S.185 - Habeas Corpus Restoration Act of 2007

A bill to restore habeas corpus for those detained by the United States. view all titles (3)

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  • Short: Habeas Corpus Restoration Act of 2007 as introduced.
  • Short: Habeas Corpus Restoration Act of 2007 as reported to senate.
  • Official: A bill to restore habeas corpus for those detained by the United States. as introduced.

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  • rlong19 08/05/2008 8:57am

    Why has this bill not PASSED yet?

  • Anonymous 08/16/2008 10:35am

    what are we waiting for? pass this already.

  • eelozano 09/05/2008 12:20am

    Nice, simple bill. Just the way I like them to be :D.

  • plewis 09/23/2008 3:36pm

    I wonder what the holdup on this one is.

  • LeahOlinger 10/09/2008 7:06am

    Is there a reason why this bill hasn’t passed yet??

  • Anonymous 12/08/2008 4:59pm

    They only hold up bills that have the potential for real positive change for Americans.

  • dwighrat 12/14/2008 2:26pm

    How can anybody vote against this bill

  • marshall 01/08/2009 3:43pm

    the only rights you have are the ones you stand up for – wake up!

  • Weapon01 01/29/2009 9:38pm

    And what will We The People do if we’re picked up by a black van and jailed? “Excuse me I’d like my lawyer and speedy trail! ….Hello?”

  • artb 02/26/2009 11:18am

    So, if I am reading this right, this bill will afford all of our legal rights to everybody no matter who they are, where they are, or what they have been accused of. Would this include Benladen? Personally I would much rather be held in a U.S. military prison, than one in Iran.

  • Comm_reply
    stidmatt 01/16/2011 8:10am

    Habeas Corpus only means proof before incarceration. People who are guilty, like bin Laden would go to court and be executed. The only people Habeas Corpus would benefit are people locked up off the street who could then go home. Passing this bill will take away a powerful tool of persuasion from the terrorists on getting suicide bombers. We also won’t have to pay for innocent people’s prison time. We have nothing to lose.

  • MatadorBID 03/12/2009 3:05pm

    Non US citizens have never and should never get any Constitutional rights.

  • Comm_reply
    stidmatt 01/16/2011 8:07am

    In Nazi Germany non-Germans got no rights. Same in Stalin Russia.

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