H.R.1388 - The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act

To reauthorize and reform the national service laws. view all titles (15)

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  • Short: Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act as introduced.
  • Popular: GIVE Act as introduced.
  • Short: Congressional Commission on Civic Service Act as introduced.
  • Official: To reauthorize and reform the national service laws. as introduced.
  • Short: GIVE Act as introduced.
  • Official: A bill entitled "The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, an Act to reauthorize and reform the national service laws." as amended by senate.
  • Short: Congressional Commission on Civic Service Act as reported to house.
  • Short: Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act as reported to house.
  • Short: GIVE Act as reported to house.
  • Short: Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act as passed house.
  • Short: GIVE Act as passed house.
  • Popular: The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act as introduced.
  • Short: Serve America Act as passed senate.
  • Short: Serve America Act as enacted.
  • Official: A bill entitled "The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, an Act to reauthorize and reform the national service laws." as introduced.

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annathule 10/19/2011 3:36am
in reply to momobetta May 13, 2009 9:34am

I can understand your POV, certainly I know urban areas aren’t like rural areas where you can find 3 generations of entire families “running” at the same time – I think half of Washington Co MD have or are, part of Emergency Response Teams! (Or will be, my kid knew he wanted to be a paramedic since he was 4, he’s 22 now & going to school & running too!) I was an EMT & I met my current husband there, too. I say E.R.T. that way because we also have river rescue, living on the edge of both the Potomac & the Shenandoah, not to mention having the intersection of I-70 & I-81 in our county.

BUT, would you stop your trainees from going to church or participating in religious instruction? My guess your answer would be a shocked “NO!” Well, this bill will. I trust YOU, I don’t trust these Congresscritters as far as I can spit. I think that IF this was all it was, hey good deal! But to proscribe these children’s lives the way this bill intends? I think even you would seriously reconsider it.

MenloPeet 11/16/2010 1:46pm

Well a lot of you on here who are against this bill because it’s some form or government institutionalism are forgetting about one thing, the MILITARY. I’m not sure why it is that so many people are against our government creating opportunities for young people to get involved in their community while turning the other cheek when it comes to the MIC.

reyapxat213 10/18/2010 7:32am

The key here is what ever the intent..the US Treasury is OUT OF MONEY….Stop Spending money you (Congress) do not have. Congress should volunteer to balance the budget.

navyarmy88 02/28/2010 10:26am
in reply to rogue780 Apr 07, 2009 12:47pm

well some people could say that going to school for 12 years is involuntary servitude….

legallylisa 08/29/2009 6:27pm
in reply to bossmanstalian Apr 22, 2009 7:46pm

momobetta- Children can volunteer and learn safety principles without incurring more debt and burden on those few who shoulder heavy tax burdens already- just another creative way to get a handout!!!!

FallenMorgan 08/16/2009 6:05pm

It sounds like they took the fascism out of it. It’s not forcing anybody to work, like with the original bill.

rj32 07/23/2009 11:21pm

they should include all youth in these programs. being ‘disadvantaged’ or ‘advantaged’ shouldn’t mean anyone is entitled to more or less. young people need to interact with each other in the community without being segregated.

swotli 07/16/2009 4:26am
in reply to rocusa Jun 12, 2009 10:28am

I totally agree, but what can we do to stop this insanity? They aren’t paying attention to what we want. I think it is time for another
march on Washington. Something to disrupt them and get them to stop and listen to the voters. This is no longer a government by the people, for the people, and of the people. Have you read “Common Sense.” It’s a must read.

swotli 07/16/2009 4:23am

One more program to blow billions of dollars we do not have. Congress should be focusing on fixing the economy not passing these ridiculous
mult-billion dollar bills we can’t afford. But then, when did this congress start listening to us. This is no longer a government by the people, for the people, of the people. It is a government by the government, of the government, for the government. It is time for term limits for everyone. Can’t wait for the next election. It should be a blood bath for everyone up for re-election.

JBavet 07/10/2009 3:09pm

It is hard to believe that the Chappaquiddick Kid and drunken bum Kennedy is still around! The sheeple of Massachusetts must be real stupid to keep electing this bum to office.

itssunshinexo 07/06/2009 8:32am

I like how one of the failed amendments had something to do with Acorn…did anyone else notice that? So ACORN is able to have access to these funds without investigation into their fraud? If they really did nothing wrong, have them open their books and we can move on from it…

Anonymous 06/30/2009 6:06am

They will not get my vote in next election , if we are all still free to vote !

darkthrone 06/26/2009 4:46pm

they have no use for the constitution obama thinks it doesn’t hold any weight anymore new age thinking N.W.O.

darkthrone 06/26/2009 4:44pm

ladies and gentlemen welcome to ‘USSA’ when u cross the border u get a free green card and when u graduate high school u geta brown shirt and a prius! lololololololol has anyone ever seen V for Vendetta???

AbePena 06/17/2009 10:13pm

try this out, I was talking to friends at a college doing the legal research for the Fed Reps… The submittal included this…" I don’t know if the data was classified or not, as I was getting it straight from professors and grad students and some lawyers,,," But the words include things like: 1- Can be punishible with fines or community service, failure to comply could include forfeiture of assets no then but not limited to 3000.00USD, and or possible confinement of 30-90 days which will be paid for by the offender, and may include community, or professional service during the extent of confinement.

they had alot more stuff but this part was the one that scared me. Voluntary, yet can be punishible by fines or assets and jail!!! thats not voluntary, it’s like the IRS, they say it’s voluntary, but if you don’t do it, you have the “option” to face penalty.

dudezilla 06/14/2009 8:33pm

Uhhh, so i’ve seen no questions about who or what this “Corporation” (and yes it’s always capitalized, go read the bill)

i.e. “Carrying out such other activities as the Corporation may prohibit”
Subtitle C of title I (42 U.S.C. 12571 et seq.)

go look it’s right there and all over the bill

what is this “Corporation”, basically what are they referring to in the bill. If any one knows the respond to this comment and if know one knows then… well that’s bad

wilsonced 06/14/2009 3:30pm
in reply to momobetta May 13, 2009 9:39am

Momobetta; apparently you believe in Nancy Pelosi’s definition of “bipartisan”. Did you look at the vote. Bipartisan under the current administration means Nancy and Harry are supposed to jam it down the throat of our citizens until they gag.
I see this as the Federal Government getting just as stupid as California’s government and running the country into the ground. Let’s just declare anarchy and give it all to the illegals and let the productive people pay for it all—-if they don’t get the courage to leave or fight!
Why aren’t Democrats OR Republicans interested in RESPONSIBLE government?

rocusa 06/12/2009 10:28am

How many government controlled things flourish? Before we give this bill great praise, let’s see what they do to GM, the economy, and the health care system. I trust NONE of them. In case you haven’t notice our country is far left of center as in progressive.
Each day more of our freedoms diminish.
Take a look at H. J. Res. 5. Read it and ponder that one.

Waronyou 06/08/2009 4:33pm

Screw your bill, your snitch citizens and the $6 billion it cost for volunteers?


lleavi1 06/05/2009 7:50am
in reply to mpaone Mar 17, 2009 12:23pm

The initial language did include a segment speaking about mandatory service. However, it has been taking out and is currently and lawfully no more than a benign source of funding for Americorps. This is how it starts…benign bill after benign bill slipping through Congress and becoming law, until finally we’re screwed. We need to put a stop to anything else that comes through.
Given what Obama and Rahm have said in the past about their desire for a mobilized youth force “just as strong as the military” I know where this is headed. Stop the benign bills from even going through. Don’t let it come down to a terrible end.

spoopryme 05/30/2009 3:41pm

i am not communist, nor am i particularly pro-communist, but seriously dont just label anything obviously anti-american communist. communism is not the polar opposite of democracy, and labelling anything offensive to yourself like that is simply the hate and dislkie talking.

that being said, i am also against this bill, as we cannot afford the costs to pay for it, and the language is vauge enough to scare me.

AlphaOmega 05/19/2009 7:55pm

1052 to 95 that is a .09 acceptance ratio and it passes anyway. Ut ohhhhhhh time to change the government. Hide your kids as soon as you can. They will train them to come to your door to collect the guns cause they know it will be hard for you to shoot your own kids! The government will be able to develop spies, moles and snitches that would even rat out their parents. Directly out of 1984!!

buckshotlee 05/18/2009 3:48am

Work and you must give to someone that don’t have! Don’t work and the government gives you a check to live!

So that is the conclusion? We who work for a living pay into the largest charity in history, the federal goverment!

Superiorryan 05/14/2009 6:40am
in reply to ieraci May 12, 2009 7:19am

What the heck is up with that,huh. I figured that out myself this morn.Must be one of the no-info spots
Every body sees the F.D.I.C. enlargement as well?

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ieraci 05/12/2009 7:19am

20 million in tax payer dollars to immigrate Hamas refugees to the US


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