S.3520 - Unemployment Insurance Extension Act of 2010

A bill to provide for an extension of unemployment insurance. view all titles (3)

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  • Official: A bill to provide for an extension of unemployment insurance. as introduced.
  • Popular: Unemployment Insurance Extension Act of 201 as introduced.
  • Short: Unemployment Insurance Extension Act of 2010 as introduced.

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vote4whoandwhy 07/20/2010 8:04am
in reply to satdog Jul 19, 2010 7:14am


It is absolutely imperative that ALL unemployed be helped. There are too many people out of work applying to the same jobs. It is very disappointing, frustrating, and to say the least, depressing. Every day I get up feeling a strong sense of dismay and lack of hope. I am lucky to have a friend support me during this difficult time. I seek employment DAILY and never ONCE did I accept my weekly benefit as a luxury..it only kept me fed and sheltered, also gave me the means to go on job interviews. PLEASE PASS ANOTHER EXTENSION, NOT ONLY FOR THE CURRENT EXHAUSTEES, BUT FOR THE “99ERS” ALSO.

satdog 07/19/2010 7:14am
in reply to jrhill Jul 17, 2010 4:40am

The president today 7/19/2010 had a media talk on the unemployed and had several of unemployed individuals from 2 years to 1 year etc. He stated that people have exhausted their benefits and need help from the congress to help ALL Unemployed in this still jobless economy. It is now up to the congress to get a Bill to help provide a lifeline for all unemployed. The unemployed can now hold you congress accountable to any measure that deviates from what the president said about the unemployed. ALL Unemployed need a Bill to help provide additional lifeline for at least an additional year in this very slow recovery jobless economy. They need to do more they need to add additional weeks, Tier 5 or Tiers 5,6 to help all unemployed for at least additional year in this still slow job recovery.

jrhill 07/17/2010 4:40am
in reply to Kaly33 Jul 15, 2010 2:55pm

instead of funneling millions of dollars to bail out Greece and arm Hamas, why doesnt Obama give the money to the unemployed or put it towards some work programs so we can all get busy???

It just does not compute….


jrhill 07/17/2010 4:36am
in reply to That Jul 15, 2010 7:26am

you’re right – congress and the “so called” POTUS just don’t get it..

they are too busy foaming at the mouth to bring 2,500 pages more of regulations on what remains of our financial industry, then they are going to regulate tax and punish what remains of our smoke stack industries with the Waxman/Markey Cap’and’Tax bill and then it’s off to work on giving amnesty to over 15 million illegal alien criminals who have snuck over the border into our country..

after these three things, a few more white house concerts and another 90-100 more holes of golf, I’m sure they will move on to “CREATING JOBS”

just be patient…

Jonascord 07/16/2010 2:53pm
in reply to banozap Jul 16, 2010 10:02am

“Do you think they even care?”

Honestly? No. We are leaves rustling in the wind, ubtil they want us to vote. And, in this day and age, there are so many ways to manipulate the vote, and the system, that even the voters can usually be ignored.

banozap 07/16/2010 10:02am

Do you think with all of the various blogs out there, any of congress reads, listens to or even hears about the outcries and/or opinions of the people? Do you think they even care?

Kaly33 07/15/2010 2:55pm

Well, I just heard a bill passed for 20 bil. to go to HAMAs refugees to be relocated to america. So much for taking care of americans.
Also, from my understanding the bill S3520 is being stalled because of 2 senators holding out to use as leverage to keep Bush’s tax policy for large Corp. in tact. I would really like to know who these 2 senators are and make sure they are not re-elected. Our system has just gotten so corrupt. Its no longer about the american citizens.

That 07/15/2010 7:26am
in reply to jrhill Jul 14, 2010 1:59pm

If you are following this bill you are most likely unemployed and you know that there is NO friggin jobs out there, They haven’t done anything to create jobs. If this passes when it runs out there is still going to be no jobs! They need to pass a bill that runs till the jobs start to recover. And knock off this BS of bumping it along every 2 months, Im a 99er with a family of 5 and no check in the last six months My family has ZERO income. I pray you all don’t have to suffer through what I have these last months. STILL NO JOBS!

jrhill 07/14/2010 1:59pm
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in reply to whywasilaidoff Jul 13, 2010 8:17am

better get used to it…

it’s gonna get a whole lot worse..

tax breaks set to expire at the end of the year and just about every single tax you can imagine is going to be raised across the board..

no company in their right mind is going to be creating the amount of jobs that we need to get unemployment down to 8-7%

and when the libs in congress and obama give 15 million illegal aliens amnesty, it’s going to make it even worse..

it’s on purpose… we are all the pawns in the game…

the destruction of our society so it can be “rebuilt” into something different.. something very dangerous…

The healthcare bill alone has indebted 2 generations of “future” workers who are sitting in elementary schools not even aware of what is to come.

this is the change… our government is broke, yet the welfare state gets bigger and bigger.. it is by design…

unless it is stopped in November, we are in for decades of horror…

whywasilaidoff 07/13/2010 8:17am
in reply to Jess01869 Jul 12, 2010 7:34pm

I never got there either. 6 weeks living on my hard earned savings. I’ll never get it back. It is my understanding that we will be paid retroactively once the extension passes but it will take from 1-6 weeks to get our checks. I hope things work out for you. I can’t believe big brother treats it’s citizens like this!

KristyLynn 07/13/2010 6:45am

Nothing is going to happen on this until the WV Gov. names the replacement for Byrd. It is my understanding that this will not happen until The West Virginia legislature meets Thursday in a special session to clarify the state’s law on senatorial succession. Manchin WV Gov. has said he’ll name Byrd’s replacement after the legislature acts. The person who is appointed will be a Dem. and will be the 60th yes vote for the Dem.s to pass the Unemployment extention (fingers crossed). Just cant understand how when there are people out here suffering that this process cant be pushed along to happen quicker. The Sen. did not stay over the holiday becuase they needed to have the replacement for Byrd appointed to do anything. We need to light a fire under the Gov. of WV to move forward, nothing is going to happen until he makes his choice. With the replacement for Byrd not being named until after Thursday there is no hope of getting this passed until at best early next week! UGGGG!

Jess01869 07/12/2010 7:34pm

I never even hit Tier 2…it says I can file for a new claim July 31st unless benefits get extended by then…I’ve been without benefits now for 6 weeks, doing my job searches,and making my payment requests…does this mean I get back pay or screwed completely if I don’t qualify for the claim July 31st if benefits AREN’T extended before that day? I can’t get through the unemployment office to ask…I’m about to be evicted AGAIN (lost my house in June when my benefits first got cut off) if I don’t pay rent/deposit by the 17th since the landlord has been more than understanding of the situation.I’m very worried! Can anyone shed some light?

dhh01 07/12/2010 8:12am

We’ve built an incredible economic system that gave people jobs and allowed them to consume goods and services at an ever increasing rate. This system worked until we began to eliminate the source of income to fuel spending — jobs. This was obvious years ago and lending beyond reason to fuel the stock market and financial system returns just made most people oblivious to the common fact until it is all too obvious now. The United States economy is driven purely by us consumers and the US economy is not sustainable without jobs for US consumers. Look at any small town in this country or large city. The mass exodus of jobs has undermined the economic engine of our country. In addition to extending unemployment benefits, there should be legistlation to incentivize community level employment that reinvests in rebuilding our relationships and our strength — the educated and hopeful American workforce quick to work hard to inspire and attain life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Jonascord 07/11/2010 11:23am

This bill is dead. We are all going to be out on the street, much to the amusement of Congress. Food stamps. Cooked over a camp fire? The Republican Senators want to prove that they are “tough” on Federal spending, conveniently pretending that they are not as guilty as the Democrats. (Anyone remember prescription subsidies?) The Democrats are getting an early Christmas when they can show that Country Club Republicans don’t care about the Little Guy. Yet Reid won’t put forward a stand alone bill. 1,800,000 people are destitute, today. They will be on the street, kids and all. Most are older, white, and still wondering just what the hell happened. Another 200,00 next week. Another 200,000 the week after. There are 9,000,000 plus who will never work again.

You all in Congress must be VERY proud.

ChiefICSW 07/09/2010 1:28pm

You, our representatives: Important heads up: There are still unemployed people in serious trouble out there! Just because (statistically!) Unemployment is (apparently) fallen, DO NOT FORGET US!… I represent this group. I am 55 years young. I’ve served my country for 21 years in the USN. I’ve worked for 14 more years after that. In June 2009, I was laid off. I’ve been searching since. I’ve lost my home. I’ve lost my car. I’ve lost my dog (had to put her down because the apartments I’m living in could not take her.). My son is going to college this fall, and I have no way to help him. I can barely feed us, and I’m not sure how I’m going to keep the lights on.

without Unemployment Insurance, I will no longer be able to pay for telephones & internet. Hard to search for a job without them. Next, I will lose my remaining car, my apartment. What’s next? A very large cardboard box for the six of us?

Stand up in the House and Senate and shout “I will not stand for this!!!”

ls 07/08/2010 9:04am

With 200,000 a week losing their unemployment benefits, that is a lot of people to overwhelm the social services system such as it is. How does the government expect any kind of recovery if people can’t even keep a roof over their heads, especially families. I have a bachelors degree, and am paying to go back to school for retraining. I have four kids and am a single parent – my unemployment ends next month. I’ve put in stacks of applications and resumes – nothing, not even McDonalds! My sister has been unemployed for over a year, same story. If our senators and representatives would like to have THEIR jobs come the next election, I’d think they’d hurry up and get us some help – screw the deficit for now. If we cut funding to other countries, bring our troops home and eliminate pork and fraud in programs we already have, the deficit wouldn’t be increased!

sackerman4 07/07/2010 8:55am

I just read an article asking anyone interested in passing the unemployment bill (any bill that is currently on the docket) to either e-mail
Governor Manchin of West Virginia to appoint himself Senator, taking Senator Byrd’s seat or calling him at 1-888-438-2731. I am going to do both. If we can clog his email and/or phone lines, maybe he will get the message. Tell your unemployed friends as well. Good luck to all of us!

jrhill 07/07/2010 2:20am
in reply to Jess01869 Jul 06, 2010 4:14pm

according to some other posts on the board, Sen Lautenberg (D-NJ) is just taking Byrd’s place on the Homeland Security Appropriations board….He is NOT his senatorial seat replacement..

His “senate” replacement would need to come from the Governor (and will probably be a Dem from WV).. when this happens, it should be the 60’th “aye” vote on the measure…

hang in there!!

jduong08 07/06/2010 9:42pm
in reply to Catawbafelines Jun 30, 2010 6:40am

I agree with you…stop issuing work visas to forgein residents. many of company are hiring forgein employee

Jess01869 07/06/2010 4:14pm

Does anyone know New Jersey’s unemployment rate? Senator Frank Lautenberg of NJ (democrat) took Byrd’s place. Final vote needed perhaps? Write him!

Houselogic 07/06/2010 6:25am

Good men and women are forced to be silent and hold their tongues cause of fear of what is thought of them. What is the best thing to do for a man when he fails, its to mock him. So to help someone who has failed as a result of an outside influence (Congress/Senate) is fear of losing POWER over the 1 you made fail. Get in the way or get out the way but don’t block failure or success. These men in women who make these polices and write these bills, are no more diffrent than being Lords/Ladies in medieval times. Like the majority of most Americans I wait silently, waiting for the time when those who say, “There are jobs out there you have to go look!!! don’t be Lazy!” Soon the constant ignoring of your people Lords/Ladies of the senate…. Will be met with tyranny of the people’s own doing, and then when everyone begins to ask, “How did we get here? Where did it all start?” Good men and women will be made evil and tyrants will be made gods!!

LUnemp 07/06/2010 5:58am
in reply to qLadyJane Jun 29, 2010 2:10pm

I completely agree – all of our jobs have been outsourced to other countries so the companies in the United States can save on payroll… A bill should be passed to make it cost these companies money when they out source. If a bill was passed to tax these companies “A LOT” of money, maybe they would begin hire people within their “own country” again and help their own countries economy…

LUnemp 07/06/2010 5:51am
in reply to vote4whoandwhy Jun 30, 2010 7:51am

If all of the companies in the United States would STOP outsourcing to other countries then we would have more jobs… I think they should make the companies that outsource pay a high tax to be able to do this – make it not so economically wonderful for them. The money they save on payroll would be paid in tax’s…

jennkadd 07/06/2010 4:14am

This bill needs to be passed immediately! I am and have been actively applying for jobs everyday, not even caring anymore what job it is or the pay. I do not qualify for assistance according to Michigan DHS, they say my husband grosses too much to receive food assistance for my son. That is false, otherwise I would not be looking for help. I do not WANT to be on unemployment, I would love a job. But by cutting the benefits like this will crush us all who were receiving it.

zen_maker 07/06/2010 3:35am

Unemployed man: “I can’t pay my rent, I can’t find a job, please you need to pass this bill asap!”

Senator: “DO NOT DISTURB” Will be back from vacation on July 12!

Unemployed man: “My kids are starving, I can’t buy any food, I can’t find any work”

Senator: “DO NOT DISTURB”!!!

Unemployed man: “I’m leaving this country”

Senator: "Good news, I’m back, lets filibuster this bill!!!

Unemployed man: “F@#$K”

mykenzi 07/05/2010 9:20am

12.2% unemployment rate in my county. 9.5% unemployment rate in my state. We need tier 5, 6, 7 or how ever long it takes to get back to work. I’m a 62 year old professional and have worked since I was 14. I can’t bend (physically, not because I won’t, I use to be very active) down to work in the farm fields, and the migrants (illegal or not) are all working their asses off!!!

I just want to work again :-(

lordgotmilk 07/05/2010 8:03am
in reply to zen_maker Jul 04, 2010 8:23pm

Unless something drastically changes, when I do get back to work, I’m going to go through the research on tax law. I remember hearing a few times that it’s completely possible to not pay taxes, because the wording of the tax codes is such that it applies to business. I don’t recall all the details, hence the research, but all the cases I’ve heard of are no longer paying taxes. If they won’t represent the people they are hired by, then I want my money out of it. I won’t pay them.

dankennedy73 07/05/2010 7:44am
in reply to jrhill Jul 04, 2010 3:54am

Please stop using government sites to preach religion. There are plenty of churches, if that is what people want to hear they can simply go to the nearest on or better yet they can open a bible and read it for themselves. I protected and respect your right to be religious, please show the same courtesy and respect my right to not have to be preached to when I’m trying to a feel of the political pulse of the nation.

Jess01869 07/05/2010 1:04am

I know! I got evicted June 18th. Going on week 5 of no benefits, didn’t get to Tier 2. Wasn’t able to renew my stickers on my car, pay my insurance, and even my license is suspended since I wasn’t able to pay my monthly $200 surcharge, and I had to apply for emergency food stamps yesterday! I had to move to a new town and have a little less than 2 weeks to turn in $550 for rent and a $300 deposit,transfer utilities in my name, and pay a phone bill on the 12th to keep my phone on. Among the places I applied at is Walgreens and they haven’t even called me yet. My Wells Fargo account over drafted by $30 and closed since I couldn’t pay it in time on top of all that. UH! This is crazy and now a ‘War spending package’!? What is going on with this country!? We’re the ones putting money BACK INTO the economy with our unemployment benefits. Here we all worked our asses off, paid taxes for years just to lose our jobs by no fault of our own and then get forgotten by the senate and left to suffer.

zen_maker 07/04/2010 8:31pm
in reply to sammy88 Jun 30, 2010 3:07pm

I know, they call us lazy, but look at them, going on vacation and leaving millions without food money.

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