H.Res.956 - Providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 4137) to amend and extend the Higher Education Act of 1965, and for other purposes.

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  • Official: Providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 4137) to amend and extend the Higher Education Act of 1965, and for other purposes. as introduced.

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  • WilliamRobertson 03/02/2008 7:54am

    I am a student in education. I entered the program as a result of feeling a calling for teaching as I was substituting for a few years. When I explored the possibility of pursuing a teacher’s certificate, I discoverd that there was federal funding for needed areas like LBD, science and math. I signed up for LBD education certification. Now that I’m complete with my education classes, I am doing my student teaching as my last final step to being fully certified. I wanted to continue my education and pursue a doctorate in teaching but whem I found out that I may not get reimbursed for my tuition debts thus far, I might not be able to extend my indebted situation aqny further. I am very concerned over the recent cancellation of rebates for teacher’s tuition in specific areas. No one can promise that I will receive any reimbursal for my tuition at this time. So I am 50,000 in debt with no aid in paying any part of this. It’s not a fact that I will receive nothing but since I won’t to be able to apply for forgiveness until after my first year of teaching. That puts me eligible in May of 2009. With funding nearly exhausted now, it is very doubtful that there will be any money left by May 2009. I feel like I was completely misled in regards to tghis federal money. ( FFELP ) No one mentioned upon orientation taht there was even a remote possibility that this money may not be available upon our completion of our courses. Never did anyone mention the fact that this money was here today but may be gone in the very near future. I know many of us who entered that program did so with the promise of being reimbursed the entire amount of their tuition. That’s not the only reason why I entered the program but without that reimbursal aspect of nthe program I would have never been able to consider such a costly endeavor on my own behalf. You see I’m 56 years old and this is a obviously a second career for me. I would have never committed to an expenditure of this magnitude at this age without the promise of reimbursal of 100% of the tuition expense. I’m simply too old to incur a debt of this magnitude. I would have pursued continued education in my profession of thirty + years, namely marketing. Now I’m faced with a bleak future of debt and still no bonafide offer of employment. I understand there is 8,000 of us out there that this happen to. I know there’s still a chance to be reimbursed but I can’t imagine being reimbursed for the entire amount, like we were led to believe, beginning in May 2009 and depending on the per cent of reimbursal, already reduced to 15% from 20%, extending 7 years into the future to May, 2116. Unless funding is reinstated, I believe we’ve all been had. I will not take this lying down. I will personally try to form a class action suit against KHEAA and the Student Loan People and possibly Spalding for misrepresenting their program even if there was a 6 point type disclosure statement saying something to the effect, “We do not guarantee that what we say in this brochure will happen like we stated. That this is not a guarantee of any money for reimbursing students for loans incurred while pursuing certification for teaching.” No one remebers hearing anything about that part and everyone who was there agrees that this was never brought up and frankly hidden like many deceptive techniques used to recruit people into a profitable arrangement for their company with little regards to the effect it may bestow upon the students subscibing to the program as was presented without warnings of the downside or consequences of dissolution of the program they boasted about on the day of orientation. I’m hoping that you possibly can see that tghis is not the way to treat future teachers of Kentucky. Some one needs to see if at least those who it’s too late to get out are reimbursed like originally explained we would be. Please help us recoup an enormous expense to incur so late in life.
    Sincere Thanks
    William J. Robertson

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