H.R.45 - Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009

To provide for the implementation of a system of licensing for purchasers of certain firearms and for a record of sale system for those firearms, and for other purposes. view all titles (2)

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  • Short: Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009 as introduced.
  • Official: To provide for the implementation of a system of licensing for purchasers of certain firearms and for a record of sale system for those firearms, and for other purposes. as introduced.

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Sublime 02/04/2009 7:40pm

If congress passes bills like this they’ll have a very good reason to be afraid of guns.

Anonymous 01/30/2009 4:14pm

Many comments here are already missing the point… “Illegal” gun sales and ownership is already “ILLEGAL!!” Killing someone is already “ILLEGAL”. This is like saying we need a better death penalty for hate crimes, because the death penalty isn’t bad enough punishment. We need to kill them twice. Come on, Congress, get a clue and have some type of common since. Enforce the laws we have now and that will suffice. I can promise one thing as many have already said here…. “cold dead hands”.

Congressman from Illinois needs to be impeached with their Governor.

trappist 04/23/2009 6:12am

The 2nd Amendment establishes gun ownership as a right, not a privilege. We do not license rights.

skibber 04/21/2009 11:10am

This bill is a joke and will never pass. Mass murderers agree – gun control works.

uptoomynose 04/21/2009 8:09am

I am proud of the “real” Americans that are finally banning together. It is time we all stand up and say enough. Freedom is the most expensive commodity, I am ready to spend everything I have maintaining it. The right to bare arms is to protect us from the government, how smart our founding fathers were.

Druid 01/30/2009 10:43am

The massive amount of ignorance and arrogance in this bill is just stunning. Bobby Rush should be ashamed to have him name associated with such anti-American trash.

Anonymous 01/30/2009 3:44am

If you want to go through all the steps proposed in this ridiculous proposal, you may as well get your concealed carry license. In Michigan the process is almost exactly the same but then you can carry and defend yourself outside the home.

Besides, the insident with the shooting in Chicago is not an indicator of further gun control, Chicago already has some of the most intense gun control laws in the country. Bottom line: gun control does nothing to take guns out of the hands of the criminals or those with criminal intent

bhayes201 03/08/2009 9:19pm

“A government that fears arms in the hands of the people should also fear the rope.” – Nathan Bedford Forrest, Confederate General

Anonymous 02/10/2009 12:29pm

well the average american fool voted this bunch of socialist democrats in with there cradel to grave care what do you expect. Nothings free in life you must give something to get something and they expect you to give up your freedoms for them making all of your decisions for you.When you don`t pay attetion to history you destined to repeat it and here come the nazis for our guns but who will be the jews or should I say the native america indians this time.

Anonymous 02/10/2009 2:24pm

I find it scary as it can be that a member of the house would introduce a bill such as this. As a police officer I find that criminals could care less about laws. Hence the word Criminals… To attack the very fiber of the constitution should be grounds for a complete dismissal from the judiciary review. I believe that the Judicial branch of the government just addressed this issue. The 2nd amendment is very clear. Don’t mess with it or there will be mutiny.

Anonymous 01/27/2009 6:01am

the fools in congress think that by banning legal gun ownership that they will have a safer sociaty and world.

they need to view the video in the link below and get a grip on reality. if you ban the legal guns then the streets will be flooded with cheap, foreign guns.


Anonymous 01/28/2009 1:15pm

All of the campaign adds in Colorado said that Obama supported the second amendment and would not take our guns.

EWALTER58 02/12/2009 11:32am

H.R. 45 the new gun control bill written by Senator Bobby Rush from Illinois, they have basically the same system now in Illinois but yet they have some of highest crime rate in the city of Chicago they just don’t get it. IT DOSE NOT WORK. The bill outlaws concealed carry, laws already on the books, protection of your home by having a loaded weapon in your home to protect your family. It has redundant provisions and laws that are already on the books that do not get enforced Our country needs to stop protecting the criminals and those who don’t feel they have to follow the laws of the state or federal government. The people of our nation do not want more gun laws; they want the criminals to know they will be held accountable for the crimes they commit. Is this the change our new President speaks of?

Anonymous 01/26/2009 4:54pm

Guns are one of the few things people are still buying nowadays. With the way the economy is looking, I think it would be pretty irresponsible to support any legislation that is going to hurt the gun industry.

Anonymous 02/21/2009 9:54am
in reply to brian4jc Jan 14, 2009 11:45am

One only needs to look at Mexico to realize gun control does not work. Mexican citizens are not allowed to have guns of any kind (without a very hard to get permit).

Today criminals have over run the country to the point of near collapse. It is no longer safe to travel any where in that country.

Yet the criminals have enough guns to start a war! What do they care if they do one more illegal act.

The same thing would happen in the US. I for one will also become a criminal and will not obey this law.

skzofrania 01/29/2009 1:08pm

Thats how it started in Cuba. First they wanted to register the handguns, then license the owners..

Anonymous 02/17/2009 4:48pm
in reply to Anonymous Jan 21, 2009 7:48am

Let’s not forget that IL already has a FOID card program

tharris3000 03/16/2009 3:50am
in reply to eyemall Mar 04, 2009 5:44pm

This is completely irrelevant, unimportant, and out of place. Read the heading – HR45 gun control, for Crist’s sake.

Anonymous 02/27/2009 6:24am
in reply to ruick Feb 26, 2009 7:41pm

You’re missing the point ruick, it’s the beginning of the slippery slope. Go watch Red Dawn and pay attention to what the invaders do with the governments records of gun owners.

Anonymous 02/05/2009 2:58am

Well all I have to say is Adolf is in the HOUSE!!! and yes the pun was intended!!!

Anonymous 02/03/2009 2:40pm

Never give up your guns, guns = freedom from dictatorship. Their goal is to disarm us like Europe, we will let that happen???

It may come to a point of life or death one day, better make up your mind on what you will do when they show up at your door.

hank 02/04/2009 4:16am

It actually cites suicides in the bill? You know how people commit suicide in China, where owning a gun is illegal? They drink poison.


“Half of the suicides on the mainland are of women in rural areas, who commonly drink pesticide to end their lives.”

hudspethd 04/23/2009 6:20am

Typical government BS. Try to pass a bill w/o letting the American People know upfront. Just shows how crooked our so called “LEADERS” are.

DontTreadOnMe 02/02/2009 3:07pm

It is unconstitutional and it also violates the Brady Bill…This article explains it nicely…

stancel 02/02/2009 3:50am

In the U.K, where handguns have been outlawed, crimes involving the use of handguns has gone up 40%.

The politicians know it wont make you safer, and they know that criminals will still have full access to guns. But, this isn’t about making you safer, it is about control. Government can’t control the criminals, so they go after law abiding people instead. On the other hand, if American’s are stupid enough to continue falling for this two party monarchy system, then I guess we deserve what we get.

At what point does idiot America start voting 3rd party???

Anonymous 02/02/2009 6:41am

Those Congressmen, which I see as the majority, have seperated themselves from the law abiding citizens and have focused their efforts on protecting illegals and those who are not law abiding citizens. To bare a firearm is a second ammendment right. Leave it alone, congress! Start to focus on working for us, as it should be, and quit working for a select few. Congress has lost 98% of its backbone over many, many years now; and are working within a group of immature, childish and self absorbed people, THE CONGRESS!

Anonymous 02/01/2009 8:09pm

Come and take them, Bobby!

Anonymous 02/10/2009 11:47am

Heston was right when he said "You can have my guns when you take them from my COLD DEAD HANDS11111111111111

N629CG 02/01/2009 3:18am


oldcolonial 01/30/2009 4:10pm

This is a thinly veiled attack on the second amendment – even after the Supreme Court ruled that the “right of the people to keep and bear arms” meant just that. Now, what is it that they (the politicians) don’t understand about “shall not be infringed”? Sorry, but I shall “cling to my Bible and guns” and my ammunition! The second amendment was included for when a tyranical government tried to ignore the other amendments. Passage of this type of legilation will only make “criminals” out of a lot of honest, and otherwise law abiding citizens.

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