S.3520 - Unemployment Insurance Extension Act of 2010

A bill to provide for an extension of unemployment insurance. view all titles (3)

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  • Official: A bill to provide for an extension of unemployment insurance. as introduced.
  • Popular: Unemployment Insurance Extension Act of 201 as introduced.
  • Short: Unemployment Insurance Extension Act of 2010 as introduced.

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  • Comm_reply
    Dottie 06/28/2010 10:03am

    Where is everyone at as far as there unemployment. Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, or Tier 4. If you are beyond these tiers I believe this new bill S3520 will not cover you in the EB (extended benefits) phase. Write/call/fax your senator to include EB in this bill

  • Comm_reply
    Houselogic 06/28/2010 3:43pm

    They are cause at the end of the day with no job you pay no tax other than sales. However without the money….. well they can’t get sales tax!

  • jaded 06/28/2010 6:15am

    This bill needs to be PRIORITY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the people that need help the MOST are put on the bottom of the stack.

  • Bewildered 06/28/2010 7:03am

    I was laid off 6 months ago due to that my position was “being eliminated”. At first, I attempted to find work through CalJOBS in the EDD because it is a requirement for UI Benefits. For 2 mths and over 100 applications later I received not a single phone call or inquiry. I have used alternate methods to find employment and I have had about 5 interviews (all without EDD’s help). Last week I finally got a call for a second interview and I cannot express how BADLY I want to get it. It pays $10,000 less than I made in 2009, but at this point, I am willing to take any kind of job for any kind of money, but there is no guarantee I will ge it. I am sick and tired of having to pray to the forces that be for extensions. It is INCONCEIVABLE to me that now that the economy is much worse than 2 years ago it is even being debated! Pass this bill, hopefully I wont need it, but others will. America’s fate is in your hands and on the passing of this very bill. By the people for the people.

  • rmwbrowneyes 06/28/2010 9:06am

    I am praying that they will pass this bill and stop playing games with the unfortunate, unemployed, Americans who really need this in order to put a roof over our head! I have been stressed out for two weeks after being cut off my UI. I feel hopeful to read that there may still be a chance that we will not lose our home…

  • Tres0607 06/28/2010 9:23am

    I don’t want negative thinking to cause me to not believe this new bill will pass! Please, Please, PLEASE pass this bill THIS WEEK for all of us that need the assistance that just is not there. Thank you Debbie for continuing to fight!

  • Dottie 06/28/2010 9:30am

    S3520 Unemployment Insurance Extension act of 201. Does anyone know if it covers the EB (extended benefits) this is when you have exhausted all four tiers and you then go into EB which is 20 wks. If I am reading this correctly and think this new bill just covers up to the four tiers. Anyone Know?

  • ehowe0214 06/28/2010 9:42am

    Dottie…my understanding that this bill covers tiers 1 through 4 only.

  • Comm_reply
    Dottie 06/28/2010 9:50am

    This is not fair…The unemployed in the EB (extended Benefits) are still unemployed. What are we suppose to do…I have been looking and looking for employment with no luck. Congress please when you vote on S3520 Unemployment Insurance extension act of 201 please include EB as well as the four tiers. We need your help until there are jobs and the economy turns around.

  • Comm_reply
    tim4280 06/29/2010 9:58pm

    This only covers 1-4. No 5 at all. Basically we are all getting screwed over by our government and no one is doing anything about it. The lakers win a game and people burn shit. We lose our benefits while were down and out and bitch about it on a website. Everyone should do something about it before they resurrect Hitler and put him in charge. Congress is a failure and we will just silently go into the night while they screw us all over. Write your represenitive and tell him/her to resign or carradine themselves. Someone needs to get the message across to these assholes.

  • Comm_reply
    vote4whoandwhy 06/30/2010 7:55am

    Well, thankfully, I can say my Senator, is fighting for us unemployed Rhode Islanders!

  • msdonna2148 06/28/2010 10:07am

    Before they go on yet another paid vacation, ALL senators better wake up and realize the pain they are inflicting on so many Americans by their bickering, finger pointing and sheer self serving moves.
    Put forth a stand alone unemployment extension bill without any attachments to fight over and get it passed NOW, BEFORE JULY 4th.
    It amazes me how easily and quickly they hand out billions and trillions to other countries (most that hate us), useless organizations, pork projects and corporations yet they can’t help the people who have generated that money for many years and will continue to do so.
    Shame on the senate.

  • leslierickard 06/28/2010 10:16am

    The latest is that Sen. Stabanow is going to introduce this bill on the senate floor today, whether or not it gets republican support is still to be seen…

  • wes00 06/28/2010 10:45am

    From reading the little on this bill that they have, I believe that it will only allow you to move into the next possible Tiers 1-4, that you can move to. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is any provision about folks that have exhausted all 99 weeks. In other words, if you’ve hit 99 weeks I’m guess there will not make a new tier(meaning a tier V).

  • wes00 06/28/2010 10:56am

    maybe I’m wrong..if i am please correct me.

  • Comm_reply
    tim4280 06/29/2010 10:07pm

    Your right. If you are a 99er your screwed.

  • jpgh 06/28/2010 11:00am

    This is just ridiculous! This should be PRIORITY #1 today and all of this week! They are playing their little political games with the lives of hard working American people!

    They’re so quick to bail out banks and every 3rd world country that is in need of immediate help, but their own people can suffer. Completely DISGUSTING!

  • TexJ 06/28/2010 11:03am

    Texas Workforce has not sent me a job lead in over 2 months, yet our unemployment rate is only 8.3%? Seems a bit odd to me, especially when you consider the fact that 8.5 % is the number needed to move to Tier 4 without an extension. I am one of those that would have moved to Tier 4 and I have not received a check since June 2. The sickening thing is I have a job through work study but that is in September. I need to survive until then and my not moving to T4 has really hurt.
    You are correct Wes, the bill does not address extensions for 99ers.
    That could change but at this point I am not hopeful of anything.

  • Comm_reply
    drthcraig 06/28/2010 3:43pm

    I have NEVER gotten a job request from TWC, its been over a year. Any job I seem to be interested in – the site tells me that I’m “not qualified”. Too much. This stand alone NEEDS to be passed BEFORE the Senate goes off on their lovely vacations, I will be chopping wood for money on the 4th while they are relaxing watching fireworks……

  • Moderated Comment

  • Tres0607 06/28/2010 11:51am

    I did a google search on the EB part of the extension and it would include extending it through December as well if they could get it to pass…

  • RobertP 06/28/2010 11:56am

    Without media coverage we will not have any type of pressure for this bill. Contact your local media stations. We need attention brought to this. With the upcoming holiday the government with recess and enjoy their 4th of July while we continue to try to figure out how we will survive.

  • unemployed2010 06/28/2010 12:03pm

    So, this bill doesn’t do anything for those that are at the end of their 4th tier?

    You can go to www.unemployment2010.webs.com for a list of petitions to sign to extend our benefits.

  • Comm_reply
    Houselogic 06/28/2010 3:45pm

    if your at the end of Tier 4 you become 1 of millions with out income or work

  • Comm_reply
    Dottie 06/28/2010 5:57pm

    I tried to go to this and could not…any suggestions

  • wes00 06/28/2010 12:09pm

    honest guys..We wont know what this bill entails until they release it in detail. Im praying that this bill gets passed in a timely fashion and that is helps the long short-term unemployed and the Long-term such as myself. All we can do is hope and pray AND flood the Internet and phones…with our stories.. to let them know that this is SERIOUS..and we need HELP NOW!

  • gusto500 06/28/2010 12:11pm

    This bill being stalled really hurts alot of us Americans. I live in Jacksonville, Fl. where our state ranges from 11.9 to 13.9% uneployment rate. I can asure you that there is not one comgressperson sitting at home tonight wondering where they are going to get the money to feed their kids. It amazes me that the goverment jumps to help 3rd world countries, and will stall on a bill that will help feed it’s own people. I can only hope that our comments are being heard by the congress. Maybe if someone would make sure they know how bad it really is out here they would get off their butts and get a bill passed that will help the unemployed like us.

  • hclikos 06/28/2010 12:12pm

    I have been blindsided by this. Ive been out of work since the end of December and have been looking ever since with no luck. I received my last check from the state (NJ) on June 24 and called my unemployment office to find out what I had to do next just to be told that this bill didnt pass. Does anyone know if by the grace of god this bill does pass will I be able able to apply for federal aid? I had no idea on June 24 that it would be my last check. I hate thinking im being used as a pawn in a political game.

  • jeo1970 06/28/2010 12:19pm

    I was let go 4 days before Thanksgiving of 2009 and since then I have applied for everything from Fast food to wharehouse and all points in between. I want to work but nobody wants to hire in my area. I have had about 10 interviews but I have applied to over 300 positions. My benefits ran out this week and I don’t know how I am going to feed the family let alone pay the bills. Republicans need to realize it was your guys who put this country in the mess it is in now. I applaud the Dems for atleast trying to get a bill passed. Pull your heads out of whatever hole you got it and pass this bill. I wrote my senators and I encourage everyone to do so as well.

  • Rolanda 06/28/2010 12:41pm

    They need to hurry up and pass this! Enough time has been wasted. They all get to sit up there and have a joyful 4th of July, while we can’t even affored a match to light a firework!!!!!!!!!

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