H.R.4213 - Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2010

To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to extend certain expiring provisions, and for other purposes. view all titles (9)

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  • Short: Tax Extenders Act of 2009 as introduced.
  • Official: To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to extend certain expiring provisions, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Short: Tax Extenders Act of 2009 as passed house.
  • Short: American Workers, State, and Business Relief Act of 2010 as passed senate.
  • Short: Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act of 2010 as passed senate.
  • Popular: American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010 as introduced.
  • Popular: Unemployment Com- pensation Extension Act of 2010 as introduced.
  • Popular: Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2010 as introduced.
  • Short: Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2010 as enacted.

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Star58 07/20/2010 4:27am

Good luck to us all. I won’t be able to stay on Medicaid but at least I will be able to keep a roof over our heads until I find something that has health care benefits.

Star58 07/20/2010 4:18am


The operative word is BEFORE Obama. I may not agree with everything he does but at least give him the chance that everybody gave Bush. (for two terms)

Star58 07/20/2010 4:17am
in reply to gramps Jul 16, 2010 12:33pm

The operative word is BEFORE Obama. I may not agree with everything he does but at least give him the chance that everybody gave Bush. (for two terms)

minimoe 07/20/2010 3:46am

Good Luck to us all today!!! It kind of makes me worry that everywhere online and on the news keeps saying that it should pass with no problem today… Just like one of those famous last words type situations

jereme28 07/20/2010 2:17am

What is really disturbing, is that many employers are now discriminating against any persons that have been unemployed for 12 and sometimes 6 months. Whatever happened to equal opportunity employment? I learned of this injustice while trying to work with Aerotek, a shitty temporary service. Things are getting scary, and I am having trouble understanding the motives here. I no longer trust anyone or anything. I am gonna try to start my own business when these small business programs get rollin. Looks like we can only trust ourselves these days, and if more people will take this route, maybe we can regain control of our local economies and the fate of our nation. Let these corporations outsource their jobs overseas, and let good old fashioned American competition force them out of business.

jrhill 07/20/2010 2:10am
in reply to jrhill Jul 20, 2010 2:09am

how many of you unemployed out there could use $23 million bucks?

jrhill 07/20/2010 2:09am
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Don’t worry everybody… Obama is on the job. Along with sending millions of our taxpayer-earned dollars off to Greece and to Hamas he is helping Kenya fund abortions. It’s great to know that our so-called POTUS cares so much about all the unemployed Americans..

Here’s what Obama’s doing with your money — in Kenya!
An investigation by three Republican congressmen has revealed the Obama administration has secretly spent $23 million of U.S. taxpayer dollars in Kenya to fund a “Yes” vote on a constitutional referendum scheduled for Aug. 4 that would increase access to abortions in Kenya and establish legal status for Islamic law tribunals.

vote4whoandwhy 07/20/2010 1:49am

“I do not want to live in a country where any time a citizen or a corporation does something that is legitimately wrong is subject to some sort of political pressure that is — again, in my words, amounts to a shakedown,” Barton said. “So I apologize.” – WHAT AN ASSHOLE! Barton, why dont you and all your Republican colleagues go skim the ocean for the next 20 years!


The unemployed and YES, THE SO-CALLED, “99ers”!!!!need their benefits and NEED THEM NOW!! THIS IS DISGUSTING..AND MAKES MANY angry at the government. I pray that everyone who is without their benefits is hanging on, and I know, as I am, by a thin thread. There are too many people out of work applying for the same jobs!! I applied EVERYWHERE!!..No call backs…nothing..let’s pray for relief soon…

Jess01869 07/19/2010 9:39pm

I hope SOMETHING passes tomorrow…I do not want to be homeless again! My dad has been unemployed for a few years, he was an industrial engineer and can’t find work due to his age (57)…he just went homeless and that’s in EL Paso.I’m voting democratic since the Texas republican senators both voted no on the bill. I also hope benefits are paid back retroactively as soon as Friday…my phone is about to be shut off and I hope to get a call back from any one of the many places I’ve been applying at and my landlord was expecting rent on the 17th.

lordgotmilk 07/19/2010 9:00pm


I know I shouldn’t do this, but I’m going to take a stab at how politicians think. Reid is bringing 4213 back to the table because he believes he has the votes to pass the pork filled version of the bill. With more and more attention being paid on this issue (leading to Obama’s “call out” today and the press attention it got), they have it in place in case the vote on 4213 fails again. They will have the ability to get 5618 on the schedule right away.

Reid would be content just dragging it on till 4213 passes, but thanks to Obama finally stepping up and calling them out on the issue and the media attention it garnered, he’s gonna be under pressure to get this done, then get something through that will address the 99er’s.

minimoe 07/19/2010 8:06pm

I really do not understand why they are voting on 4213 tomorrow and NOT 5618.. They even read 5618 twice last week so they could put on the calendar for voting. Now all of a sudden they are going to do 4213 instead. Just dont get it. They are talking about how important it is to get us our benefits back ASAP withouth any further delays. So why not just push 5618 through first. Instead now we have to HOPE 4213 passes the first vote tomorrow, then wait for it to go back to house for vote (i dont know how long this would take? would house be able to vote on it the very next day, wednesday?) and then HOPE it passes there, and then wait for President to sign it.. I just dont understand why they would go this route. We just cant wait any longer

WasMiddleClass 07/19/2010 3:40pm
in reply to WasMiddleClass Jul 19, 2010 3:37pm


WasMiddleClass 07/19/2010 3:37pm

The “99ers”, those that will not be helped by ANY current extension bill were talked about on Nightly News tonight.

Congrats to all those out there that are fighting this battle.

We are getting big media attention now (finally).

NOW is the time for anyone of those 1,400,000 that exhausted all extensions already, without finding work, to do EVERYTHING possible to let all of America know of our plight! Even all those still on the extensions that will be renewed need to think about what will happen when they end all too soon. There WILL NOT be enough jobs by then!

Use the November elections as a tool.

Media, media, media!!!

Our survival depends on it!

There are many of us out here fighting tooth and nail, but we need EVERYONE unemployed to join the fight if we hope to win!

The FACTS are that the REAL unemployment rate now is higher than 1931!

Jess01869 07/19/2010 3:30pm

I hope Snowe and Collins don’t back out since the 60th vote would be there…tomorrow is a big day for the unemployed. If it does pass, how long til it’s on Obama’s desk to sign?

debsuslovic 07/19/2010 2:02pm
in reply to Star58 Jul 16, 2010 5:55am

Hi Star58: Have you heard of “trolls”? They visit sites and make the most outrageous statements they can think of in order to get people all riled up. Jrhill is sort of like the Rush Limbaugh of this site. Don’t take the bait. Ignore Jrhill’s comments so he/she isn’t encouraged to continue pi**ing people off for his/her amusement. Although I must admit that your comments to him/her are amusing.

theunemployed 07/19/2010 10:47am

now remember collins and snowe voted for unemployment extension 4213 the 4th time it hit congress.the but we came up 1 short without byrd.they will vote for it.they care unlike their counterparts.down with gop!!!!!!!in with people that care about the american people not themselves greedy f ers

michaeldf 07/19/2010 7:30am
in reply to jrhill Jul 17, 2010 4:24am

Well said JR, but i would have to disagree with one of your comments, although the SEC has a bunch of clowns in it, I would not put all the blame on the government, investment banks had a lot to do with the problem we are now facing, credit swaps and the investment banking systems ability to have the SEC rate repackaged loans they knew would default as AAA investments is pure fraud. Mathmetician developed investments at JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs ect….were elaborate pyarmid schemes that are still being evaluated to determine how they worked and how the SEC missed the ball. A free market economy is essential for our democratic society and our way of life, but greed and corruption damage this idea.

jereme28 07/19/2010 6:58am

I know its a bit too late and in most cases the damage is done, but there is still hope. Either way its a lesson learned and the republicans have exposed their pathetic agenda of mutiny. If they think that making us suffer is a strategy of getting votes, lets show them how wrong they are this November. Lets make 2010 the year of republican cleansing.

jereme28 07/19/2010 6:58am

I know its a bit too late and in most cases the damage is done, but there is still hope. Either way its a lesson learned and the republicans have exposed their pathetic agenda of mutiny. If they think that making us suffer is a strategy of getting votes, lets show them how wrong they are this November. Lets make 2010 the year of republican cleansing.

satdog 07/19/2010 6:53am
in reply to aloop Jul 18, 2010 5:23am

The president today 7/19/2010 had a media talk on the unemployed and had several of unemployed indivduals from 2 years to 1 year etc. He stated that people have exhausted their benefits and need help from the congress to help ALL Unemployed in this still jobless economy. It is now up to the congress to get a Bill to help provide a lifeline for all unemployed. The unemployed can now hold you congress accountable to any measure that deviates from what the president said about the unemployed. ALL Unemployed need a Bill to help provide additional lifeline for at least an additional year in this very slow recovery jobless economy. They need to do more that add deadlines they need to add additional weeks, Tier 5 or Tiers 5,6 to help all unemployed. Period

aloop 07/18/2010 5:23am
in reply to rachel002 Jun 15, 2010 4:35am

I think what you say about the fact that it’s hard to even get hired in a fast food job right now is true. Business has slowed down, and employers are trying to work with less people on the clock at any given time. Even at my work, we are asked to clock out when there are no customers and all of get take multiple breaks a day because things are a lot slower (I work fast food right now). I live in a college town and am hoping that when they get back I’ll be able to pick up more than the measly 20 hours a week I’ve been getting.

Jess01869 07/17/2010 9:38pm

so if it passes Tuesday …“backpay” won’t come til Friday or something? I’ve been looking for a job in the new town I just forced to move to due to eviction for non payment of rent and there is nothing! I can drive out 2 hours and MAYBE find something but only if benefits get extended and I can reinstate my license and insurance and update my stickers to drive legally…not to mention stall my landlord another week since I’m 18 days late on rent and the move in deposit with August rent fast approaching.Oh damn…it’s going to be a long week! To bad you can’t sue the senate for pain and suffering.

lordgotmilk 07/17/2010 5:14pm
in reply to Jess01869 Jul 17, 2010 12:31pm

Before the July 4th break, the 2 Republicans voted for 4213. Several others have said they would vote for a stand alone, but Reid has denied it. The two Reps are from the same state, one that has horrible unemployment….at least those I know that live in the area said that unemployment runs high there during the best of times and now it’s a lot worse. They are more likely to find a lynch mob if they don’t vote for it. Anyways, there’s now been time, so how they vote we’ll have to wait and see. I can’t imagine it being brought back to a vote without Reid knowing that it will pass.

The fact that 4213 got scheduled tells me that Reid is still playing politics as normal. It reminds me of a kid throwing a temper tantrum because he got a ps3 instead of an xbox360…think the vid is on youtube.

Jess01869 07/17/2010 12:31pm

I don’t understand…they are voting on bill 4213…wouldn’t that count the 2 Republican yes votes out since they only agreed to vote for passing of a stand alone bill???

jrhill 07/17/2010 4:28am
in reply to textdog Jul 13, 2010 7:43am

banks didn’t cause the “unemployment”… the government did..

go pick yourself up a copy of “Rules for Radicals” and read it..

it’s “Hope and Change”

just set yourself straight on these matters so you can put it properly into perspective.

Cover your fannie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiEWCnpNnBQ

and Learn the truth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MGT_cSi7Rs

jrhill 07/17/2010 4:24am
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in reply to gramps Jul 16, 2010 12:33pm

they wasted and spent like drunken liberals…. that’s what they did

they HATE the middle-class… they DESPISE the ability of one to work hard and to be successful.. they hate profit and they hate business…

they implemented reckless policies and gave out bad loans to “underprivileged” people who they knew would never be able to pay them back..

they set up the stage to destroy the economy so they could gain power and “FIX” it…

it’s what the statist does, they cannot help themselves.

the truth of the matter is this:

Government RELIES on the Democrat Party and the Democrat Party RELIES off of the Government. They feed off of each other, destroying liberty, free markets and prosperity…

the sooner we realize this, the better off we will be..

They must be stopped in November…. before it is too late

gramps 07/16/2010 12:33pm
in reply to Star58 Jul 16, 2010 6:16am

The Democrats were in the majority for 2 years before Obama. What did they do?

DrSnark 07/16/2010 11:28am

NEWS ALERT: Fri July 16

At 2:08 PM EST CSpan carried LIVE WV Gov Manchin’s appointment of Carter Goodwin to fill Byrd’s seat.
THAT’s our 60th VOTE for HR 5618, Folks! 36-year-old will be youngest senator, has impressive record – wrote mine-safety legislation the day after last WV disaster, a Friday, and it was on President’s desk on Monday. Stark contrast there next to greasy Governor. PRESSURE made that pompous camera-hog move up the schedule…HE was hoping (and still is) to take that Senate seat for himself, dragged his feet on naming interim Senator…first 2wks, then this Sunday – finally he HAD to get it done today (THANKS to posters who spread his email and phone so we could zap him into submission!) Though nothing was said during the live press conference, the CSPAN reporter immediately commented that this was huge for the unemployed waiting for extension to get passed.
Fingers crossed, vote scheduled for Tues @ 11:15 or 2:15 (depending on source).. hang in there everyone!

mikeqhawaii 07/16/2010 9:05am
in reply to Jonascord Jul 15, 2010 11:21am

one of the hardest parts of all this is wading through the misinformation. i read posts from people who are just joining this without going back to check the spool. the information, particularly under the “5618 comments” is questionable at best. my main concern is a single mother somewhere or a veteran close to living in a park or anyone suffering because these funds have been cut off will see an incorrect post and assume a posture of “no hope”. it all ends when the hope goes. comparatively, i need the money but not having a family to feed i’m a little better off than most. it seems like i can’t pray hard enough for the good people out there, nor get mad enough at the insensitivity i see in a government i helped to elect.

anyway my friend. good luck and aloha to you and yours. i hope this all gets better for you soon.

dbruneau5973 07/16/2010 7:28am

BAD NEWS FOLKS! RELIEF IS NOT AS CLOSE AS WE THOUGHT! I am in the same boat as everyone else here. HR4213 is on the SENATE CALENDAR for July 20th. NOT HR5618. The link for the Senate Calendar clearly shows this. What does this mean? Well the extra steps that Donny said were trying to be avoided, will NOT be. It means, essentially from the time it goes for vote to invoke cloture on Tuesday, potentially 2 or even 3 weeks before it gets signed by the President and another week before we see anything. Once the voting in Senate is done, it will have to go back to the HOUSE for reconciliation and re-vote and then again back to the SENATE for the same. POTENTIALLY, this does NOT HAPPEN before the Congress leaves on their next break August 6th. THIS IS NOT GOOD! I know personally I am screwed!Bills are now so far behind and patience has worn so very thin. If this is the case we will be out on the street. Take a look at the link on the Senate Calendar. HR 5618 should have been placed NOT HR4213

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