H.Res.626 - Censuring the President and Attorney General.

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  • Official: Censuring the President and Attorney General. as introduced.

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  • adelie 03/17/2008 11:38am

    I am sorry to see so may votes and no comments, but it happens.

    I initially disagreed wit this resolution because there are other more pressing issues in light of the time and expense necessary to follow through on a censure. Especially with the presidential term being so close to being over, what would be the point…

    Well, that is what I had to think about. What would be the point of spending so much time and money to label the president and attorney general as having made “unpopular decisions”, “unrepresentative” of the desire of the American public… AT LEAST!

    Well, i think it would show that the government can be held responsible as necessary by itself through the balance of powers established by the US Constitution, that the constitution and the law is meaningful, and that “justice for all” are not “just words”.

    If we want people of this country to respect and believe in the rule of law, everybody must be accountable, especially the President and Attorney General.

    If laws are just excuses for tyrants to justify their crimes, this would explain the political apathy of most Americans. This must change!

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