanics of the “Fail Decade” – and how we can do better together.

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mar1us91 06/26/2013 2:50pm

Thanks to Vince especially for taking the lead in organizing it. jocuri mario

OCDivorceLawyer 10/23/2012 2:16am

This is a good article but can we please lose the word “democracy” when referring to our great country. We are a republic. While there are some overlapping principles between the two, there are also dramatic differences. I know some may consider this trivial but how American citizens view themselves and the foundation for their country is a critical part of our national identity and also dictates our perspective. On topic, good article. Can you change the title to “Power Tools to Build a Better Republic”? ha ha. Orange County Divorce Lawyers

StewartAndrews 09/27/2012 10:15pm

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