H.R.4213 - Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2010

To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to extend certain expiring provisions, and for other purposes. view all titles (9)

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  • Short: Tax Extenders Act of 2009 as introduced.
  • Official: To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to extend certain expiring provisions, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Short: Tax Extenders Act of 2009 as passed house.
  • Short: American Workers, State, and Business Relief Act of 2010 as passed senate.
  • Short: Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act of 2010 as passed senate.
  • Popular: American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010 as introduced.
  • Popular: Unemployment Com- pensation Extension Act of 2010 as introduced.
  • Popular: Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2010 as introduced.
  • Short: Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2010 as enacted.

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  • Comm_reply
    Genesee 06/27/2010 10:50am
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    Gimme a break…

  • Comm_reply
    dankennedy73 06/27/2010 2:53pm

    I agree, only cowards hide.

  • whywasilaidoff 06/26/2010 3:09pm

    I feel your pain leslierickard. The government bailed out Chrysler and then I was put on part-time despite being dedicated and hard-working. In December I was laid off even though I had more seniority than most of my office workers. My guy was laid off from his auto body job for 10 months but finally found a job. At least his government took care of him for that time.
    I pray that the Senators come to their senses next week. They don’t want this revolution on their hands. There is so much anger out there.

  • Comm_reply
    Genesee 06/27/2010 6:01am
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    So you advocate a revolution because the government isn’t providing enough for you? Ironic!

  • Comm_reply
    dankennedy73 06/27/2010 7:08am

    I see that you have been placing a lot of billigerent comments in here towards the unfortunate people who have lost theur jobs. you seem to have a problem with any type of government assistance to these people. But, what if it is because of the government that most unemployed Americans don’t have jobs today.
    The Reagan Administration began this mess by outsourcing our jobs to third world countrys (a trend which rapidly became a Republican favorite), then they slapped worker’s rights in the face by breaking and limiting the power of the workers unions. These tactics have been continued and enhanced by Republican administraions and lawmakers since the eighties.
    The reason people have become so dependent on their government is becuase their government allowed their jobs to go overseas and now these people are left here at home with nothing.

  • Comm_reply
    RichGilmore 06/27/2010 1:55pm

    Dankennedy73, thank you for your service. There is however a couple of mistakes in your thinking. Ronald Reagan told the Air traffic controllers union that they would not be allowed to strike (as did every president from FDR forward) and if they did he would replace them immediately! They thought by striking they had the power to shut down the entire ATC system. They didn’t believe him, & so he kept his promise & showed them he was serious. I agree with you that too many jobs are going overseas however; you are way oversimplifying why jobs are going overseas. First, you are right that it is corporate greed. Secondly the constitution is a document written about individual freedoms, problem is it never saw the vision of a stock market, or publicly held co. So, people are walked over. Furthermore, you have unions who use OSHA & EPA to put so much pressure on corporations that they decide they can get away from the unions and government by outsourcing. Reagan’s fault? Really ?

  • Comm_reply
    whatsgoingon 06/27/2010 9:34am

    Jesus Christ, I’ve seen small children who can formulate a better argument than you. Maybe he, like more and more people, advocates revolution because he, again like more and more people, is sick and tired of complacently lying down and taking it when our government sh*ts all over the little guy. I’m sure it’s hard for you to see from your ivory tower but it’s getting harder and harder for the common man to provide a good life for his family, and here we see our own government (you know, of the people, by the people, “FOR” the people) bailing out these multi billion dollar corporations and yet they can’t be bothered to extend the favor to the “great unwashed”.

    Tell ya what, instead of replying with the same “Young Republican” rhetoric, maybe you should go rub both of your IQ points together until you spark a coherent thought.

  • Comm_reply
    Genesee 06/27/2010 10:49am
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    I’m against bailing out anyone. That includes the “little guy”. If you actually want to converse about it, wipe the foam from your mouth, pocket the insults, and offer up an intelligent reply.

  • bhrodeoaz 06/26/2010 3:31pm

    THIS IS AN UPDATE FOR ALL WHO ARE READING THIS MSG BOARD. There is another bill it is S-3520 as a STAND ALONE bill that was introduced on the 6-22-2010. It is the unemployment extension act of 2010 , was introduced by Debbie Ann Stab something a D-MI look it up and pass the word along. ITS NOT A TOTAL LOSS YET BUT THERE WILL BE A LAPSE IN PAYMENTS FOR SURE

  • bhrodeoaz 06/26/2010 3:39pm

    here is the link to the bill and another link to the actual writing of it:



  • Comm_reply
    dankennedy73 06/27/2010 7:58am

    Thanks for the link, I hope it makes it through Congress this time.

  • enrico17 06/27/2010 2:17am

    Please read this article

    summary; McConnell will approve a stand alone bill- (there is a place in hell for him) Also, all unemloyed, their friends,family and people, like myself, who are not unemployed but support them, need to vote Democrate in Nov. to give them control in both houses so the Rep. cannot fillibuster.

  • enrico17 06/27/2010 2:19am

    Correction to my earlier post, I meant to say in summary McConnell will NOT approve a stand alone bill

  • Comm_reply
    Abaratarrr 06/27/2010 7:38am
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    Can you please explain how you came to that conclusion being that Wednesday McConnell publicly and procedurally approved of a stand alone unemployment bill by calling for a vote on a stand alone bill that was blocked by Reid?

  • Comm_reply
    patsy1950 06/27/2010 9:44am

    McConnell actually offered up a standalone unemployment bill 2 times, I believe; however, it was for a 30 day extension which would have extended the unemployment from 6/3 through 7/3 (which is this Saturday). If McConnell really was extending a hand out to help, he would have offered the standalone be extended until Nov 30.

  • Comm_reply
    Abaratarrr 06/27/2010 10:20am

    He did not propose a 30 day unemployment extension he proposed to extend the deadlines for signing up for the existing tiers for another 30 days, it allows people to sign up for the next tier, giving people 20 weeks in most cases or 5 months.

    A 30 day extension of the deadline provides people with 20 weeks of unemployment benefits which takes people into November.

    Now if they really wanted to help people they would base the benefits on the unemployment rate, benefits should go on indefinitely if the unemployment rate is over say 8% but I do not see any reason for benefits to last more say 6 weeks tops if the unemployment rate it under say 4.5%. They need to re think the whole program.

    this is the first time in history that the unemployment rate has been over 6.7% and benefits have not been extended.

  • Comm_reply
    Abaratarrr 06/27/2010 10:42am

    prior to Oboma, unemployment benefit extensions have been in place almost every time the national rate exceeded 6.5%.

  • Comm_reply
    patsy1950 06/27/2010 10:53am

    Yes, you are right. I guess I didn’t explain my comments correctly. However, that 30 day extension to apply for further extensions, does not help the people whose current regular benefit or tier extension expire on or after 7/3. I am currently on Tier I and my last claim is week ending 7/3, which means I wouldn’t meet the end of June deadline. The last extension expired 6/3, but in order to have applied for the next Tier, you must have exhausted all monies in your current Tier the end of May. So, this means that hundreds of thousands will still be left without the ability to continue.

  • Comm_reply
    Sunshine2010 06/27/2010 11:27am

    I think a lot of us hard working Americans are in the same vote at this particular point in time! I have worked well over 25+ years in my career and never ask for anything from our government! My savings were used helping my two children while they were in dire straights,which families are suppose to do in time of need. I thought I still had time to build-up my savings again, no because I lost my job 6 months later. I have always been conservative, but always helped out with charities and my family members when needed. I hope “Genesee” that you are spared the indignity & helplessness of ever feeling what many of us “Little Guys” feel! You are an extremely ignorant person! Try ready the bible! My last point to all you kind people in this similar predicament, there is a site called: www.change.org that is circulating a Petition for the passage of HR 4213. If you have not already, please sign up. God Bless All.

  • Comm_reply
    Abaratarrr 06/27/2010 12:08pm

    historically when they have passed the 30 days extenders they make it retroactive plus 30 days from the date the bill is passed. so you should be in good shape regardless of which bill passes.

    Sadly neither of the bills provide any more benefits for the first victims of the bush recession, the millions of people whom have already gone through all of the tiers and have been without help for several months now.

  • Star58 06/27/2010 5:48am

    Will have to call to see about Welfare tomorrow. I heard somewhere that they are turning people away. Has anybody heard of this?

  • rhian116 06/27/2010 6:21am

    (post One of Two)

    Anyone who is living in the DFW and surrounding areas needs to contact Shane Allen of MSNBC. One poster here suggested giving all the news stations in your area the idea to do a human interest piece on people losing their unemployment, and give it the angle that it happens to be happening at July 4th when people should be wanting to celebrate this country, and now we don’t have much we want to celebrate about this country. It worked! (So whoever suggested that, thanks. A lot.) I received a reply from Shane Allen asking if I knew anyone who is about to face welfare or homelessness because of this, and if so, to put them in contact with him. You have to be willing to speak on camera. If you are interested in getting your story out there and putting a little political pressure on the Repub’s, either e-mail MSNBC yourself, or e-mail me your e-mail and name and I can send it directly to Shane Allen. My e-mail is rhian116@yahoo.com.

  • rhian116 06/27/2010 6:25am

    (Post Two of Two)

    Even if you do not live in the DFW area, contact your local MSNBC and let them know our station is interested in doing a piece like this and you would be willing to share your story with your local branch. MSNBC seems to care about us, or if nothing else, they really like the idea right now. Make sure to include this should be a human-interest story, and add the July 4th angle. Make them see, if nothing else, this would be a good ratings grabber for the holiday. Contact all the other stations while you’re at it. It does work! Put your story out there and increase the pressure on Repubs to do the right thing!!

  • enrico17 06/27/2010 6:54am

    Hi Patsy1950, somone with Genesse’s mentality, who as I stated before is disgustingly ignorant, is not worth responding to anymore, and should not be given any explanations or any more attention.

  • Comm_reply
    jillyb2 06/27/2010 7:07am

    Wow, Genesee…Looks like your’e famous. There’s an article written about your ignorant comments. http://www.uschron.com/unemployment-extension-unsuccessful-americans-turn-on-each-other/111300/

  • Comm_reply
    dankennedy73 06/27/2010 7:19am

    Despite what that idiot Genesee spouted off, you enjoy blowin a few rounds at the range (just pretend your shooting idiots like Genesee:)

  • Comm_reply
    Genesee 06/27/2010 9:50am

    If you have time, energy and money to waste on recreational target shooting, when you should be directing those resources on improving your financial situation, you have no business demanding an unemployment check. This is ridiculous!

  • Comm_reply
    BenSchelb 06/27/2010 11:03am
    I am curious Genesee, what makes you so sure that the photo for jillyb2’s profile is recent? It is entirely possible that it was taken in better financial times. And to complain about those who are “demanding an unemployment check” is ridiculous. We paid for the insurance, it should be there when we need it. You would scream just as loud if your medical insurance decided to stop paying the doctor, even though you had paid your premiums. Same principal, different areas of life. So please, stop insulting people, and yourself, with the negative remarks. If you have a reason to disagree with the extension, feel free to voice it. But all you do by insulting people is make yourself look bad. And those insulting you, should consider that as well. Neither side of this wins if all we do is attack each other.
  • Comm_reply
    patsy1950 06/27/2010 7:29am

    You are absolutely right. Given this persons most recent statements, it is obvious…ignorance is bliss!!!

  • NeedJobs 06/27/2010 8:11am

    I’ve been doing a lot of research while awaiting the outcome of the Unemployment Extension Bill H.R.4213 and S.3520. What amazes me is that the unemployed seem to now be perceived as “The bad people of our Society whom are contributing to our Nations Debt.” I disagree. We are the American middle class workers out of work due to the recession and not through any fault of our own. I worked every year of my life since I was 16 years old and even worked through college. My SS Statement can vouch for this.

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