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Cutting Recess Short

August 18, 2008 - by Donny Shaw

The other day on DemocracyNow, Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) said he’s bringing his committee back early from August recess in order to investigate new allegations that the Bush administration created and forged false documents to strengthen his case for the Iraq war.

>"The 110th Congress isn’t over. We’re starting our work, and then we’re doing it in a period where the Congress is in recess. I’m calling everybody back."

Since all the investigations and impeachment resolutions go through his committee, Conyers is the key player in Congress’ oversight of the Bush administration. Not surprisingly, he gets a lot of pressure from activists on the left who want him to execute stronger oversight, and he tends to come out with strong statements just to appease them. We’ll be watching to see if he follows through on this latest claim – it would be a drastic step.

More here from OpEdNews.

UPDATE: I now see on Daily Kos that people are saying that Conyers was only referring to his staff, not the actual committee members. But I’m pretty sure staffers are still working while Congress is away for recess, so I don’t see how Conyers could call them back.

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  • Dem02020 08/18/2008 11:53am

    The leadership positions of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, play too important a role in the making of our Laws, to think these positions should be awarded on the basis of seniority, or awarded simply to whoever it is that’s standing next in line: these positions should be awarded based on merit and qualifications… and this is especially true of Committee Chairmanships.

    I have not a clue as to what merit or qualification it is, that Rep. Conyers (a good man I’m sure) has, that means he should hold such a powerful position in our Congress, as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee: I know, he’s been in the House for more than forty years (I think), but so what?

    We would all be better served, if the Chairman of the House Judiciary had prosecutorial experience: there are a number of former U.S. Attorneys and State’s District Attorneys (even State’s Attorney Generals) in our Congress: they have the experience and the knowledge (and the nerve) to conduct investigations and hearings, whether it be simply oversight or something much more serious, even criminal in nature.

    We are not served by giving such powerful and important Congressional leadership positions and Committee Chairs, simply to those who have seniority, or are just the next person in line.

    It’s a problem, and Rep. Conyers (a good man I’m sure) personifies it, with his weak tepid and ineffectual Chairmanship of the extraordinarily important (especially now) House Judiciary Committee.

  • Anonymous 08/18/2008 1:48pm

    House turns democracy into a joke. Don’t bother with the BS legislation again.

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