H.R.676 - United States National Health Care Act or the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act

To provide for comprehensive health insurance coverage for all United States residents, improved health care delivery, and for other purposes. view all titles (5)

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  • Official: To provide for comprehensive health insurance coverage for all United States residents, improved health care delivery, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Popular: United States National Health Care Act or the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act as introduced.
  • Short: United States National Health Care Act or the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act as introduced.
  • Short: Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act as introduced.
  • Short: United States National Health Care Act as introduced.

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rbain1 01/27/2009 8:00pm
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This bill is the best approach to reforming our broken health care system. Eliminate the health insurance companies and let Medicare be expanded to include every American. Best common sense approach to the problem.

Anonymous 01/29/2009 11:03am

In my five years of Medicare coverage there has been no dimishment in the time or level of care. Huge savings should result along with expanded care to those not receiving it or paying far too much.

boompa 02/10/2009 7:12am
in reply to yzERp Feb 07, 2009 6:38am

Government is not the primary reason for the high medical care costs. It is the insurance companies! The next time you visit your doc just ask him. Don’t be so shy.

rbain1 01/29/2009 10:22am

I agree, socialized medicine is not good. We should really be thanking Representative Conyers for proposing this bill instead putting forth a socialized medicine program. As you know, this bill proposes a single payer system, so that the Medicare program can pay all bills to private medical offices. There would be no government run medical offices or hospitals under this bill. The government would have no say whatsoever in the type of care you get or which doctors you get to see. The care would still come from the private sector. This bill only proposes to eliminate health insurance companies so that we can cut out the “middleman” in the payment structure.

busyb213 01/27/2009 6:42pm

I’m happy to see this bill in the 111th Congress!

Anonymous 02/26/2009 6:15am

can you say pre-existing conditions!! check out the cost of a private major medical policy if you can get one. This is not what I worked and saved for in retirement. If your layed off or become unemployed prior to the age of 65 your retirement savings or whatever you have saved for will all go to the Insurance companies. $1500/month is not affordable health coverage. All near elderly 55-65 self employed, unemployed, uninsured are in for a rude awakening when you try to protect yourself from medical bankruptcy should you become ill prior to age 65 and Medicare. YA GETTIN THIS BABYBOOMERS, and for those of a younger generation you too will age and need health care someday

dygituljunky 04/14/2009 4:28am
in reply to yzERp Mar 01, 2009 8:28am

I recall from my economics class that in a free market system, the seller tries to raise their prices to the point where they will have the highest profit.

The problems with free market health insurance are:
– of course we will demand health services even if the price is absurd,
– the insurance companies can deny a claim for an individual whom they supposedly cover,
– the insurance companies can deny coverage for someone who might need their services more often.

(end Part 1 of 2)

rbain1 03/01/2009 7:39pm
in reply to yzERp Mar 01, 2009 8:28am

The thing you don’t seem to realize is that government, even with all its faults, is the only weapon we have. In our current system, the only motive is profit. Public health care is not immoral. It’s decent, compassionate, and it’s what any civilized society does to ensure that ALL are cared for.

It semms that some who oppose this bill have never faced a medical disaster. Haven’t experienced the frustration of dealing with a health insurer that only cares if you can keep paying. Not once do they ask how your treatment is going, or how well you’re adjusting after a surgery, and they’re incapable of showing compassion. Why do we put up with this?

I hope you have a change of heart and realize that you might someday be deemed too risky to insure. When that day comes, what will you do if you get sick? Simply go home and wait to die?

adehart 04/09/2009 3:24am
in reply to DianaAmerican Apr 07, 2009 11:24am

Please be clear – This bill is NOT socialized health care. There’s a huge difference between socialized health care and single payer health care. In a socialized health care model, the doctors, nurses, every provider works for the government. In a single payer health care model providers work for themselves, or their practice or the facility. The difference is instead of billing the health insurance company they bill Medicare. This model results in massive cost savings because the profit margin is removed and because Medicare administrative costs are much lower than the huge health insurance companies.

msouthard 03/25/2009 7:02am
in reply to Infuriated Feb 10, 2009 8:31pm

Illegal aliens are not residents, smart one. Residents = Citizens + Temporary or Permanent LEGAL Residents.

tbmmoe 06/19/2009 11:26am
“Look at every country that has ever tried letting government run their healthcare. Is that what you really want?”

well…yes…The U.S. is near the bottom in measurable health standards compared to every other industrialized country that has a government administered program. Health care is a right of every citizen, and should not be rationed and dictated by the for-profit health insurance industry. Their only goal is to ensure maximum profits for the stock holders. They care nothing about people, health, or indeed prevention. WE THE PEOPLE should demand what other civilized nations already have. The propoganda from big pharma and the health insurance industry, along with every bought and paid for politician who supports them can be overcome.

drklassen 02/13/2009 4:57am

The health of our people should not be governed by the ironically named “free market”. All this means is that poor people receive poor care and die while insurance executives rake in millions of dollars in compensation. This is morally unacceptable.

ohioriver 06/12/2009 4:45am
in reply to DianaAmerican Apr 07, 2009 11:41am

Just how do you think our current insurance industry works? Everyone pays into it to cover the cost of providing for everyone else. It is actually no different than what is being proposed, except for taking the control of it and placing it in the hands of gov.More of the money will actually go to health care and not administrative costs. The problem with the big insurance companies is massive greed. They look for more ways to deny coverage to pocket even more profits.

bgrossen 07/18/2009 5:50pm
in reply to kimjones1 Jul 17, 2009 12:58pm

I think you are talking abouta HR 3200. This is HR 676. No CBO report has come out yet on this one, probably because it would be a substantial savings over HR 676—a savings gained by diverting the 31% of health care costs that go to feeding the profits of private insurance companies into real health care for the uninsured.

dygituljunky 04/14/2009 4:28am
in reply to yzERp Mar 01, 2009 8:28am

(begin part 2 of 2)

The consumers in our current scenario have no power on the demand side of the supply-and-demand equation because health care is necessary (so you can stay employed, so you can live, so you can pursue happiness).

And it’s not immoral to pay for your neighbor’s health care since it may well mean that you help carry the societal burden of squashing a communicable disease, it may well mean that I help pay for your health care when you need it the most, it may well mean that someone who can’t afford insurance under our current system will be able to get well, stay employed, keep paying taxes, and keep the economy going.

capricorn7nc 09/29/2009 5:51am

I wish this would pass because speaking as someone with a pre-existing condition with high medical costs, this will help me immensely. I think it is sad that we do not have a better system than allowing insurance companies to run the show. At least do the public option, so we can shape the way these companies operate, because I have been in a situation where they delayed care over and over again until I just gave up doing the procedure. I am alive, but I had to go into a government program just to get help. I think without having real oversight over the insurance industry they will keep ignoring what is right for what is profitable.

cbsullivan16 10/13/2009 2:11pm
in reply to ramanajan Feb 12, 2009 3:34am

I would suggest reading the following study. The gist of it is that Medicare operates with an administrative cost of only around 5% of total payments whereas private insurers have administrative costs of around 17%. These findings have been echoed in other studies. This seems like a pretty efficient government program to me…


Anonymous 02/08/2009 7:53am

Government is not the reason health care is so expensive; enormous insurance company profits and executive salaries are the reason health care is so expensive. This system would mean we could all stop paying those things, and our money would instead be going for medical services.

bgrossen 07/18/2009 9:41am

This is the bill we need, a single-payer plan. The physicians support it. See www.pnhp.org the website of Physicians for a National Health Plan.
This bill is cheaper because the 31% we currently pay for bureaucracy in the privatized insurance industry would be diverted to health care for the uninsured.
For profit motives have no place in medicine. Which would produce more profit: a flu vaccine that irradicates the flu, or a flu shot each year?
Hospitals, insurance, and drugs should all be not for profit businesses. This bill takes some important steps toward really cutting the cost of health care. No one is talking about it though because the insurance lobbyists are in control of our congress.

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qatharms 04/06/2009 8:08am

The underlying reason for our healthcare problem today goes back to the Medicare act signed in 1967. The right solution would be to put people back into private healthcare rather than bringing the government in deeper. Look at every country that has ever tried letting government run their healthcare. Is that what you really want? Get the government out of healthcare and put it back in the hands of the doctor and the patient. PS I am not any kind of healthcare provider, just a private citizen who is thoroughly disgruntled over what government has done to our healthcare system.

Acct59 06/11/2009 9:47am

Social Security and medicare are going broke…Most Americans have paid into this for their entire lives…but instead of the money being put into a trust account it went into the general fund….Billions of dollars where used from these funds over the years and never paid back with interest…If Big government corruption..such as we have seen with the “Stimulus pkg” with over 8000 earmarks…the only people getting anything from it are the special interest groups and lobbyists….it has not put any Americans Back to work….so if these programs have been misused…healthcare reform would be the same…even the Postal service is bankrupt…another gov. run program…we need to keep private healthcare alive and well …otherwise we will lanquish.

DoulaLady 10/16/2009 6:03pm
in reply to chicubsman Sep 11, 2009 3:45am

Government run health care would imply that the government is hiring and providing the health care employees. That is not what HR Bill 676 is about. HR Bill 676 is about something that is REALLY controversial, upholding the ideal that we all have a “right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” It is a little hard to pursue happiness when you are dead, or when you are limited to living off of a mere $600 a month to stay eligible for medicaid to cover your $3000 a month prescriptions…not even getting into the dr’s visits and hospital stays.

bgrossen 07/18/2009 9:47am
in reply to kimjones1 Jul 17, 2009 12:51pm

I believe the excise tax would replace the current payments for health insurance.
The top 5% need to pay more taxes. Do you realize that each dollar you earn after your 102,000th dollar (figure is near correct) you pay less taxes? You pay no social security. And if you earn your money by means other than working (capital gains), you pay even less, about half. Us working stiffs are footing the bills for this country.
If every dollar earned were taxed the same for social security, the system would become solvent overnight. Only because the first 100,000 dollars are taxed, there is not enough money.

dygituljunky 04/14/2009 4:30am
in reply to Anonymous Feb 08, 2009 7:53am

Don’t forget that stockholder dividend payouts are a huge contributor to the cost of health insurance…

jorel 02/06/2010 11:31am

I am absolutely, 100 % in favor of this bill being passed, and I feel strongly that all Americans should get behind this bill and support it with all your might. Write your congressperson, write both of your senators and tell them that they should quit fooling around and vote in favor of this bill. Get with the program. PRONTO !!!
The administrative cost savings is estimated to be about 400 Billion from what we waste on the beastly system we currently have. That is far more than enough to pay for this plan. You should not notice any increase in your taxes by going to this system, and every single person in America (even the homeless child sleeping behind a dumpster downtown) would have health care from cradle to grave. This is the humane system to have.
C’mon people, let’s get it done !!!

adehart 04/09/2009 3:26am

You’re right, the Federal Government is not going to ask how your treatment is going. But when is the last time your health insurance company asked how your treatment is going? And as far as receiving the care your doctor says you need, you should be aware that there are doctors who order care based on a profit motive, because they have a stake in the providers of care or receive rebates from pharmaceutical companies based on their prescribing practices. Health care paid for by the Federal Government will be driven by balancing the best quality care at the lowest possible price.

scatmull 03/21/2009 10:19pm

Noble goal, but poorly executed. Here is an example where I feel it really misses the mark:

“No Cost-Sharing- No deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, or other cost-sharing shall be imposed with respect to covered benefits”

People need to have some “skin in the game” so-to-speak when it comes to healthcare. I believe that generally broadly preventative healthcare like physicals probably should have no-copay because a healthy population is a hopefully a healthy workforce and therefore a competetive workforce on the world stage. However, this bill seems to go way, way, way beyond that.

drews2 02/23/2009 11:16am
in reply to milehifreedom Feb 23, 2009 5:16am

As “boompa” said above, ask a few doctors what they think about nationalized health insurance. Also, do yourself a favor and look at what many physicians are supporting at the website: http://www.pnhp.org
I am not saying that physicians should have the last word, but since you seem to be defending doctors in your post, perhaps you want to know more about what they are saying. Stay engaged in the debate!

DianaAmerican 04/07/2009 11:41am
in reply to drklassen Feb 13, 2009 4:57am

What? Poor people already get FREE Health Care from the Federal Government paid for by The Taxpayers. If they Sneeze or overdose on drugs they go to the doctor and taxpayers pay for it.

Do you think the Government has it’s own money? NO, it does NOT. The politicians writing this Bill do, but they Are Not going to Share Their Money with you, they want the taxpayers to share theirs and we have already learned they don’t pay taxes unless they get caught.

Morally Unacceptable, is when a man or woman works to take care of their family and provide health care for their family and then has to Also pay for the Health Care of Others.

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