H.R.5889 - Orphan Works Act of 2008

To provide a limitation on judicial remedies in copyright infringement cases involving orphan works. view all titles (3)

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  • Popular: Orphan Works Act of 2008 as introduced.
  • Short: Orphan Works Act of 2008 as introduced.
  • Official: To provide a limitation on judicial remedies in copyright infringement cases involving orphan works. as introduced.

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Anonymous 06/04/2008 10:44pm

Isn’t it funny how music is getting huge, sledgehammer like protection in HR 4279 and visual art is getting devalued and made worthless by this bill, HR 5889? Music must just be soo much more valuable. It’s all about the corporate interests. Artists need to band together for our own protection and fight this dangerous bill. I’m an art student, and while I will never stop making art I’m worried I’ll be unable to make a living at it. It’s never been easy to be an artist without this kind of stuff coming along and making it impossible for us.

Anonymous 07/10/2008 12:51am

I created the largest digital collection in history. I asked the people opposing this Bill, to consider my work- as a model- for “registration” practices.

I happen to have many issues with govt policies. Many of the policies, are directly (or indirectly) emplaced to benefit large corporate interests (imho).

So here we are??? Most people are not artists. Most people are not song writers, video producers, or patent holders.

Exactly what is wrong with the Copyright Act of 1934? Just exactly “who” is expected to benefit- from the passing of this Bill?

My website is www.artdeskinc.com

Phil Sprute
Art Desk

Anonymous 09/10/2008 6:54am

There are much easier and fairer ways to resolve the issue of Orphan Works (expand fair use, create system similar to Canada or European Union).

The lobbyists behind this bill are Google and Microsoft.

There are now over 60 artist groups in the US that oppose this bill. The bill is in direct conflict of our international copyright treaties.
adelie 06/09/2008 8:14pm
in reply to donnyshaw May 28, 2008 1:24pm

I was going to comment on exactly the same article. The work in saving Orphaned works is a nightmare and the damage caused by this nightmare is PERMANENT! In his Last lecture at Stanford University on Free Culture – http://www.opensourcecinema.org/lessigfinal (must see for all that care about history, culture, or copyright, worth every minute, set aside some time) a major chunk of film history has been lost. Film is a new medium for expression, and in High School film class we were taught it was the only artistic medium for which we have the complete history, since it is only 130 years old. Problem is this isn’t true, not for lack of technology, but a copyright law that failed. Older films were produced on a Nitrate-Resin with a short shelf life before the acidic nature of the film eats itself away. Copyright holders had no motivation to save their worthless films, and historians were barred from saving them due to copyright law. well, copyright is 120+ years, and Nitrate-Resin film lasts 30-50 years. You do the math. I think for each work that should have fallen into public domain should be punished at least as harshly as someone could be for infringement, as it is equal to destroying government property, but that is personal. More real is that 50% of all works from 1935 – 1950 have been LOST FOREVER, while >90% of film from ~1880-1935 has been destroyed NEVER TO BE RECOVERED! The films are literally dust! We likely had the last chance to have the entire history of an artistic medium, and we lost it, not to war like the Library of Alexandria, but to our own, selfish bureaucratic mess. How sick is that? If the law that was in place when these works were created still applied to those works, this never would have happened. This bill has good intentions, but would only make the law more complicated than it already is. PLEASE LISTEN TO LESSIG! He is brilliant. If you oppose him, all the more reason as he is a big time Lawyer for the EFF and CC, and IS leading the big copyright cases soon to reach our supreme court.

donnyshaw 05/28/2008 1:24pm

Lawrence Lessig had an op-ed in the NY Times last week about this bill explaining not only why he thinks it’s unfair, but how it could be improved.

Here’s the gist:

“The proposed change is unfair because since 1978, the law has told creators that there was nothing they needed to do to protect their copyright. Many have relied on that promise. Likewise, the change is unfair to foreign copyright holders, who have little notice of arcane changes in Copyright Office procedures, and who will now find their copyrights vulnerable to willful infringement by Americans.

The change is also unwise, because for all this unfairness, it simply wouldn’t do much good. The uncertain standard of the bill doesn’t offer any efficient opportunity for libraries or archives to make older works available, because the cost of a “diligent effort” is not going to be cheap. The only beneficiaries would be the new class of “diligent effort” searchers who would be a drain on library budgets."

For the sake of saving space on the comment board, I’ll paste in the link for you to check out Lessig’s recommendations:


Anonymous 06/15/2008 5:11am

Please read the anti Orphan Works petition. signature # 522. It’s Lessig’s and btw, no one wants any works to be neglected or left to crumble because the owner can’t be located, but that should be a completely separate issue from the protection of “current” artists’ copyright ownership.

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, PicScout, Getty Images, Flickr and other large net sites are the ones pushing this bill. this issue of preservation is just a cloak, it does need addressing, but this is not the way.

And for everyone that thinks your going to get ‘FREE’ artwork, go check out the Creative Common’s web site and see who’s selling ads on the site. Creative Common’s now states that they want to impose a fee, in order to be ‘SELF SUSTAINING" http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Creative_Commons_Technology_Summit_2008-06-18 (and please note the generous sponsor) – you’re not going to get something for nothing. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. The only thing this bill will accomplish is to reduce the amount/size and visibility of art available for viewing on the internet…hope you don’t mind watermarks and tiny jpgs and password protected art sites.

vince 01/07/2009 3:17pm

I am an artist with no formal art training. I recently had some of my work published in a book. I did not recieve a monetary payment,but instead recieved two copies of the book and FULL recognition for my work. The point of this is that it was MY CHOICE! I made the decision, no one just came along and decided they were going to use my artwork without permission. I created it and it belongs to me. The author of the book understands that and enjoys helping to promote both known and unknown artists. I am opposed to anything that takes the creator out of the mix,which from what I’ve read so far, could very well happen. That is a license to steal that should never have been concieved and would be severely detrimental to the art community.

gkdaw_usa 07/13/2008 7:07pm

I think if a person has a hard time to spell and can only get a message to some one becouse of a Disablity thay should be able to use what they have to get there messgae across! Like me I have I real hard time and when it was not easy for me to get a message across and I did that and now I’m doing a lot better than I did when I started out 3 Years ago Trying to get a point acrost but still do like to pass on thing’s for ather people to see it is called FREE SPEECH! like here read this are we Burning are book’s NOW? TOO!

gkdaw_usa 07/13/2008 7:18pm

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gkdaw_usa 07/13/2008 7:32pm

Do you people like for people to read what you Wright or do you just Wright to your self’s? I think all weighting’s should be read! or should Hitler just Burn are History To.
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gkdaw_usa 07/13/2008 7:46pm

It would be different if some one came in you house and took off your shelf then make them pay it but if you put in in the trash for every one to see then you never know? but if you had to pay to see then . that’s right you should Pay then! but now how do we stop people from hearing are music ear plug Police.

Anonymous 05/24/2008 5:38am


My years whirl past me. Swirling. Dry, broken grass hovering in a
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Anonymous 05/07/2008 8:36am

This bill is just going to hurt the artist of the future.

Anonymous 05/19/2008 10:02pm
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This basically sums up the bill -

Thief: “Wow – that’s a nice car, I wonder who owns it? hmm…”

Thief: "Wow – I looked all over and I couldn’t find the owner. I’m going to take it for a drive. "

Owner calls the cops and the cops find the thief -

Cops: “You are under arrest unless you can prove that you searched for the owner of the car before you took it for a joy ride.”

Thief: “My friend is back at the restaurant we were eating at and he can verify that I looked all over the block and knocked on the doors of several homes before taking the car.”

Cops: “Well, that’s good then. Please take the car to the wash and fill it up for the owner and return it. Then please pay the owner $100.00 for the use of the car for the day.”

Thief: “Sure thing officer.”

Owner of the car: “WTF?”

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