S.3706 - Americans Want to Work Act

A bill to extend unemployment insurance benefits and cut taxes for businesses to create hiring incentives, and for other purposes. view all titles (4)

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  • Official: A bill to extend unemployment insurance benefits and cut taxes for businesses to create hiring incentives, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Popular: Americans Want to Work Act as introduced.
  • Official: A bill to extend unemployment insurance benefits and cut taxes for businesses to create hiring incentives, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Short: Americans Want to Work Act as introduced.

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  • Comm_reply
    bcarney 08/13/2010 1:26pm

    Additionally, these people have no lights, phones, or internet at this point so contacting a 99er when a job is available is next to impossible. They have no where to turn and now their fellow Americans are calling them lazy and good for nothing.

    The lack of concern is disheartening to say the least. We are Americans who have worked all of our lives and paid into this insurance to use it when absolutely necessary, if not now then when? We paid taxes and helped build this nation but now we are forgotten. Many of us have worked longer and paid taxes longer than those who spew words of hatred toward us.

  • Comm_reply
    bcarney 08/13/2010 1:26pm

    Don’t forget, we lost our jobs through no fault of our own and remain unemployed through no fault of our own. Has anyone considered the many road blocks for 99ers such as not having proper means of contact or the fact that many employers do credit checks? Also, what about those that post “Unemployed need not apply” why is this allowed at a time like this? The theory that the 99ers will not take work as long as they receive benefits has been proven wrong by the very fact that they have exhausted their benefits 5 months ago and still do not have jobs.

    Does America really believe that over 1 million working class citizens have suddenly decided not to work anymore? Come on people, why would you want these people to continue suffering? If we have enough money to feed hungry and homeless people overseas why can’t we do the same for Americans, especially working class citizens?

  • Comm_reply
    bcarney 08/13/2010 1:34pm
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    Remember this is not welfare it is insurance! People pay into insurance to use it when an emergency arises. It’s not our fault the condition of the economy hasn’t gotten better, faster. Now is it? So, we need to use those insurance funds to stay afloat while we search for jobs. They can solve this problem by creating jobs, which is what we prefer. However, they have failed to do this so extend our unemployment insurance, plain and simple.

    We have paid taxes for years and watched the money go out for many causes; some we agreed with and some we did not that’s just the way it goes. So tell them to shut up, already. Additionally, we pay into the social security but we will not be getting it so how fair is that? Some people who are against a Tier V are collecting social security that we paid into but are we blocking them?? NO, WE ARE NOT!!!!

  • 55UE 08/13/2010 6:50am

    Story on 99er rally on Wall St. yesterday:


  • JoHamm 08/13/2010 7:01am

    HR 3548 took us to the end of March, most of winter. Since then, we are invisible, we are ignored, we are poison.
    As far as the assholes in DC are concerned, by far mostly all the ‘pubs but not exclusively just ’pubs, all but a handful of ’dems too, we can eat from the trash & camp out in the woods. During summer we will survive, but winter is a differant story. They (Congress) can’t have thousands of constituents suddenly freezing to death during winter.
    All of them know the conditions of the USA. All of them know the difficulties of finding jobs. They are not that ignorant nor stupid. They know things are not improving, yet we are ignored.
    We make no waves, we make no noise & a protest/rally in NYC: population 8.5 million, unemployment rate 9.6% & 21% for 16 to 24 year olds, turns out 100 people?

    We are the victims of political geonicde, this is by design.

  • JoHamm 08/13/2010 7:21am
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    if you have no phone service: go to www.safelink.com


    if you are getting food stamps, you’re qualified.

    you will get a cell with service for 1 year & 200 minutes per month.

    this is a government supported service that provides a free cell phone & 200 free minutes of air time per month for 1 year. It takes 5 to 10 days (mine came in 4 days)via USPS.

  • Sher1 08/13/2010 2:22pm

    Here is a hilarious video but you have to have a facebook account to watch it. We need a good laugh and this made me laugh 6 times. -

    Don’t honk at old people


  • sassysally50 08/14/2010 8:48am

    Where Did All Those ‘Green Shoots’ Go?

    Fed chairman Ben Bernanke was touting “green shoots” of economic recovery and saying it would “pick up steam” in 2010.

    In an Aug. 2 op-ed headlined “Welcome to the Recovery,” Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said that “we are on a path back to growth.” Eight days later, the Federal Reserve issued a report saying the “pace of recovery in output and employment has slowed in recent months.” The next day the Dow tumbled 265 points, and on Thursday initial jobless claims hit a nearly six-month high


    I forgot all about the green Shoot jobs..Good question ..any answers?

  • sassysally50 08/14/2010 8:53am

    No help for 99ers in september ..Link on front web page on Open Congress

    Schumer said the Senate in September will focus on a bill to promote small businesses, a child nutrition bill, a tax-credit bill for companies and possibly a vote on the Bush-era tax cuts or the START arms treaty between the United States and Russia.

    So, on the jobs and economic recovery front, it’s more tax credits and incentives for businesses, but still no help for the millions of unemployed people who have exhausted their benefits — the so-called “99ers” — and for those who will be in long-term unemployed in November when the extended UI benefits program expires. Schumer and the rest of the Senate Dem leadership have signed on as co-sponsors of Sen. Debbie Ann Stabenow’s [D, MI] 99ers bill, but so far there’s no indication that that they are going to do anything meaningful towards getting it passed.

  • UnemployedAndLooking 08/14/2010 12:14pm

    1000’s rally for jobs in Los Angeles.

  • UnemployedAndLooking 08/14/2010 12:48pm

    No Jobs and congress takes a break , No benefits for people who have exhausted their Unemployment benefits and are staving and/or homeless and congress takes a break. So the question is Congress to stupid to see the USA is in a bad situation or is it that they just don’t care ? Vote these people OUT and Boycott all big companies whom most these congress people care about more then us.

  • sassysally50 08/14/2010 2:03pm

    CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!!!!!

    There is No way are they going to have time to pass this bill..

    The calendar is also a factor. Both the House and Senate are not expected to return to Washington until the second week of September. It is expected that both the Senate and the House will adjourn for the mid-term election season by October 8. That comes out to about 14 to 15 legislative days.

    google: 99ers Tier V Unemployment Extension Before End of 2010 – Not Likely

  • Comm_reply
    Sher1 08/14/2010 2:44pm

    Sorry but your excitement is short-lived. We already know the schedule and its been said that OCTOBER is the target month. We will of course do as was done with HR 3548 and thats to CALL-EMAIL-FAX the SFC and the primary sponsor. Sorry to disappoint you!

  • sassysally50 08/14/2010 5:14pm

    Excitement? I’m Shocked beyond words ..They go on a 6 week vacation,come back for 2,and leave again..Hang it up..nothing is going ot happen in 2 weeks ..they have their schedule made out already:

    Schumer said the Senate in September will focus on a bill to promote small businesses, a child nutrition bill, a tax-credit bill for companies and possibly a vote on the Bush-era tax cuts or the START arms treaty between the United States and Russia.
  • Comm_reply
    Sher1 08/15/2010 5:41am

    OMG! Are you slow!!

  • HopefromCA 08/14/2010 11:22pm

    Seems to me we are going to start collapsing in January unless Jobs, Jobs and Jobs come back.

    Taxes No Longer So Certain


  • Comm_reply
    bcarney 08/15/2010 6:36pm
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    Is anybody else, f%#king hungry!!! I am starving and I can’t think straight. These people have got to be kidding, I can’t wait another hour let alone months!!!! Give us jobs!!!!!!!!

  • Comm_reply
    bcarney 08/15/2010 6:40pm

    Just opened a can of string beans and shared it with the cat. What the hell is going on? I can’t believe it has come to this. Even the food banks are out of food. We were relying on those few bags of white rice and canned goods and now it’s no longer available. Why should anyone who has worked their whole life, have to live like this? Do they not understand how serious this really is? Common people we have to find a way to get through to these jerks!!! Please tell me what we can do besides fax, email, sign petitions, and call because it obviously isn’t working. I even did an interview with the media and still nothing.

  • sclark113 08/15/2010 4:01am

    There are a number of writers on the AssociatedContent website http://www.associatedcontent.com/subject/article/unemployment+extension?s=date that are actively trying to promote the passage of a Tier V unemployment extension. Please go read some of these articles and post comments to show your support to these writers so they will continue to try and get the word out and continue to expand our vocal base!

  • Comm_reply
    kc3295 08/16/2010 5:50am

    This is great! You rock, Nancy! Thanks for pposting this sclark113…

  • Sher1 08/15/2010 5:47am

    It is sure obvious those who are TRUE 99ers and those who are PAID BLOGGERS playing a GOTCHA game with us. Everyone who went through the horrible experience of HR 3548 is working with the same twisted scenario again this summer/fall and no surprise S 3706 is in the SFC and will be for at least 2 weeks BUT just as last year the TRUE 99ers know what we have to do. Certain bimbos on OP have a agenda connected to the GOP and thats obvious, they want to PLANT a seed and watch it GROW! Put some B.S. out here so we will jump on it and get upset – NOT! Stay away from the trap TRUE 99ers, some of it is laughable I must say, lol.

  • Comm_reply
    kc3295 08/16/2010 4:06am

    Of everything I have read this morning, this is the truest statement of all. Thank you so much!

    Get busy true 99er’s and email, fax, etc. Complaining helps no one. We are all in the same situation. Tell your stories (laid off – when?; what you have gone through since; where you are now) but stop fighting with each other and stop calling names.

  • bcarney 08/15/2010 8:11am

    Senator Reid, Republicans and Congress,

    I would like to start by expressing my disgust and concern in your actions of taking and allowing a vacation without passing a Tier V/S3706 for the long-term unemployed aka 99ers, first. We have been suffering for over 2 years now and without unemployment benefits for 5 months now. This proves the theory that we will not work as long as we keep getting unemployment insurance, is completely wrong!

  • bcarney 08/15/2010 8:13am

    Secondly, we were deliberately excluded from the last unemployment extension and our families are homeless and starving as we have been hit the hardest and the longest. We have worked for years paying taxes and your salaries and this is what we get in return? We have paid into unemployment insurance for many years without needing it until now, which should be understandable. These are desperate times and they call for desperate measures. We need another extension simply because you have failed to create jobs and or provide effective hiring incentives for companies. Keep in mind, this is no fault of our own nor is the fact that we lost our jobs in the first place.

  • bcarney 08/15/2010 8:18am

    I am appalled that you choose to take a vacation while your fellow Americans are starving and homeless? Do you not care about the fate of our children? Do your children really mean more than ours? Where is your conscience? Do you know that on top of the crash of the job market that there are other substantial road blocks for the 99ers?

    For example:

    1. Competition (new highschool and college graduates because we are applying for all positions, welfare recipients as the 5 yr program calls for active job search and proof of it, part-time workers looking for full-time work, the newly unemployed, then the 99ers

  • bcarney 08/15/2010 8:19am

    2. Statements like “Unemployed need not apply!”

    3. Credit checks (who has good credit that has been out of work for over 2 years and without benefits for 5 months?)
    Lack of skills or education in different fields (now they are cutting educational funds)

    4. Age discrimination (many of us are 40+ and employers are looking at health risks and insurance factors)

    5. Low paying jobs are not hiring the overqualified because they know once the job market begins to recover we will look for more suitable work (high turnover rates) or they fear we will take their jobs

    6. An increasing demand to be bi-lingual
    Resumes with the longest gaps in employment indicating potential loss of skills or know how

  • bcarney 08/15/2010 8:20am

    7. A negative reputation for the 99ers as “lazy” and " feeling entitled" which you all publicly announce, regularly

    8. No internet, phones, or power to continue job searching and/or to be contacted if something becomes available

    9. Now the food banks are running out of food and you know how a lack of proper nutrition affects the energy level of humans

    10. Last but not least, this new bill (S3706) is causing a delay because the employers are waiting for the passage of it to wreak the benefits before hiring

  • bcarney 08/15/2010 8:22am

    The list goes on and on in an already devestated economy and job market!!!! Senator Reid, remember that we have worked all of our lives. Do you really believe that suddenly millions of working class citizens decided to become lazy and not work or choose temporary unemployment over work? Do you really believe that we choose poverty: starvation, bad credit, using up all of our savings, repossession of our vehicles, foreclosure, embarrassment, and unpopularity over taking a job, any job????

  • bcarney 08/15/2010 8:24am

    Please stop this non-sense and stand up for the people! It seems that you are more worried about being popular with the Republicans than with the American people….bad decision. We still have some power and that is the power to vote all of you out of office, who have failed us! Remember, we may have lost the battle, but we will win the war! We are growing in numbers and we are aware of your tactics for delaying these extensions to your benefit not ours. History emphasizes your strategies and repeats itself and we are not dumb people, we are intelligent people and many of us also have degrees.

  • bcarney 08/15/2010 8:24am

    Do the right thing and pass this Tier V bill (S3706) and make it retro-active, NOW not just before election! If it is not retro-active we will not be able to get up security for a place to live, turn on the lights/heat, or anything else for many more months. We have lost everything so getting one check at a time will not allow us to acquire the basic needs. It would be more like beginning to recover just as we exhaust these benefits just to lose everything all over again. Please look at the plight of the 99ers from a fresh perspective. We need you to do this now, not tomorrow!!!

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