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Rep. Andrews: Bush Looking to "Gulf of Tonkinize" Iran

September 16, 2008 - by Donny Shaw

Cheryl Biren-Wright passes along her report from a South Jersey Iraq War Forum in June.

At the forum, Rep. Rob Andrews (D-NJ) warned that the Bush administration is looking to start a war with Iran before the November elections. Here’s the quote:

>There is a real and consistent concern that the government of Iran is attempting to acquire nuclear weapons. Now there has been saber rattling about this. There’s going to be an attempt, I believe, to Gulf of Tonkinize this issue before the November election and I think you can anticipate all kinds of Naval adventures in the Persian Gulf that will try to be used as a pretext for an attack on Iran. I think that that will be the strategy in the November election.

We’ve heard things like this before from staunchly anti-war members of Congress, like Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), but coming from Andrews, who was “”">tapped by President Bush to coauthor the House version of the Iraq Resolution in 2002," these are particulaly strong words. Biren-Wright writes:

>Additionally, Rep. Andrews who serves on the House Armed Services Committee, co-founded the Iran Working Group and is on the board of advisors of the Israel Project is known to take a hard line when it comes to Iran. Regarding a nuclear Iran, he is clear: “A nuclear Iran would present the world with a danger never before realized.” In a 2006 address on Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Rep. Andrews foreshadowed a “nuclear 9/11 in Lower Manhattan” if Iran were allowed to continue enriching uranium.

There is a heavily-supported, bi-partisan resolution in Congress that is believed by many to be an attempt to deliberately instigate a war with Iran. The bill demands that the President block oil imports to Iran, inspect everybody and everything entering and leaving Iran and prohibit Iranian officials from leaving their country unless they are going to negotiate the suspension of Iran’s nuclear program. Obviously, these sanctions would need to be enforced by a naval blockade, which is an action that is widely considered to be an act of war and is startlingly similar to the “Naval adventures” Rep. Andrews warned about.

According to Biren-Wright, U.S. involvement with a war with Iran could also come about another way:

>Recent news suggests the administration may not need to risk a “Gulf of Tonkin” incident. Israel Today reported over the weekend, “In an apparent about-face, the Bush Administration announced on Friday that it has decided to approve the sale of 1,000 advanced bunker-buster bombs to Israel.”
>If Israel uses these weapons against Iran it will come as no surprise if in the aftermath, the U.S. rushes to the aid of Israel. After all, Bush declared in an address to the Knesset in May that “America is proud to be Israel’s closest ally and best friend in the world.”

Here’s Andrews at the forum – the Iran quote comes around the six minute mark:

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  • steve_hunt_okc 09/16/2008 1:48pm
    Here we go again.
  • CherylBW 09/16/2008 4:53pm

    Thanks for the write-up Donny. I encourage your readers to check out the conclusion of the article as well that discusses the NIE issue.

    Almost a year later, the 2007 NIE on Iran has become a distant memory. Politicians and the MSM rarely refer to it in their Iran rhetoric.

    Then you have guys like John Bolton on Sept 3 saying the intelligence community “effectively repudiated” the NIE.

    The very next day, Thomas Fingar Deputy Director of the NIA and Chair of the NIC reaffirmed what was in the NIE – that Iran had halted its weapons part of the nuclear program.

    This is something that needs to be part of the national dialogue. One way to get us on the right path is to do an update to the NIE.

    Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst who chaired National Intelligence Estimates in the past has called for this. It is referred to as a Memorandum to Holders.

    From the article:

    Ray McGovern offered that “Mullen should formally and publicly request a Memorandum to Holders of the November 2007 NIE on Iran inquiring into what the evidence collected since mid-07 might tell us of any changes. He could do that and he should.”

    The function of an MTH explained McGovern “would be to update the most serious issues covered in the original NIE dated Nov. 07. A Memo to Holders could be done and coordinated among the 16 intelligence agencies in a month or two.”

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