H.R.4183 - Helping Unemployed Workers Act

To amend the Assistance for Unemployed Workers and Struggling Families Act and the Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2008 to provide for the temporary extension of programs providing unemployment benefits, and for other purposes. view all titles (2)

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  • Official: To amend the Assistance for Unemployed Workers and Struggling Families Act and the Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2008 to provide for the temporary extension of programs providing unemployment benefits, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Short: Helping Unemployed Workers Act as introduced.

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  • Comm_reply
    jcase30045 01/10/2010 6:14am

    Thats the whole problem with this country. The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. We cant even make enough to make ends meet anymore, while they sit up there making hundreds of thousands of dollars, living in their mansions, driving their expensive cars, eating their expensive food, taking all the money they have for granted, when people like us who have gotten laid off from our jobs, struggle on a daily basis to even eat. When I got laid off, I decided to go back to school to maybe better myself so I could get a better job, well I went to DFCS to apply for food stamps to help get me through, they told me I didnt qualify because I dont have a kid under the age of six in my home. What the heck is that about?

  • Comm_reply
    jcase30045 01/10/2010 6:14am

    Who would want to have a kid in this world the way it is right now? Not me. They need to get off their high horses and help out the little people. We need help badly. Do they realize how many people are in homeless shelters because they’ve lost their houses? I have a thrift store right down from the hotel that i stay at, and they offer a homeless shelter, they are filled to the max. Things have got to change. I never realized that I would get penalized because I dont have a kid. Maybe I should pop out three or four they would give me everything under the sun.

  • Comm_reply
    jcase30045 01/10/2010 6:16am

    Oh yeah thats right people I have to live at an extended stay hotel, because who has the money to pay deposits to get into an apartment or anything? I have to pay $125.00 a week, but the way I figure it is that at least I have a roof over my head, and a place to lay my head at night.

  • djsgarrett 12/20/2009 2:57am

    OK, now that there is a little sigh of relief for some of us, I pray now for jobs. Does anyone else agree that NAFTA should be abolished?

  • Comm_reply
    Anjou99999 01/15/2010 2:46pm

    I concur!

  • tx2step 12/21/2009 7:49am

    TX folks: TWC has updated their site to reflect the new extension – “will notify you once you have exhausted your latest extension”. Probably a delay in benefits? Happy Holidays!

  • Doingtherightthing 12/22/2009 12:55am

    Merry Christams everybody


  • djsgarrett 12/22/2009 10:56am

    The state of Georgia is a little behind. Still not showing the February dates.

  • NYER566 12/26/2009 3:36pm

    I heard on the news today Obama is putting the jobs bill on hold until health care is done! Thanks Obama! I knew it, all he does is lie!

  • Doingtherightthing 12/26/2009 6:23pm

    Bad news for anyone who lives in Indiana, The state screwed around and is trying to say there funding lapsed for the EB program of 20 weeks . And is now trigerd off. You will no longer get 99 weeks of unemployment in Indiana ,also for those who had money left in your EB account it wont grandfather over into 2010 like some states, in a nut shell after your little 6 weeks extension “4th tier” thats it. So me and thousands more who would need the EB benefits come the first of Febuary the coldest month in Indiana will not get nothing. Thanks Indiana way to screw the workers. http://www.winchesternewsgazette.com/articles/2009/12/13/news/news2.txt

  • Comm_reply
    deewtaei 12/27/2009 4:06am

    I guess I’m still unclear. Is Indiana not participating in Federally funded extended unemployment benefits beginning in 2010? Which particular “tier” does this begin with? I’ve currently exhausted my initial 26 weeks of state funded benefits and currently have 4 weeks remaining on my initial 20 weeks of Federally funded EUB.

  • Comm_reply
    deewtaei 12/27/2009 4:17am

    Edit: This is the most recent information posted on the Indy.gov website:

    December 23, 2009
    Federal Unemployment Extensions and $25 Weekly Increase Available until February 28, 2010.
    The federal government is continuing the four federal unemployment insurance extensions (EUC08) and the $25 weekly increase until February 28, 2010. Hoosiers collecting unemployment do not need to apply for this extension. Uplink will automatically route you to the next available extension and provide the additional $25 per week, if eligible.

  • Comm_reply
    Doingtherightthing 12/28/2009 3:39am

    Indiana triggerd off , I am also confused if the EB program is over , or if it was re activated by congress passing the extension dates. All four extensions would be tier 1 tier 2 tier 3 and 4th tier EB would be a 5th tier so to speak and not included ,they posted that Indiana trigerd off and went back to the old way of figuring the unemployment rate so it was only 3.5% and needed to be 5% to stay on ,but its off now ,from what I see , its a bunch of hog wash ,Indiana loves to rip off its people. Here is the link from there site dated Dec,8 th . I see nothing about EB being back on ,it just says we wont be able to collect our EB benefits that we had left ,and again Indiana sticking it to there people. http://www.insideindianabusiness.com/newsitem.asp?id=39076

  • Comm_reply
    Doingtherightthing 12/28/2009 3:45am

    EB is precluded by any EUC08 benefit eligibility. In other words, EB cannot be paid until you exhaust all regular and EUC08 benefits.

  • Comm_reply
    deewtaei 12/28/2009 4:31am

    For clarification:

    Regular = 26 weeks state
    EUC08 = 33 weeks federal

    Is this right?

  • Comm_reply
    jecapers 01/05/2010 9:25am

    I thought that EB was funded in full by the Federal Govt, so how could it lapse.

  • Doingtherightthing 12/26/2009 6:25pm

    This just shows how little they care. Get ready for crim to go up in Indiana,people will be geting real desperate very soon.

  • tx2step 12/27/2009 5:17am

    TX here: Filed for last weeks of EB this am as normal – next filing date is the week of Jan. 03, per TWC. Traveler: we are rolling over! Think that will be the 1 week of the next Tier? Keep the faith!

  • djsgarrett 12/28/2009 8:13am

    What is the name of the actual bill that the new EUC dates are in? I know it started as HR 4183 but then got moved to the defense bill.

  • djsgarrett 12/28/2009 8:14am

    Also, when will these department of labor websites start reflecting the new dates? Georgia still shows December 26.

  • Comm_reply
    staylor24 01/05/2010 6:29am


    Georgia is showing the February dates on their website.

  • jecapers 01/05/2010 9:26am

    Does anyone know how this bill will be resurrected? End of Feb will come fast.

  • Comm_reply
    dartcanyon 02/06/2010 7:33am

    4183 at this point.

  • Comm_reply
    dartcanyon 02/10/2010 10:59am

    Democratic leaders had originally hoped to pass the bill this week, before record snowfalls effectively shut down Congress and much of the rest of the federal government in the nation’s capital. Final action now may not come until March.

    This was on Senatus today. March will be too late folks. Another political stalling tactic.

  • Comm_reply
    dartcanyon 03/04/2010 12:14pm

    If someone may not be eligible for any further extension after April 4, 2010, it is possible the individual could become eligible for the separate FED-ED extension. Learn more about the FED-ED extension program.
    If the individual has already collected on a FED-ED extension based on his or her most recent regular claim, he or she is not eligible to file for another FED-ED extension. Therefore, the federal extension collected on or after April 4, 2010, will be the last one available unless Congress again decides to extend the current filing deadlines on federal extensions.
    For Those Currently on a FED-ED Extension
    If Congress does not take action to extend the current version of the FED-ED extension law, and California continues to meet the threshold for FED-ED benefits, a FED-ED extension may be reduced to a maximum of up to 13 weeks of benefits beginning Sunday, April 11, 2010. If this happens and a claimant is affected by this change, he or she will be notified by mail.

  • Comm_reply
    dartcanyon 03/04/2010 12:14pm

    For Those Already on a Federal Extension
    The new deadline pushes back the filing deadline for a second, third, or fourth federal extension to April 4, 2010. Anyone just completing one level of the extensions and needs to continue on to another level will be able to do so by this deadline. Those who exhaust any level of extension after Saturday, April 3, 2010, will not be eligible for any further levels of extensions unless Congress once again revises the filing deadlines.

  • Comm_reply
    dartcanyon 03/04/2010 12:12pm

    For the More Recently Unemployed
    The new legislation makes Sunday, March 28, 2010, the new deadline for filing a first federal extension of benefits, once a regular UI claim runs out. So once someone runs out of their state UI benefits (up to 26 weeks) they may then become eligible for up to 20 additional weeks of benefits in the first federal extension. Collecting any further extension benefits after that, if they remain unemployed and otherwise eligible, all depends on if Congress will once again push back the extension filing deadlines beyond Sunday, April 4, 2010.

  • Comm_reply
    dartcanyon 03/04/2010 12:14pm

    However, a separate extension of benefits may be available for those who exhaust their regular UI claim after March 27, 2010. California currently meets the threshold for a separate extension of benefits known as FED-ED. If California continues to meet the unemployment rate required to file FED-ED extensions after March 27, 2010, additional benefits are potentially available for eligible claimants once they run out of their original maximum of 26 weeks of benefits and remain unemployed. Learn more about the FED-ED extension program.

  • Comm_reply
    dartcanyon 03/04/2010 12:27pm

    It is great to discuss the extensions but little is said about the Tiers that need to be added. Without that information people are very confused and think that the “extensions” represent added tiers. Those who are on their last Fed-Ed extension of 6 weeks will NOT be eligible for anything unless the Senate passes a bill ADDING more tiers to qualify people for extended benefits. What was passed yesterday only guarantees people who have more tiers available will get them. Those of us who have or are about to end all Fed-Ed Tiers will get nothing more. Millions of us will literally be out in the cold. Add Tiers to last throughout 2010 and then we will not have to keep going thru these misunderstandings and frustrations created by Washington and the media. It needs to be explained exactly as it is happening and who is and is NOT affected by each action.

  • Comm_reply
    Cindermaid 03/10/2010 4:58am

    Ya! I am thinking about taking my Social Security at 62 instead of 66 will lose money but will have some kind of money coming in. What happens if (baby boomers all do this that are unemployed) may cause the Social Security to run out faster than expected due to not passing extensions while we are looking for full time work. Right now if we are able to find work we would still be adding money to the SS pension. HUM !!!! Somebody isn’t thinking about the long term effect and people with families would get on State Aid which and Federal Food Stamp programs. HMM!!! More money spent!!!!! Heck someone told me about the money that was just spent on letters sent out to people to let them now the Census would be starting for 2010 what did it cost to send out all the letters to people to let them know that it is going to take place? HMM!!!!

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