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May 6, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

  • Since the vote against him, Specter’s been keeping a low profile.
  • Interesting interview today with Majority Leader Reid on Arlen Specter. “Arlen will be a good vote…. On procedural votes he will be with us all the time.”
  • NYT weighs in on the Matthew Shephard Act. Here’s the bill: S. 909.
  • via Boing Boing, video of a pro-single-payer protest at yesterday’s Senate healthcare reform hearing.
  • CQ: Pelosi won’t back Rep. Obey’s call for timeline in the war supplemental.
  • Senate approves their foreclosure prevention bill 91-5. The Senate version will now have to be reconciled with the House version before being signed into law by President Obama.

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