S.3520 - Unemployment Insurance Extension Act of 2010

A bill to provide for an extension of unemployment insurance. view all titles (3)

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  • Official: A bill to provide for an extension of unemployment insurance. as introduced.
  • Popular: Unemployment Insurance Extension Act of 201 as introduced.
  • Short: Unemployment Insurance Extension Act of 2010 as introduced.

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    joope 06/28/2010 12:54pm
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    I would like to bring this point out here. “I applaud the Dems for atleast trying to get a bill passed” The Dems could have passed this bill and any other bill. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that the Dems control the House and the Dems control the Senate, also the Dems control the Presidential Office. So stating that the Republicans are the reason this didn’t happen is pulling the sheet over your eyes. They didn’t have the republican help nor did they need it. Reid (D) had the information typed up before they went on break, stating not to cancel the benefits and they will be extended for another 30 days. Once they got back to their offices after their long awaited vacation. (well that’s what they said) If you go back and re-read what happened last February and March then you will see what I’m talking about. The Dems rule Washington DC right now. So how can missing 3 votes be blamed on the minority party. When in everything majority rules! Just a thought!

  • Rolanda 06/28/2010 12:43pm

    http://www.city-data.com/forum/unemployment/997484-prospects-unemployment-cobra-extensions-part-2-a-95.html Here, it says that the stand alone bill will include 100% financing of EB until December 31st, but no more $25 a week stimulus.

  • joope 06/28/2010 12:45pm

    I agree this bill needs to be processed and passed as of yesterday. I think this is outrageous that these politicians are using people as pieces in their games. Many are in seek of help from the government and yet the government tell those people “we are going on vacation for July 4th, so can you wait until we get back before you feed your family.” If funny how they sit in these jobs looking through their rose colored glasses and say “that unemployed people should find honest jobs and that the government shouldn’t extend the benefits because we don’t want to add to the deficit” It’s funny how the deficit was induced by the actions of congress the American people they claim to “feel for.” I really wouldn’t want to be their worst enemy, if you can leave those you claim to love in the desert with no water. Wonder what you do to your enemy. Shame on you Congress. Shame on this Administration as a whole. Well I guess this is the “Hope” we can believe in.

  • MrHappy 06/28/2010 1:18pm

    Is this the hope and change so many voted for?

    I blame both the Dems and the Reps. If they really wanted to pass this it would be done.

    What really has made me the most upset, and why I changed my party affiliation, are the stupid, crass and down right hateful things some of the leaders have said about the unemployed.

    Some one should tell them, not all the unemployed are young, or Dems. Some of us used to be Republicans.

    I would really love to know what Sen Judd Gregg will be doing this weekend. I have not spoken with him for a long time. I would love to see him again.

  • exrepublicanvet 06/28/2010 1:20pm

    We started looking into homeless shelters when h.r. 4213 didn’t pass 57-41.
    i pray that this goes through.

  • bhrodeoaz 06/28/2010 1:22pm

    This bill also needs to include the extension of the Extended Benefits portion of the old bill. I read the bill and it does not contain any mention of the extended benefits. So those who are on Extended Benefits need to call Stabenows office to include this portion so that it covers everyone who is on unemployment. As it reads now it only covers tiers 1-4, not the Extended benefits.

  • Comm_reply
    baseface 06/28/2010 2:50pm

    the bill includes EB

  • Comm_reply
    baseface 06/28/2010 2:55pm

    i just hope the dnc doesnt mess it up by adding crap to it, same as the GOP, all it takes is one retard amendment for them to vote it in , and then its over……………is their any truth to stabenow pulling this out of committee? or is this all a bunch of bs ?

  • Comm_reply
    Dottie 06/28/2010 5:56pm

    are you sure the bill includes EB…it looks like it only covers tiers 1-4

  • arosebunch22 06/28/2010 1:38pm

    This bill needs to be passed ASAP!! We can bail out billion dollar company’s but we cannot help out the little man who has been crushed. People say that this will get people moving to get jobs. We look for jobs but when there are 100 people applying for the same job it makes it kind of hard know doesn’t it! Our government let this happen to our country by not controlling what wall street and the mortgage company’s but we pay for all of it ! It is time WE got a break! Tell congress to get off there RICH ass and help the people who put them there with votes, not with money from a big company!

  • cplstopstick 06/28/2010 1:43pm

    I hope they pass this bill this week I have been a month now without anything and the job prospects don’t look promising anytime soon the interviews I get I’m either too qualified or don’t have the skill set they are looking for. I haven’t been able to pay bills, and am almost to the point I can’t feed my family. I didn’t ask to be out of a job or to be on unemployment but my town is a automotive industry town that got hit hard. The AMERICAN people need help instead of sendng billions to other countries. You work for us congress The AMERICAN people

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  • Comm_reply
    arosebunch22 06/28/2010 2:08pm

    it is not about sitting and finding the perfect spot on the couch!! You are what makes people on unemployment look bad! We actually need the help not so we can sit on the couch it is so that we can keep our lights on stay in our houses and feed our family’s!

  • Comm_reply
    JonathanSauchuk 06/28/2010 5:59pm

    thats just stupid!!! I need my benefits to buy gas for car, feed my 1 yr old, and pay rent while I LOOK for a job. Not sit around and watch tv on the couch. People like you are why this bill is not getting passed

  • Comm_reply
    whatsgoingon 06/29/2010 4:32am

    You better pray you don’t lose your job then have to compete to get a job flippeng whoopers with about 300 other people. 300 other people that use to get paid 3 times as much as Burger King. Not so easy to get a job when all jobs are gone and the competition is so high they throw applications out without even looking at a good chunck. Then you have to pray yours was not the one thrown out.

  • doraflood 06/28/2010 2:11pm

    As a registered voter – and an older, laid off white collar worker looking to jump to the next tier of unemployment next week — I strongly urge a vote on a simplified unemployment extension bill before Congress goes on vacation. Congress can do it if they want to. Without those payments, in weeks, they will come for my car and I will no longer be able to look for a job or even work at Walmart part time. That will affect loans and the car industry. Then my cat will be abandoned for lack of money for food. Animal welfare organizations will begin to be even more stretched. I won’t be able to pick up my medications for Type 2 Diabetes. And health care costs for the indigent will go up in the state. Other people have other priorities for those funds. You see, it’s not just money for me — it’s money for everybody. One day, someone will hire me. But for now, I will remember who did what for me in my time of need — and that will be the person I vote for when he/she needs me!

  • baseface 06/28/2010 3:06pm

    if this passes, and we get more dems in office, provided we dont lose seats,americans will have hope to find their next job.

  • baseface 06/28/2010 3:08pm

    ill be amazed if this even comes out of committee

  • smithtownNY 06/28/2010 3:52pm

    My entire department was laid off in January, I don’t want to be homeless by August. Please hurry and pass this extension. My profession? I sell home and auto insurance to people buying new homes! Gee what are my changes of finding a position before the economy improves? I will lose everything.

  • Ktallini36 06/28/2010 5:42pm

    Please pass this bill! We NEED it just for the BASIC neccessities. Thank You

  • CaliTex 06/28/2010 5:57pm

    I had one month of tier 4 left. So if this 3520 is approved would the one month I have left on tier 4 at least be given to me. I would love to work instead of being in this situation. I got so stressed today all I could do is cry. I look for better days to come but how can I when my bills are past due and barely any food in the fridge. I have no gas in my car and no car insurance at the beginning of the month. With only about $2.00 dollar bills and about $3.00 in coins (no money saved) at least I have my Lord to keep me going.

    However I must say with millions of Americans who are in my situation with nothing to lose. Things might get ugly.

    Take Care

  • Comm_reply
    jrhill 06/29/2010 1:22pm

    Hang in there, keep looking for work! apply for everything you see and at everyplace you go! Do NOT give up!

    and read THIS! 2 CORINTHIANS 1:1

    do not be distressed

  • CaliTex 06/28/2010 5:59pm

    God Bless us who are in the struggle

  • Dottie 06/28/2010 6:26pm

    Check out these sites regarding unemployment

    US Unemployed Blogsite



    Let your voice be heard…Let Congress know how you feel…put the word out there on facebook, tweeter, etc.

  • Dottie 06/28/2010 6:32pm
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    Go to US Unemployed Blogsite and sign petition for The 99ers need a Tier V added to Unemployment benefits…Need everyone to get involved. Show Congress that We the People have a voice…Everyone on unemployment please sign!!!!

  • Comm_reply
    neumannwilliam 06/29/2010 11:04am

    Their will never be a tier 5. 99 weeks should be plenty to find a new career. This shouldn’t be looked at as a handout.

  • Comm_reply
    jereme28 06/29/2010 11:24am

    I strongly disagree, how dare you hate on a fellow american in need when they throw our money at corrupt banks, corrupt corporations, and corrupt warlords by the billions. We were intended to be a Representive Republic, for the people by the people, however we can all feel it like a big open sore, they don’t represent us anymore.

  • Comm_reply
    carolyn858 06/29/2010 12:21pm

    A HANDOUT?? Who the hell do you think you are? All of us have worked our whole lives to earn a living. Part of our taxes that we all paid went to UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE, which is exactly what this is. This is not a handout, or charity. Do you honestly believe that the 15 million of us who are unemployed WANT to be unemployed??? you are insane and a selfish bastard.
    There are LOTS of people caught in the nightmare and many of them have lost their homes. Others have lost their transportation. Still more wonder how they will feed their families tonight. Believe me, NONE of us want to be in this situation.
    So before you spout off another caustic smart ass remark, how about just trying to put yourself in our shoes. But I am sure you think you will never be unemployed. Well, there are lots of CEOs and college graduates who are there now. Not to mention all the other lower folks on the totem pole. But I have a feeling you will find out first hand real soon.

  • Comm_reply
    Abaratarrr 06/29/2010 12:56pm

    Can you fit 12 cars in a 2 car garage?

    can you please explain how you came to that conclusion being that there has not been one net private sector job created in the last 10+ years yet 150,000 new jobs a month are needed just to account for immigration and the rate of Americans graduating. There are currently 6 people looking for every job available.

    If you have a solution I would be glad to hear it, please explain how you get 12 cars into a 2 car garage.

  • Comm_reply
    vote4whoandwhy 06/30/2010 7:41am

    a handout and 99 weeks is plenty of what??!!! Go back to hell!!! I am an unfortunate so-called, 99er. I worked all my life since 16, now 42, college educated, I am faced with unemployment since 2008, at no fault of my own! SO GET OFF this site and go play on ICU2.com.

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