H.Con.Res.49 - Supporting the Local Radio Freedom Act.

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  • Official: Supporting the Local Radio Freedom Act. as introduced.

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  • kgotjesus2001 02/17/2009 4:41am

    This is the antidote to the un-“Fairness” Doctrine!

  • GunnyG 02/27/2009 9:01am

    NO limits on the 1st Amendment please. Liberals, stop killing freedom.

  • steve_hunt_okc 06/20/2009 5:51pm
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    Gunny why do you hate free markets? Why can’t labels charge if they want to??? Stop listening to the powerful lobbies or take down your Reagan icon. Here is the reality of this garbage bill: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBjlR5JWtDQ

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