H.R.4213 - Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2010

To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to extend certain expiring provisions, and for other purposes. view all titles (9)

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  • Short: Tax Extenders Act of 2009 as introduced.
  • Official: To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to extend certain expiring provisions, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Short: Tax Extenders Act of 2009 as passed house.
  • Short: American Workers, State, and Business Relief Act of 2010 as passed senate.
  • Short: Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act of 2010 as passed senate.
  • Popular: American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010 as introduced.
  • Popular: Unemployment Com- pensation Extension Act of 2010 as introduced.
  • Popular: Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2010 as introduced.
  • Short: Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2010 as enacted.

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legalgal0403 06/14/2010 5:04am
in reply to ccofbuffalo May 21, 2010 7:32am

I too am one that has only drawn 26 weeks of unemployment..“I missed the deadline by one week” according to the Dayton, Ohio unemployment office. I have tried following this legislation…to no avail.

But, as of late Friday afternoon, I do not believe that this bill has passed the Senate…if I am wrong…will someone please correct me?

ca23 06/10/2010 7:09pm

Its going to come down to which Republican Senators will vote with us. These are the 4 repulicans who voted yes on our last extension. Lets direct our fax/call/email and ask them to extend benefits and add and extension for Tier 4 whose benefits have ended. Lets target them also. Its all going to come down to this. Lets do this!

-Scott Brown
-George Voinovich
-Susan Collins
-Olyimpia J. Snowe





ca23 06/10/2010 7:06pm

Rep Linder the leading Republican on the Ways and Means Committee, saysthat extended unemployment benefits keep people from looking for work.

He is a Rep from Georgia and the unemployment rate is 10.4% among the highest in the nation!

John Linder: Unemployment Benefits ‘Too Much Of An Allure’

Call /email Rep Linder and let him know how wrong he is!
DC Address: The Honorable John Linder
United States House of Representatives
1026 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515-1007
DC Phone: 202-225-4272
DC Fax: 202-225-4696
Email Address: http://linder.house.gov/index.cfm

PHoneycutt 06/10/2010 5:03pm
in reply to ProducerJoe Jun 06, 2010 2:05pm

Nothing is EVER said about the BILLIONS that we are giving to AFGHANISTAN – trying to convert them to DEMOCRACY – when that won’t EVER HAPPEN – BECAUSE IT IS A RELIGIOUS WAR. As soon as we leave, if we ever leave – remember Haliburton/Chency is involved – just like Haliburton/Cheney/BP is involved in the Gulf – things will go back just the way they were. They will be “blowing up” each other AGAIN!!!!! We don’t have any business being in Afghanistan. Would we allow them to come into our country and do what we are doing in their country? The leader of Afghanistan is having meetings with the Taliban and we are giving them BILLIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There, now we can “Pay as you Go” the Unemployment Benefits that are so desperately needed in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

PHoneycutt 06/10/2010 4:58pm
in reply to Abaratarrr Jun 04, 2010 9:52am

They are “massaging” the numbers:))) And, we all know what that means, don’t we.

PHoneycutt 06/10/2010 4:56pm
in reply to vmo1969 May 23, 2010 11:10am

I agree. Washington, DC, wants the numbers to go down. I’m sure they have a panel working on how they can achieve this even though there are still just as many people Unemployed.

If a person is Unemployed – just because they run out of weeks – if they are still looking for a job – they should still be counted.

But, it will “trickle up” – when taxes aren’t being paid – then Washington, DC, will have to start laying off Congressmen, Senators, etc. They won’t be getting those big paychecks and perks. They really do forget that they work for us.

PORBOUY 06/09/2010 2:27pm

I too have been watching the proceedings on C-span at the Senate. Can they please just help us americans out who can`t locate work and stop stuffing in pork projects. We need this done now -99 weekers are not the only ones losing benefits -in fact most of them are gone now. New people are losing jobs daily and millions are exhausting their weeks or tiers without being able to find work. They`ll be plenty more to follow in the future besides the people who are getting cut off now from their tiers. 20 +% of America unemployed and employers asking for PHDs to fill bagger jobs at the store for minimum wages. If your not out there you don`t know how bad it is and count your lucky stars -please help us -we are losing homes/cars/and medicals for our families! Please help fellow americans now!! PASS 4213 NOW!!

nojobsurvivor 06/08/2010 11:18am

This bill if it eventually passes still doesn’t help those running out of tier 4 benefits or is some states tier 3. There are a number of petitions out there. If you want a tier 5 sign one of them. Ours is at http://www.nojobsurvivor.com. And pester your senator and congressperson mercilessly. You will cry reading some of the stories of those signing our tier 5 petition.

mouseissue 06/08/2010 9:15am

From the sounds of things, all of us 99ers (i.e. long-term unemployed who’ve exhausted all unemployment benefits) will be in dire straits (if not already).

I have been looking for ANY job (including ANY minimum wage job) and have been unable to find one for over 2 years! I am a married professional with three children that was laid-off back in August 2006, and am STILL unemployed. My last tier of benefits (Tier 4) ran out back in March 2010.

Last month, we started using food banks for food.
We have begun selling belongings to keep our water and electricity on and pay rent. Very soon, we will be HOMELESS!

What do our elected officials care? They were in too big a hurry to go on another of their many “paid breaks” while more and more Americans suffer.

I do not hold out much hope for folks like me.

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dartcanyon 06/07/2010 7:52am
in reply to ProducerJoe Jun 06, 2010 2:05pm

Obama WILL NOT step in and use his executive power for us. He’s part of the problem folks. They sleep well because they are selfish, heartless people who are only interested in their own wealth that we have helped provide for them with all our long term tax dollars. Let’s STOP paying taxes and you will see how fast Washington knows who and where we are. Disgraceful. They don’t think about the damn deficit when they are pouring more and more money into useless wars and foreign countries. What happened to taking care of America first?

ProducerJoe 06/06/2010 2:05pm

I’m going to keep this as civil as I possibly can. However, the attitude of incumbents, such as Jim “Tough Sh*t” Bunnings and his repeated blocking of this bill under the feigned concern of cost, makes it extremely difficult.

My point concerns IRS 181, attached to this bill somewhere, according to attorney friends of mine. My company, and other producers, have numerous projects waiting on this.

Talk about creating jobs and affecting middle class workers directly? Blocking this bill is a textbook example of Washington bureaucrats directly affecting the workplace!

The Senate could have voted on this before leaving on their week-long RECESS. But no, they just wanted to get their butts out to “play”.

Listen up, senators! You need to get back here on Monday, get the votes together and pass this @#$%*& bill!

I understand Bunnings is or has retired, so he gets away with his insolence.
But in November, we’ll remember incumbents who’ve forgotten who they work for!


Abaratarrr 06/04/2010 10:00am
in reply to ksnoutofwork652 Jun 02, 2010 5:07am

it needs to be voted on in the senate again.

Abaratarrr 06/04/2010 9:52am

Last month they said the unemployment rate increased because so many people were optimistic and and started looking for work again. This month the DOL says the unemployment rate went from 9.9% to 9.7% ,get this they subtracted 322,000 workers from the labor pool as disgruntled workers that are no longer counted as unemployed.

roughly 1.6 million people graduated with a bachelors degree in the last month and now have to find jobs,they were not added to the labor pool?

The census hired 411,000 temps,private business hired 20,000 and aliens abducted 322,000 Americans causing the unemployment rate to drop .2%

Of the 20,000 “new” private sector jobs, the number of temporary workers increased 31,000 so that 20,000 actually represents a loss of 11,000 permanent positions.

“President Barack Obama said the employment report showed the economy was moving in the right direction.”


tinahdans 06/04/2010 6:23am


ksnoutofwork652 06/02/2010 5:07am

When will the president sign 4213??

JoshR 05/31/2010 5:35pm
in reply to danm1 May 22, 2010 3:08am

“recruitment firms” suck. When I wanted to quit my job they couldn’t help me. I knew I was plenty qualified (in fact thats why I went into business for myself and succeeded, so it worked out good)

- Computer Programmer

JoshR 05/31/2010 5:33pm
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in reply to ArmyMedicsWife May 31, 2010 8:09am

That’s an awfully big leap of logic. He stated his is not included in the numbers. You don’t need to go connecting lines where none exist, assuming that its a conspiracy.

Just because he couldn’t file for unemployment doesn’t mean they base the unemployment numbers strictly based on the number of people receiving unemployment checks.

JoshR 05/31/2010 5:29pm

Currently, hedge fund managers’ income is taxed at the lower capital gains tax rate rather than the regular income tax rate, which is higher. It creates situations where billionaires end up paying a lower tax rate than their secretaries.

Thats messed up.

ArmyMedicsWife 05/31/2010 8:09am
in reply to vmo1969 May 23, 2010 11:10am

The government won’t ever allow folks like you to be included in the unemployment numbers because they have to maintain the lie to the American people. “See? We’re making progress! Unemployment’s going down! Pay no attention to those folks who can’t collect money and are STILL out of work. They don’t count, really.” And folks believe that tripe.

The American people are apparently not “too big to fail” when it comes to helping out our legal citizens when they fall on hard times.

tonydatillo 05/29/2010 7:48pm

I think so. At least that’s what I read in a few different news articles.

cshelan 05/28/2010 12:50pm

Did the May 28th vote on 4213 include the $1 billion allocation for the Summer Youth Employment provision?

nmeagent 05/27/2010 3:52pm
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“Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses”

Juvenal, Satire X

elmichle 05/25/2010 7:41pm
in reply to vote4whoandwhy May 22, 2010 2:46am

Thank you vote4. My benefits ran out last month. I can relate!

vmo1969 05/23/2010 11:10am
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Well, I found out why unemployment went down, when you reach your limit of weeks they will not let you file unemployment even though you have exhausted your moneys, you are still unemployed and they should allow us to be counted as unemployed instead of making the numbers look better. We still do not have a job and now we have no voice in the numbers. This is unacceptable. We should be counted and not discarded, I have been actively everyday for 20 months looking for a job, even the minimum wage jobs but they will hire a high school student before me because I have to much job history, but I need a job. Add more weeks, we are looking for jobs, there are none out there because the economy is not coming back fast enough and if there is not more weeks added, more people are going to loose their houses and the economy will not recover. The government helped out the banks and automotive industry’s, other country’s, when our country’s people need help also.

danm1 05/22/2010 3:08am

I live in CONN but worked in Rye Brook, NY for 5 years. I was “laid off” at age 62 and have collected the maximum unemployment benefit of 99 weeks. I have "listed " myself with 13 Recruitment firms—they refuse to send me on ANY interview—which I am totally qualified for.
Why is there not PASSED Legislation to assist those that have exhausted their 99 weeks of benefits??
P S I have had many,many job interviews (on my own) only to find out that a 30 year old was offered the position.

vote4whoandwhy 05/22/2010 2:46am
in reply to lrc Mar 20, 2010 12:31pm

I have been working since I was 16 (now 42) and have been out of work since 2008. I worked for a residential real estate title and escrow company and prior thereto, in law firms in the capacity as a legal secretary. Let me tell you that I also am struggling to make ends meet and to find a job. I am noticing the same legal secretarial jobs being reposted every other week, and I am beginning to wonder if those companies are getting some kind of a kick back for advertising!! BTW, most jobs are posting, “must speak Spanish”!!! WTF!!!!I applied to fast food chains also, and I am sure they toss out my application too. It is so difficult NOT to be in a constant state of depression. I have sold ALL my valuable possessions that I had worked so hard for throughout the years just to make sure my dogs and I are fed and have a roof over our heads. I pray for everyone during this desperate time..hang in there all.

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USCITIZEN10 05/21/2010 12:10pm
in reply to ccofbuffalo May 21, 2010 7:32am

I guees we all need to be focus on the World News Vine web page, to get the breaking news about our petition and if we are included in the amendment for the H.R.4213.

USCITIZEN10 05/21/2010 12:06pm
in reply to mjr6 May 21, 2010 5:16am

Yes I agree with you.I’m also a 99er and so far I know that the Congrees will pass that bill but only extending the deadline for those already in the extensions.So we the 99ers are out of that legislation.Yesterday at 2:00 pm EST,there was a representative from MAYDAY S.O.S and all the others organizations that are fighting to get a Tier 5 named ISSA DECKER who was in the office of senator Reid handling 25,000 petitions signed for all the 99ers,hoping to get heard from congrees and be added to the amendment to H.R.4213.

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