S.373 - A bill to amend title 18, United States Code, to include constrictor snakes of the species Python genera as an injurious animal.

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  • Official: A bill to amend title 18, United States Code, to include constrictor snakes of the species Python genera as an injurious animal. as introduced.

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  • Comm_reply
    wbw1 12/06/2009 1:47pm

    Yep I would like to here their rationalization as to how they know all these snakes are there because their owners released them. There is a video on the HSUS website describing how difficult it is to keep reptiles. Well if there are so many irresponsible snake owners out there releasing their animals, why are there not populations of burms and other snakes elsewhere in the country? Are we to believe that all the bad owners are concentrated in Florida? Or maybe its because the snakes can’t survive anywhere else in the country and like you said, that other factors like hurricanes are also to blame.

  • TheEnd 12/06/2009 9:36am

    If I lose my business that is helping pay my meals and keeps a roof over my head. I will remember you Bill Nelson, know that this man who served in the marines so you can have your corrupt job will not forget. I will have mine for what you take. And I would hope other Americans would take a stand by me and stand up and show their right to bear arms against a country that is starting to boldly show just how corrupt its government is. You are a pathetic man, and based of other things I have read about you, I wonder how you are still in that seat. Stand up people this will not stop here. We need action, we need examples!!!

  • Ditmar 12/06/2009 10:58am

    As a kid many years ago, I remember seeing rhesus macaques living in Florida. Florida was once a true paradise on earth, but with all the environmental degradation and Disneyfication that has been perpetrated against that once beautiful state in the past 100 years I find the presence of Python molurus bivittatus in the Everglades to be a laughable coda. A bill that would effectively terminate a very real and thriving industry composed not only of breeders but also a wide variety of companies and stores that provide and produce specialized supplies for python keepers is the last thing we need in the current economic climate. The most popular python species kept and bred in captivity is by far the diminutive, docile and utterly harmless ball python (Python regius), which rarely exceeds 5ft. in length. Please get your priorities straight, you dopey Democrats, or I fear that President Obama will be left with a Republican congress after next year’s mid-terms… Will they never learn?

  • wbw1 12/06/2009 1:42pm

    This fact of the matter is this IS NOT AND SHOULD NOT be considered for federal law. These snakes only pose a problem in south Florida and no where else, not even north Florida. This is a state issue and should be treated as such. These animals cannot survive anywhere else in the country. The USGS report claiming that they can is a theoretical study based on skewed data and would not even come close to passing the peer review process scientific papers typically have to go through before publication. In these economic times it is highly troubling that the government would pass a bill that would effectively destroy thousands of small businesses and hurt the countless others that help support the breeders and hobbyists. I severely hope clearer heads will prevail and this bill will not be passed.

  • VPIPSTTU 12/06/2009 2:17pm

    These animals are not a threat to public safety or the environment.

    Unlike dogs, they do not incorporate us into a social structure. Therefore, they are not aggressive towards us to defend territory or maintain rank in the pack. Their jaws are not made to tear flesh and break bones. They cannot chase down a person. They do not kill or injure as many people as dogs do.

    These animals are not adapted to spreading outside the Everglades, and banning them in places other than Florida is silly. Many python species probably wouldn’t even survive in the Everglades. Ball pythons, the most popular species in the pet trade do not reproduce fast enough to become a nuisance.

    This bill would cause financial and emotional hardship to those in the snake business and those who love them as pets. We aren’t asking that people learn to love these animals. We’re only asking to be left alone to enjoy our pets.

  • wlamore 12/06/2009 4:19pm

    Ain’t this funny – Quote from Doc Holliday before he died.

    With legislation being enacted like this, I long for the “old west” where there was no law. Not really but if there is no pursuit of happiness in the US then what is there left. Lay persons such as Senator Nelson,the Humane Society or so you are led to believe (not people working in the shelters) are all throwing buzz words around like they know something about science! In reality 95% of our elected officials are lawyers that rarely get out of their Mercedes let alone ever venture out of a city. They are just more lawyers trying to discredit the people that really know and push their will upon others. Reminiscent of other countries I heard branded as fascists and communist or whatever. It boils down to government trying to control the people, not run the country logically and when you don’t know don’t give in to big money and power to advise you!

  • martenfisher 12/06/2009 6:18pm

    As a keeper of reptiles and those being mostly snakes I put forth effort to keep my animals secure. A ban on the python genus is of no sense. Only 2 snakes in that genus get large enough to worry about. Ball pythons fall under that genus and they are owned by many people and are a childs first snake in many cases. Will these children be made criminals. Many people say this is a ban on all pythons but most pythons do not fall under the genus python. There are many idiots who do purchase pythons. It cost a little money to by a permit for pythons and in Florida just requiring a permit has made the market in Florida crash with large constrictors. This to me is not a bad thing because you can still own them but the lazy idiots who would not get a permit will not have them and people responsible will now have them. So now that mostly responsible people have them they want to go after them now. Just require a permit and this action alone will create a more balanced system.

  • kaiyudsai 12/07/2009 8:31am

    There is a perfect case study for Wildlife and Fisheries to use to exhibit the capability of boa constrictors spreading throughout our country… Look at the Deer Park Florida population of boa constrictors…. They have lived there since the 70’s….. and they are still localized there….. If they have such a probablility of spreading I would think they awould be throughout the entire state of Florida…… but they arent…. I never will understand how this government will base very important decisions that can affect millions of people based on such poor data. If I would’ve turned in that USGS study in Grad school I would have failed… C’mon Congress… ya’ll are supposed to be professionals acting on behalf of the majority…. not a few animal rights zealots with deep pockets….. We pay you to represent US…. not to formulate your own rules and decide what is best for the lowly masses.

  • Comm_reply
    hawaiiansistah 12/07/2009 3:17pm

    Very well stated. It amazes me how easily people forget to use common sense and THINK when they are put into positions of power. The founders of our great country would be disappointed to see the freedoms of Americans dwindling as time goes on.

  • kaiyudsai 12/07/2009 8:39am

    PS… couldnt all this effort be used in a more beneficial way… There are several invasive species causing REAL problems in our nation… especially in Florida… how about working on the zebra mussel…. Or maybe work on the feral cat problem…..
    By the way… all of you Congressmen/women with pets… you are criminals in the eyes of PETA and HSUS…. They will be asking you to get rid of the family dog one day……. I wonder if they actually read our comments.. I get the idea sometimes that they only consider the opinions of the people giving them kickbacks or supporting another bill tit for tat

  • dangles 12/07/2009 2:06pm

    an editor at national geographic posted this to his blog today…


  • Niko1 12/08/2009 11:08am

    S373 aka the Python Ban is being considered in the Senate right now. It will destroy thousands of jobs and bankrupt thousands of American families. The bill has been sensationalized and politicized and has no basis in real science. In fact a report generated by USGS to justify this bill has been called unscientific by an independent panel of scientists. It is being pushed by powerful special interest groups and it will hurt me financially. It is a confiscation of my personal property rights and will not solve the problems proponents claim it addresses. This is clearly a situation that has become politically driven and ignores science that does not support S373. Please do not allow politics to trump good science and sound policy. This is wrong and you promised in your election campaign not to allow situations like this to occur. Please stop S373.

  • winter 12/08/2009 2:38pm

    Although I support and appreciate efforts to preserve the Everglades and all wildlife and wild habitat, this bill will hurt American families and further damage our US economy while doing little or nothing to benefit conservation. This bill would Ban the captive bred trade in 40 species of pythons, most of which are harmless to humans and the environment. S373 would destroy thousands of jobs across the country. Extremely reputable and respected scientists have questioned the USGS report being used to justify this extreme proposal. I feel that science should trump political expediency. There are already over 4 million boas and pythons currently in captivity in the US representing a 3 billion dollar annual trade. Their value would be reduced to zero over night with the passage of S373. S373 offers no compensation for these animals and makes absolutely no provision for their disposition.

  • winter 12/08/2009 2:48pm

    The science has been “cherry picked” to support a predetermined end by using Burmese Pythons in the Everglades as a poster child for a movement to shut down the trade of Reptiles in the U.S. A recent report from the USGS on large constrictor snakes has been used as justification to stop the trade in Pythons & Boas. The report has been characterized by an independent panel of scientists from Univ of Florida, Texas A&M, Ariz State Univ and the National Geographic Society as “unscientific” and “not a suitable basis for policy or regulation changes” yet it is characterized by the new Dep Sec of USFWS as justification for adding 40 species to the Injurious Wildlife list of the Lacey Act, a designation formerly reserved for only the most dangerous of invasive species. The Reptile Trade is getting railroaded at taxpayer expense by ambitious politicians, poor science and powerful special interest groups. S373 does nothing to address actual problems and will wreck a vital part of the economy.

  • dangles 12/08/2009 4:01pm

    this bill is MOVIN ON UP on the site here! keep it up!


  • kaiyudsai 12/09/2009 8:41am

    I’ve been working with large constricting snakes for 16 years…. but I really feel for the people who have dedicated their entire lives to building this industry and helping millions of people share in this amazing and rewarding hobby…… It would be a real shame to see Congress just erase all of their efforts with such a bogus bill… What happens then? Will there be large assistance checks for all of the businesses that are rendered valueless What about the animals themselves? It’s very hard to care for very large collections if there isnt money coming in….. What does PETA suggest should be done with all the snakes Maybe they intend to euthanize them… since they see death less cruel than captivity……

    I can’t honestly say I’m proud to be an American anymore… I fought in one war for what?? for this… to have the government take everything I hold dear…. Where did this country go wrong?? Is Canada taking new citizens???

  • SpecialtySerpents 12/09/2009 1:20pm

    I am an avid reptile enthusiast and herpetoculturst, and I work with several species of pythons, as well as boa constrictors. S373, if passed the way it is, would be completely devastating to the passions, livelihoods, and many businesses centered around keeping and breeding these animals. It would also no doubt further affect our already struggling economy. Why pass legislation that would result in further job losses and eliminate a viable sector of our overall economy?
    S373 is based on a recent report put out by the USGS on the establishment and expansion of 9 constrictor species in the US. However, this report is flawed in numerous ways, and has rightfully come under criticism from several independent scientists as “unscientific”. In other words, S373 is not based on sound science, but rather sensational, “cherry picked” pseudoscience in order to achieve political expediency.

  • RichardJM 12/09/2009 3:27pm

    Please, appose this bill. As many have said before me, this bill is based on flawed and far from scientific evidence. Most python species people keep as pets are no more dangerous than a chihuahua, if not less so. Other than a few specific areas in the southern part of the U.S., these snakes could not survive, much less flourish. The everglades problem is already being combatted, focus on that, not the rest of us!

    I keep and breed ball pythons and carpet pythons, and more importantly, I do so RESPONSIBLY. There are already laws in place to combat irresponsible pet ownership. Don’t punish the rest of us for a few bad apples! I urge you to trash this bill. Focus on the people that don’t properly care or house for snakes, not the responsible people who DO! Much like a dog or cat, it’s the owner that determines the danger of a pet, not the pet itself.

    Any senator or congressman is welcome to visit my house and see just how beautiful and docile these animals are.

  • knlreptiles 12/09/2009 3:29pm

    I oppose S373. Although I support and appreciate efforts to preserve the Everglades, This bill will hurt American families while doing little to benefit conservation. This bill would Ban the captive bred trade in 40 species of pythons. It would destroy thousands of jobs in our state and across the country. Scientists have questioned the USGS report being used to justify this extreme proposal. Science should trump political expediency. Please oppose S373.

  • MikeCurtin 12/09/2009 5:56pm

    This bill can and should be opposed based upon one thing and one thing only. This is and always has been a state issue. Those powers not specifically given to the federal government belong to the states and/or the individual. I recall reading something along those lines somewhere. There should honestly be a reading of the Bill of Rights prior to every vote in Congress.

    Mike Curtin

  • MattKaplinsky 12/09/2009 6:45pm

    I believe the user “carthaki” summed it up best by stating: “Not only is this bill based on fear instead of science…” and “How can people behave responsibly…”. An appropriate comment left here would be extremely long and probably largely go unread by the persons making the decision. However, sumise it to say that the facts supporting the bill are limited in number and weak in substance. We cannot draw any comparison to Guam or anywhere else as the species in question and the location are completely different and barely relevant. The Bill as written is borderline absurd. What could this give ground to in the future? A ban on all dogs and cats based on thier non-native ancestry? Our government has infinately more important things to spend time and money on other than this bill and is a waste of my tax-paying resources.

  • dthomas 12/09/2009 7:14pm

    give my snakes up but keep the 2 legged snakes in congress? i think the other way around would be more fitting.

  • DRSparktrician 12/10/2009 1:18am

    I know certain people seem to believe that HR2811 is the same thing, in text it is. You obviously have the time now do not wait until somebody tells you to ‘jump, it is in the house now’. Post now and again later when they want to show a ‘push’, do the same for your emails and phone calls. Remain the squeaky wheel.

    There is also HR3215 that could be used as a ‘back-door’ so to speak. I am entierly for cleaning up the Florida everglades, but to use the trajedy that is the everglades as a means for banning our pets is absurd. Read the text for yourself and decide, but I know I do not want to see any federal legislation that has my pets species on it unless it is meaningful and serves a federral purpose.

  • GARRIGA64 12/10/2009 5:01am
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    I propose a law that requires licensing on the national level to keep large constrictors that includes visual inspection of one’s premiseses. This process can be handled by each states appropriate Fish and Wildlife department and the licensing fee would be sufficient to self fund the program and avoid further burden on the government. Florida has such permitting for those which house and sell large constrictors and it could be rolled out to the general public. Part of the fee collected nationwide would be used to help assist eradictation of large constrictors from the wild. There would also be fines imposed on those that violate the laws. Good stewartship of this industry begins by the current keepers creating controls for our industry to avoid those who are less informed or have agends from doing it for us. Irresponsible owners should be penalized but the punishment shouldn’t be shared by all.

  • Roseroar1 12/10/2009 9:51am

    Does no one in the government remember Prohibition?

  • USVeteranIraq 12/10/2009 9:59am

    The biggest thing is that this Country we call home was founded on the freedoms in which we are being regulated on. Invasive species…..really? Seriously? again to pass a bill bassed on fear rather than scientific fact is insane..I for one have served my Country in a time of war….got wounded and carry the lifelong scars for protecting what we call freedoms…I am now working on the american dream and reptiles Are my Business. so to void me of this is to void me of the life of prosperity that the Constitution was written on, Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness you take away my pursuit of happiness and I am no better off living here than in Communist China.

    Thank you that is my 2 cents

    J.Daniel (herpterra)

  • mattie92479 12/10/2009 1:11pm

    This whole idea is ridiculous…… Dont we have better things to worry about other than a snake. I mean where is the bill to ban dogs as they kill countless people every year. In the past ten years or so I think a handful have been killed by snakes due to irresponsible pet owners. These people need to look at the facts and get a life. You know maybe we should ban alcohol and tobacco from people… Oh no I forgot, see they make money off people dying so we could not possibly due that. Matthew Miller 804-641-0247

  • jordy1380 12/10/2009 4:28pm

    I think that this python ban is a little rediculous considering there is no scientific evidence to back the push for the ban. The USGS report is trash because the evidence is only given by the climate not by the extremes in temperature. They reported that pythons would be able to live as far as southern OK, which I think would be impossible because of the temperatures that happen there. There is noscientific evidence used at all in the ban, they just want to get it done with.

  • danadewitt 12/10/2009 7:41pm

    2%.Users Support Bill
    9 in favor / 519 opposed

    As of the time I tendered my opinion. Please keep in mind that the majority of that 98% opposing the bill are intelligent, articulate, reptile hobbyists and people earning an honest living for themselves and their families. I would also chance a guess that the majority are registered voters.

  • kaiyudsai 12/11/2009 3:29am

    I would venture to say that they don’t even read these comments…. after all they vote on these bills as payback for funds and political favors… not for the content of such bills….. " you vote nay on this one and I’ll vote aye on yours.." sort of situation….

    Judging from the Webcast yesterday they really don’t seem to care what scientists or the American people have to say….. it seemed to me they had their minds made up…. judging from the comments about mitigating our costs by suggesting we sell the hides of our dead constrictors

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