H.R.3404 - Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2009

To amend the Assistance for Unemployed Workers and Struggling Families Act and the Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2008 to provide for the temporary extension of certain unemployment benefits and the temporary availability of further additional emergency unemployment compensation, and for other purposes. view all titles (3)

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  • Official: To amend the Assistance for Unemployed Workers and Struggling Families Act and the Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2008 to provide for the temporary extension of certain unemployment benefits and the temporary availability of further additional emergency unemployment compensation, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Popular: Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2009 as introduced.
  • Short: Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2009 as introduced.

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  • Serendipity 09/06/2009 6:49pm

    Super kudos to Congressman McDermott (D) Washington state.

    This time next year EVERYONE posting on this Forum will be gainfully employed.

  • JohnB 09/06/2009 6:59pm

    democrats are just as bad as the republicans. I wish more people would register Independent.

  • Serendipity 09/06/2009 7:41pm

    And Independents are just as bad as Rethuglians.

  • Comm_reply
    Serendipity 09/06/2009 7:49pm

    No, I take that back. The current Rethuglian Party has hit the bottom of the barrel. McCarthyism revisited.

  • ccs714 09/06/2009 8:36pm

    HR 3404 will most likely be passed and signed before the end of of 09/09. Just a reminder, the bill as written now will only apply to States with a running 3 month period of an average of 9% or higher unemployment rate in the state you filed in to qualify for an addition of 13 weeks. It will also extend the the deadline dates from the Recovery Act of 2009, that passed in 02/09. As I say, as written now.

  • ohionoeb 09/07/2009 2:43am

    I wish more people would register Independent

    That’s exactly what I have decided to do this year..Been a Democrat all my life ..Now it’s every Congress Person for themselves ..as I will be voting as a Independent in 2010 and 2012..and will base my decesion on how they do on Issues that concern me ..NOT by what letter is behind their name..

  • Comm_reply
    Serendipity 09/07/2009 4:47am

    That should be way any voter considers voting for a candidate, whether one is registered, D, R, or I.

  • Comm_reply
    JohnB 09/07/2009 7:43am

    If more people register Independent they would have a harder time drawing the district lines and counting the number of people voting in any party. I want to screw up their count :)
    In Calif the GOP actually wants to stop Independents from voting in republican primaries. LOL If they do, the part will go the way of the dinosours. :)

  • BrokeInOhio 09/07/2009 3:22am

    Jelee, my claim is with the Richmond office, so is my friend who has been able to file for many, many weekds.. I am shocked that others are not able.. My ’Pending" now says denied like the other weeks. My claim year goes from dec 07 to dec 08. that is my orginal claim.. I do not know what is said before. I think it is the same.

  • Comm_reply
    jelee 09/07/2009 5:33am

    Maybe it does have something to do with which office your registered at that.
    they may have programmed with no stops in the format once the funds ran out.
    if they get another extension passed, and whether its of EB or EUC I can only say I am not ready to hear the part about "once we reprogram the computer systems,checks will be issued,
    unless these idiots have deleted all existing programs as they added new ones
    the formats for EUC and EB should still be in their programming and should need nothing more then pushing the correct button to get the wheels rolling again, of course I realize I am speaking of ODJFS, but they didn’t do bad getting EB up and rolling, its like a mystery wondering if they will want us to wait for the elusive letter or phone call.

  • Comm_reply
    jelee 09/07/2009 5:54am

    That last line just gave me an idea, writing a book for future generations.
    The Endurence of living on state and federal extensions by trail and error.
    I could put stuff in there like, beware of the stall tatics of the recomputerazations, and waiting on the letter that never comes, and the phone
    call that is better then any obsene one you will ever get :}
    to make sure you don’t apply at the same employer twice in one week No matter
    that your told they will take applications on thursday but it is only
    monday :{ and the following week will be to late. get names and stations of the UI office other wise you might end up talking to someone in tin-buck-two
    with their rolling call systems, LMAO this is good stuff, this list could go on and on.

  • ronaand 09/07/2009 4:41am

    hey = i heard of a job opening – something called an energy czar
    only qualification is that you have to believe in 9-11

  • Comm_reply
    Serendipity 09/07/2009 6:03am

    Go for it. Sounds like a great job.

  • ohionoeb 09/07/2009 4:55am


    According to the “US Dept Clock.org” the Actual Unemployed Number is 18,802,437..

    So if the unemployment rate is 9.7% for 6.9 Million unemployed as it stands now ..What does that make the Actual Unemployed Number.. 24% at 18,802,437 ?

  • ohionoeb 09/07/2009 5:05am

    Just this short of a time since I posted the Actural unemployment has gone up to 18, 802 495.. 58 more people Unemployed in 10 mins ..

  • padoma3 09/07/2009 5:23am

    Congress could provide a second extension after it returns in September. Legislation has been introduced to provide an additional 13 weeks of unemployment benefits in states with high jobless rates.


  • johnj2010 09/07/2009 7:59am

    (13 weeks of unemployment benefits in states with high jobless rates)

    Here in CT we only received 13 weeks of EB while more jobs were lost. Our Labor dept keeps playing games each month with the numbers. We are in the same situation as the rest of the country.

    There was a position open as waiter at a local restuarant, the owner said he received 500 applicants within an hour of posting the job.

    I hope congress extends benfits for all States!!!!!!!

  • Comm_reply
    johnj2010 09/07/2009 8:07am


  • me2unemployed 09/07/2009 8:06am


    I agree with you 100%, Most of the states will have a 20 week advantage (incl. 7 wks EB) on Ct and other states. Even though your @ 7.9% that is still a high average for a state like yours.

  • BrokeInOhio 09/07/2009 8:26am

    I think they may change the wording on the bill and give 20 weeks instead of 13. I think they would want everyone to get through the holiday season and by giving 20 weeks more people would spen money.

  • ohionoeb 09/07/2009 9:49am
    UN Says New Currency Is Needed to Fix Broken ‘Confidence Game’


    The dollar’s role in international trade should be reduced by establishing a new currency the United Nations said.

    China, India, Brazil and Russia this year called for a replacement to the dollar as the main reserve currency ..

  • RobinSamRyan 09/07/2009 9:50am

    How is a higher unemployment State at an advantage when with that higher unemployment rate comes a tougher time finding a job? Everyone unemployed feels the pain but States without any jobs have an even tougher time. I wouldn’t call that an advantage. I think the way our Congress sees it, is that if the rate is higher and thus tougher so they should get the additional help. I think they don’t see getting every State an option so they are going after what they feel will pass and thus help people. If the bill covered every State then it would probably not pass. It will be interesting to see how this bill changes once they are back in session again.

  • Comm_reply
    NoGoodOnesLeft 09/07/2009 11:18am

    I think it is more likely to pass if it includes all states. This bill only helps 22 states and possibly another 2 when the rates come out 9/18. The way it is written right now, 30 states could care less about it since it doesn’t help them. Senator Kerry in MA (and Kennedy before he passed away) both signed on to S1647 since it will help MA. None of our 10 reps signed on to this one. S1647 will help 26 states and possibly another 6 when the rates come out 9/18.

  • Comm_reply
    tx2step 09/07/2009 11:22am

    I agree – being from a state that will not benefit will hurt all the way around – there are no jobs any where!!!! Retail, IT, even oil! Let’s hope politics will not rule this time!

  • NoGoodOnesLeft 09/07/2009 11:23am

    Also, I don’t mean to get anybody worried but 6867 was introduced 9/10 and wasn’t passed until 11/21. Most of us were without benefits for 1 or 2 of those months. I think that way the politicians covered themselves by saying they were working on it and then finally passed it in November so then people had benefits through the end of the year.

  • spencir 09/07/2009 11:46am

    NoGoodOnesLeft ?? what do u mean ( finally passed it in November )

    u mean if the bill bassed we need wait too november??

    iam runs out before 2 months

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 09/07/2009 5:35pm

    oh, just saw this. looks like you have already done a lot. thanks.

  • spencir 09/07/2009 11:55am

    The Senate Bill states 8.5% and the House Bill states 3mos average of 9%. These 2 Bills will be married & become ONE bill, and I noticed HR 3404 is NOT on the Congress schedule for tomorrow. You can go on the govtrack.us website to check out the schedules of both Houses. I hope the thousands of jobless people have been emailing their Senators & Congressman before its too late and no bills are passed. With the ugliness of the Healthcare Reform fiasco, we can be kicked to the curb w/o hesitation so now is not the time to assume ANYTHING! Go on www.nelp.org and fill out those pre-printed forms so they can forward them to your Reps in Washington. I have sent over 100 of them to my Senator & Congressman.

  • Comm_reply
    NoGoodOnesLeft 09/07/2009 6:29pm

    Spencir, are you also Janas? Or do you just copy Janas’ posts from Washington Watch?

  • GonzoFL 09/07/2009 1:30pm

    NoGoodOnesLeft is talking about HR6867 spencir…NOT HR3404

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