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70 More Cents

July 23, 2008 - by Donny Shaw

Today marks the second of three incremental increases in the minimum wage, from $5.85 to $6.55 per hour. Enjoy it – it’s the only things Congress got last May in exchange for handing President Bush $120 billion in war money with no strings attached.

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  • Anonymous 01/04/2009 10:12pm

    The United States was founded on the principles of individual freedom, equality and due process
    in a democratic society, but in the area of the justice system, these principles have often been challenged..
    Nowhere are the principles of human rights and democratic society more at risk today than in the U.S.
    juvenile justice system. The United States strongly advocates for the extension of human rights
    enforcement throughout the world, but when it relates directly to U.S., there is resistance to theenforcement of those rights by United Nations agencies. So apparently a bunch of states are saving extra cash by cutting juvenile justice programs. In states like South Carolina, programs that focus on counseling, rehabilitation and teaching life skills have helped cut in half the number of juvenile offenders who end up back in the system. But even after all this progress, some states are cutting 20 percent or more of their spending on juvenile justice programs. Obviously, if the number of child criminals who re-offend goes back up, the number of adults who get thrown in the slammer will go up right along with it. I think it’s discouraging that the government is taking more and more money away from prevention and rehabilitation. It’s just going to get spent on punishment later. This article talks about which programs are getting axed in the government’s quest to save extra cash.

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