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August 13, 2008 - by Donny Shaw

The Fix’s Chris Cillizza takes a hard look at all the Senate races for November and conclude that Democrats could come very close to a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate next session, but that actually reaching 60 is next to impossible.

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  • Anonymous 08/14/2008 12:05pm

    That 60% thing is tricky, but they stop the filibuster by tying the budgets together with the programs and agencies and phasing out the bill with the old agency year budget, which could have been a five year budget too, but for the other bill in the program and agency and the fact that the yearly budget bill is always open to interpretation as a five year budget bill. If you complain they say it is a one year budget bill no longer needed because of the progam budget bill and the other bill and the raise for the employees in the one lyear budget bill is void ‘cause a one year budget is no longer needed and if it was the budget is now under the other program’s budget and if it is a five year budget after summer, then the raise is okay, unless they decide it is really just one year budget and a new bill is needed for the agency budget because it is tied to the legislation for the program five yer budget and shouldn’t be unless we interpreted the agency budget as a five year budget and then the raise should go through because one year agency budgets aren’t wanted because the agency budget should reflect the program that hires the agency employees budget, which are five year emergency sustainable budgets like PEPFAR and MCC, unless five years is not an employee sustainable budget, non emergency, since it hires two year employees over a five year budget, unlike the staff employee five year limitation, which cost 41,000 a year for five year employees supporting two year employees who cost 6,000 a year and are farmed out to other programs for 41,000 a year or 600 a year, depending on how much money can be saved or made farming out the two year employee, whic really isn’t worth the 41,000 a year if the program or program were to receive the 41,000 instead of the 6,000 employee, but those employees would only be five year budget employees for a five year sustainable emergency budget like the agency that farms out the 6,000 employee for 41,000 because of the five year sustainable emergency budget versus the one year budget that was extended to five year budgets because of sustainability and the fact that five years is not a sustainable budget for employees because one year isn’t either or two years, depending on the pay.

    The 60 vote thing is a filibuster?

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