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A Peek at the Dems' New Oil Drilling Bill

September 11, 2008 - by Donny Shaw

via Politico:

>Democrats circulated an outline of energy legislation on Wednesday that would go much further on offshore drilling than many anticipated, giving Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) the chance to put her political adversaries in a tight spot on the biggest issue of this campaign season.
>According to the outline, the legislation would end a moratorium first established in 1981, allowing states to decide whether to lease drilling sites 50 miles off of their coastline. The bill would also open all federally protected water 100 miles from shore.
>The rub, Republicans argue, is that the legislation would not include revenue sharing for the states, removing a major incentive for residents and local politicians to open their coastal zones for underwater oil and gas exploration.

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  • Static357 09/15/2008 11:54am

    Could we please put the partisanship aside and come together for the good of the American people? We need to drill here and drill now! States might not get a cut but we will all benefit as Americans if there is more supply here at home. Let’s tell OPEC to stuff it!!!

  • Anonymous 09/16/2008 11:52am

    Rather than invest in more oil we should invest in alternative energy now. It’s a classic case of long term consequences vs. short term gain. America has to stop thinking short term.

  • Lexwardone 09/16/2008 6:57pm

    I agree that we need to put the partisanship aside. Why does it always get down to an “Either/Or” situation? Some argue for oil, and others for alternative energy. We need both. Yes, long term we need the alternative energy, but in the short term, the alternatives simply do not offer what is needed. We need to use what we have wisely, We need to develope new, renewable forms of energy, and yes, we still need oil for the time being. As for the argument that it will take 10 years for the oil… How many years until we can power it all with alternatives? (Not trying to be sarcastic. Really. How many years?)

  • Anonymous 09/17/2008 7:25am

    I knew that the Republicans would oppose ANY energy bill crafted by the Democratic Majority.

    All the Repiglicans want is unfettered raping of all natural resources!
    Besides offshore drilling they want ANWR opened up for drilling too.

    Screw the consumer, they only care about their cronies in the oil industry.
    This move by them makes it perfectly clear that they DO NOT CARE about the average American.

    Screw the Repigs, Obama will take care of us when he is President with a Comprehensive Energy Plan.

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