H.R.5749 - Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008

To provide for a program of emergency unemployment compensation. view all titles (5)

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  • Short: Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008 as introduced.
  • Short: Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008 as reported to house.
  • Official: To provide for a program of emergency unemployment compensation. as introduced.
  • Popular: Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008 as introduced.
  • Short: Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008 as passed house.

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Anonymous 05/27/2008 8:04pm

Without a little worry – you may become complacent

CaliDeb 05/25/2008 4:28pm

Hi RI…it seems this juvenile is also a stalker. I’m in the Sacramento area.

Anonymous 05/22/2008 6:15am


Anonymous 06/05/2008 1:35pm

How can they just drop the unemployment extension? They blew that GI Bill way up, what the hell for?

Anonymous 05/23/2008 1:08pm

OK I just tried to email all of the Republican represatives in Michigan and if you are not in their district they will not accept your email. That is how ignorant they are. Their phones will be burning from me.

Anonymous 05/25/2008 7:28pm

Thanks admin.

Anonymous 06/05/2008 7:54pm

Well outotime, say your point.

CaliDeb 06/05/2008 7:47pm

Ya, I was just checking that out myself. Weird.

CaliDeb 05/25/2008 5:27pm

Each state may handle it differently yet I believe most states will proactively notify everyone who is eligible and advise them how to proceed in order to submit your claim.

Anonymous 05/25/2008 6:59pm

It only takes 5 thumbs down to dismiss the nonsense from the trollers playbook.

dwightfrye 06/06/2008 12:35pm

like i said thought. wishful thinking. that would almost be like asking Congress to actually put in a full week of work

Anonymous 06/10/2008 5:44pm

I agree lots of positive things happening….I think the momentum is beginning to swing our way!

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CaliDeb 06/06/2008 4:49pm

Congress has a self-imposed deadline of July 4th to get the war supplemental to Bush. We could be waiting all month folks.

Anonymous 05/29/2008 8:42pm

The U/E extension will pass next week, believe me!!


Anonymous 05/30/2008 11:48am

Everyone, we must call our House Reps today and all next week!!!!!!!

Anonymous 06/02/2008 8:53am

Lets just stay positive, make all the calls ya can and send out faxes this week. This will all be over one way or another by the first of July.

dwightfrye 06/10/2008 1:39pm

have you checked on your local craigslist as well? it seems at least here in RI alot of people are posting ads on ours

Anonymous 06/05/2008 5:57am

Calm down, it’s the same newspaper reporting this, isn’t that odd? the washington post doesn’t know if we don’t ,who’s leaking the information? Nobody!!! just scare tactics at our expense, they think, I believe this is BS like last time. Scroll back a month or so You’ll see.

Anonymous 05/15/2008 11:11pm

I guess it’s just something for him to do. I am really disappointed when I come to this site and find all kinds of distasteful comments and links to information I am not interested in. I really wish we could stay focused on what most agree to come here to support.

Anonymous 06/12/2008 2:57am

Every state SHOULD get this help because there are pockets of unemployed counties in some states that are as high as 9%. So although the state may have a low rate there are people in counties of that state that desperately need this extension.

Anonymous 06/12/2008 3:04am

I agree with you, I live in California we are high as a state , But I am for the support of this bill , I think all states should get this help.

Anonymous 06/13/2008 1:30pm
in reply to newactivst Jun 13, 2008 1:21pm

Should send this to Weller with a note -just for your information

Anonymous 06/13/2008 1:54pm

06/19/08 on PBS The Nightly Business Report will have current Jobless Claims. Right now there are talking about what we already know, a dismal economy. At 7PM they will have Washington Week in Review.

Anonymous 06/15/2008 6:13pm
Whatever our odds may be in THE natural it’s always good to keep hope alive and have faith in God. Goodnight everyone.
Anonymous 06/17/2008 12:17pm

I was reading that the House and Senate are going to cut Home heating, Katrina and some other domestic stuff, but they are going to keep the unemployment extension and the new GI Bill in the War supplement. If they keep the Troop withdrawal time limits out AND Then and only Then will they pass the war bill with the UE extension and GI Bill in it. Then Bush will sign the Bill because he wants a strong Military.

Anonymous 06/08/2008 5:44pm

members sign off and return to the site as a non member to cause problems and make rude remarks just like that comment above

outoftime 06/06/2008 5:43pm
in reply to Anonymous Jun 06, 2008 5:42pm


Anonymous 05/15/2008 5:29pm
in reply to Anonymous May 15, 2008 5:27pm

Ya, his lack of knowledge and his temper!!! Just wait for the one on one debates! No self control, whatsoever.

Anonymous 05/16/2008 9:58pm

Where do we stand with the Extensions , anyone have a serious answer. Are we looking at a Target bill again?

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