S.1699 - Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2009

A bill to amend the Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2008 to provide for the temporary availability of certain additional emergency unemployment compensation, and for other purposes. view all titles (2)

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  • Short: Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2009 as introduced.
  • Official: A bill to amend the Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2008 to provide for the temporary availability of certain additional emergency unemployment compensation, and for other purposes. as introduced.

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    Taylor09 09/25/2009 8:04am

    this is about more than one person- this is about families – communities-

  • ohionoeb 09/25/2009 7:59am
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    RE: importance of getting all states

    They are wanting to wait until after the Health Care Bill which has 568 Amendments for them to address before it even gets to the floor.. How long will that take ?

    Any move by the Senate finance panel to move benefits extension legislation would likely have to wait until after the committee concludes consideration of health-care legislation.


  • Comm_reply
    unemployed2007 09/25/2009 8:08am

    Ohio. That is one article that you keep on posting over and over. There are plenty of positive articles out there.

    Naming a few positive notes: Detnews.com – after HR3548 – they stated that Senate will pass legislation within a couple of weeks. AFL-CIO blog – stated it will be addressed before end of this week. Labor Commissioners demands Congress to pass extension NOW. NELP advocating on our behalf. The press is all over this and even some write like they think it’s a law already. Some Unemployment agencies have posted on their sites in preparation of this bills passing. It’s going to happen.

    HANG IN THERE and look for good news!

  • Comm_reply
    unemployed2007 09/25/2009 8:09am

    TO add:
    This will not wait for health care reform. Health care is going to take a looong time. S1699 was introduced to pass quickly in the senate(identical to house bill) so it can immediately go to the President for signage. S1699’s introduction is good!

    The senate does not post weekly schedules – only daily. Keep up the calls, faxing, emails, twitter ,etc.

  • Comm_reply
    ohionoeb 09/25/2009 8:14am
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    RE: they stated that Senate will pass legislation within a couple of weeks…What happen to "FAST TRACK..STEAM-LINE for HR3548

    RE: AFL-CIO blog – stated it will be addressed before end of this week…Today is the END of the week..

  • Comm_reply
    jones8288 09/25/2009 8:24am


    We all have to stay positive right now. Something has to pass the Senate soon, when that is I don’t know. We are all in the this boat toghether. My bills are due and just went to the mail box and got notice’s. There is however help for alot of bills you have. Take a look at this link.


    I hope you do not take it wrong, but I just googled help in ohio for bills and 20,263 listings came up. So I say to you instead of being negative here on this thread do something to try and help your position right now.

    Bottom line it will pass when??? But get the help that is offered to you. I am going to the Salvation Army Monday for $ 300.00 for bills. Faith based stimulus package is what it is called in my area. If you don’t try for yourself, beleive me nobody is going to do it for you.

    Get help to get you thru till they do vote on it!!!

  • Comm_reply
    unemployed2007 09/25/2009 8:27am

    I guess my point is for every negative article out there, there are others that point to this being addressed quickly. I wish I had a crystal ball, but I don’t. All we can do at this point is advocate for ourselves. IMO and after talking to Reid’s office again, I think this will be done by next week.

    Keep the pressure on the Reid’s office and get the word out.

  • Comm_reply
    lstricker 09/25/2009 8:54am

    Why do you insist on posting this over and over again!!! You’ve posted this same link probably 20 times between 1699 & 3548. We cannot even open the darn link!!!

    The page you requested could not be found.

    Please check the URL for proper spelling or try one of the options below:

    • Visit the NASDAQ.com Homepage
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    NYER566 09/25/2009 2:15pm


  • Kickthebumsout 09/25/2009 8:00am
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    I sent this To the Senate…limiting one term with your vote would help also.

    I ain’t no Tea Bagger but when I get on Open Congress and see people begging the Senate to pass a Unemployment bill to extend benifits and get a cold shoulder It pisses me off. There is no way they should be having to beg the Federal Goverment for a damn thing. Since it is the Federal goverment that has exceded its powers for years now and stealing the money that is rightfully to go to the states.

    State soverinty; Many states have passed bills to regain their solverinty, Ohio is about too also. Next they need to Appeal the 17th Admendment so States can Appoint Senators to re establish the balance of power in the Goverment. That way the Senators will be beholding to State Leaders who can pressure you clowns to appeal the 16th admendment so the states can once again recieve their lawfull Tax dollars that the Federal Govermant waste On Specail interest. Kick The Bums Out..one term and vote em out.

  • Comm_reply
    nancym 09/25/2009 8:23am
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    Let me get this straight—you want my corrupt and lobbyist-run state government here in Florida to APPPOINT my Senators to Congress??? No thanks!!!

  • HopefromCA 09/25/2009 8:07am

    Good points. We can indicate in our letters to the Senator that there are possible ideas that can be forwarded if the Senators choose not to listen to us and help us out.

  • dlh 09/25/2009 8:15am

    Hi All,

    Just an FYI… I have sent an email to my contact at NELP who was very imformative and quick to keep us up to date here in PA with the previous EB problems. Any info I will pass on.. In the meantime, keep emailing, calling, etc., NAG if you must!

  • ohionoeb 09/25/2009 8:18am
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    This was posted on Open Congress 3548:


  • Comm_reply
    NYER566 09/25/2009 2:16pm


  • Comm_reply
    need2knowinOHIO 09/25/2009 2:36pm

    “refrain from overzealous use of ALL CAPS”

    it’s kinda getting annoying.

  • HopefromCA 09/25/2009 8:20am

    To All: This is what we have so far

    1. Call,email,fax,twitter,mail all Senators and the President.
    2. Write letters to local newspaper regarding the need for unemployment support.
    3. Possible ideas if Senators and the President refuses to listen to us such as one term limit, etc.

    Any other ideas? Lets keep the ideas coming.

  • mjh 09/25/2009 8:21am

    This bill as pointed out has nothing to really do with either of the other two bills and as mentioned the senate and house (senate in this case) does not dwell in the past on such things as its purpose is to debate and amend bills period. As for health care reform bill, it will be another month or possibly two before that even closes in on being enacted.

  • unemployed2007 09/25/2009 8:22am

    I spoke to Reid’s office again. The guy that answered doesn’t know for sure when S1699 will be on the schedule but thinks it will be after the current bill(appropriations) is voted on either today or Tuesday. It may be taken up next. Again, no confirmation though so take it for what it is. keep calling!


  • ohionoeb 09/25/2009 8:27am
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    Remeber last year ..when the sky was fallin ..they voted on TARP 800 BILLION in 1 week.. and Most recent ..Cash for Clunkers ..3 DAYS

  • NoGoodOnesLeft 09/25/2009 8:27am

    Just a side note to OpoenCongress. I like how you added the person the comment is in response to the Newest First view.

  • Comm_reply
    NoGoodOnesLeft 09/25/2009 8:28am

    I’m making too many typos today. I know you all know I meant OPENCongress.

  • Comm_reply
    unemployed2007 09/25/2009 8:33am

    I’ll have to try that view again. I always go to the end. It confused me!

  • HopefromCA 09/25/2009 8:30am

    How would we get a one term limit on the ballot for the Senators if they don’t listen to us? When someone wants something changed and it involves all states how does that work?

  • ohionoeb 09/25/2009 8:31am
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    C-SPAN2 Senate today is voting on 638 BILLION for Defence Spending ..Nothing about the HR 3548

    There going to need that “Defence” for ALL the ANGRY Unemployed

  • jones8288 09/25/2009 8:31am

    Same for all. Try the Salvation Army in your area. I don’t like standing in line for money or food. But the alternative is worse. I have worked for 36 years in Illinois. Never been out of work till now. You gotta suck it up and go stand in line. My grandfather had stories of standing in line for hours just to get a loaf of bread and a bag of coffee?? Life at fair he always told me. But whinning and not doing something to help your position does not work. It will pass but when???? And I know it is hard!! I have a degree and can’t get squat. But you gotta keep going. Negative comments here is just venting and visiting your woes on others. POSITIVE COMMENTS AND LINKS PLEASE.


  • Comm_reply
    jones8288 09/25/2009 8:34am

    Sorry life ain’t fair typos galore. No wonder I can’t get work.

  • Comm_reply
    JMatzelle57 09/25/2009 8:37am
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    Nancy this is not what we wanted we wanted whatever bill that will help us passed already. Its like soup opera when it comes to the us goverment and the american people.

    Pass the dam bill. If they know its going to pass drop it to the floor they did it with the house

    I wont vote for the ny senator if they dont step up and get things done. I called Governer Paterson or however you spell it and told him if he is soo mad at obama here is your time to speak out! Tell them to move it or lose it

    My SLogan to the U.S Senate MOVE IT OR LOSE IT!!!

  • Comm_reply
    nancym 09/25/2009 8:42am
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    JM, what I was pointing out was that this bill is a COPY of HR 3548, not a “new” bill—that is the process for when a bill goes from the House to the Senate. This bill was taken right over to the Senate less than 24 hours after its passage in the House. So any accusations on this board about this bill being some kind of “delaying tactic” don’t hold water.

  • Comm_reply
    JMatzelle57 09/25/2009 8:44am

    no i understand what ur saying. its just idk the health bill needs time to be thought about the make it the best for everyone. so lets get things that can be done quick and worry how to make everyone happy with healthcare

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