S.373 - A bill to amend title 18, United States Code, to include constrictor snakes of the species Python genera as an injurious animal.

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  • Official: A bill to amend title 18, United States Code, to include constrictor snakes of the species Python genera as an injurious animal. as introduced.

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  • GARRIGA64 12/11/2009 5:45am

    The Reptile Nation will not go quietly into the night. As this fight continues to the House and Senate, the true agenda behind this law will come to light and those represenatives with monetary gains from this attack will be exposed. This is why I love my country, we have a right to choose and those supporting this infactual law should be removed from term.

    Unfortunately, considering the overwhelmong response against this law, it’s obviois that the representatives that we are trying to reason with are not reading our messages or care. A VOTE is power and power will be gained fron a united front for the entire industry from all sectors of the country to ensure that those with sself agendas and no respect for other’s livelyhoods are not in power. If you own a Gecko, dog or bird and think this will not affect you than you are greatly mistaken. This is a building block to eliminate all pets and the companies that profit from pet ownership.

    United we stand…

  • vetusvates 12/11/2009 10:15am

    I am a zoologist, and can do nothing but reject this bill as written. I wish we could outlaw mosquitoes, too. And crows, grackles, and blackbirds…like the dangerous marauders in Hitchcock’s movie the BIrds (1963). Unfortunately this bill is just as unfounded in science and rational human thinking…as was the fiction depicted in that horror/thriller genre movie.
    This is a band-aid designed by people, with no knowledge on a subject, attempting to legislate laws to make them feel all warm and cozy inside…about something they do not understand in the least. What would owners of toy dog breeds think if suddenly toy dog haters were in control of all toy dog legislation? That is absurd, right? And so is this bill.

  • snakeman25 12/11/2009 2:26pm

    A lot of this mess is based on a large burmese python killing a little girl. Yes a very big issue to my heart dued too I have a little girl! But any pet like dogs kept away from people or even your children don’t know any better if they are too be trusted or not they rely on senses. A dog that is not shown too family and friends and strangers is not a good dog too be kept around those kind of people. I do believe dued too the problems with them turned loose, that the ROC issue is started instead of banning them. I do believe wild animals imported too this day should be banned dued too the over whelming number of breeders. Now all pythons should not be faced with banning issues dued too all pythons do not get big enough too hurt people let alone children. I am sure people have been sold something with very little info, like how big a snake can get and not told were too take it when its too big.

  • snakeman25 12/11/2009 2:34pm

    If you do not think that some one has told a lie to make a sale on a car a snake a bird or whatever then i don’t know what too tell you. Everyday things are sold without a lot of information and they do it too make money/ sales. I can understand large pythons can be dangerous but do not punish people for liking smaller pythons that are practicly harmless.

  • Warez73 12/11/2009 3:41pm

    The people that wrote this bill obviously have snake phobias and know nothing about snakes besides so bullsh!t there Secretary’s give them, the chances of a boa or python to kill a human are very very very low, way more likely to get attacked by a shark or put on gloves with a black widow in them or get attacked by fire ants, about 2000 people die every year from fire ants and you snake phobia people are worried about pythons, grow up and get over your fears, the real risk you have to worry about are from our everyday activities.

    Just because you select few in congress dont like snakes does not mean the united states citizens dont. If the bill passes, is the government going to support the thousands to hundred of thousands of people who make a honest living breeding and selling these snakes, and then we will have to kill our beloved pets, some people even consider them family members(as do i)

    anyone that supports my views can contact me freely at dudeifoundurcar@yahoo.com

  • rcrowder8878 12/11/2009 10:10pm

    Please dont let this pass!!!!! Why should responsible reptile keepers be punished for the actions of those that do not pay attention to what they are supposed to do when keeping animals like this! It’s sad becasue I was attacked by a dog once and in the 12 years that I have been dealing with snakes I have never been attacked. This gets worse and worse every year! Instead of punishing all punish people that do stupid things when keeping these beautiful animals! I love my snakes.The answer is not to ban any all pythons but to educate people! Everytime you hear bad news it comes out to be the animals fault instead of the owners who did not keep it responsibly! Because of the all the dog attacks that happen every year in the US,Should they be banned as well? NO! I have used my animals to educate quite a few people EVEN ones deathly afraid of them! the way someone did for me years ago. and now I get much enjoyment and relaxation of taking care of my animals and watching them!

  • GARRIGA64 12/12/2009 5:02am

    Someone above brought up a very good point about the lack of inromation provided to buyers at the time of sale. The banning of intersate, importatation and exportation will not stop this, only education and laws requiring that the information is properly conveyed so the purchaser makes a wise decision will prevent the sale of these animals to the less skilled and will prevent the missuse of these amazing creatures. Responsible reptile keepers are aware of their pets adult size, food requirements and proper caging to prevent escape. Responsible pet ownership can be created and controlled with proper legislation without passing a bill such as s373 which is based on non scientific facts. Proper licensing and education is the solution and not prohibition. We all know how alcahol prohibition worked.

  • Comm_reply
    SpectreWriter 12/15/2009 8:10am

    Exactly. The snakes would simply become black market, more popular and expensive than ever.

  • GARRIGA64 12/12/2009 5:28am

    To my knowledge,there are two existing colonies of wild large constrictors.Burmese in the Everglades and Boa Constrictor in Miami Fl(Deerring Estate).Both colonies have been established for 15 to 30 years.Yet there has been no known expansion outside those areas.Infact,Burmese have been found to have similar DNA.

    The colony of Boa Constrictors has been studies for years and there is scientific proof that they are only able to repopulate their colony during the warmest of winters.They have have a long breeding season(6-12 weeks) and long gestation period(4 months requiring 88 degree temps),South Florida does not have the proper winter conditions to allow for successful breeding on a consistant basis,let along the upper sections of the state,proving that the expansion of these snakes to the north of Florida is factually incorrect per the study that s373 is founded on.

    Legislate on proper facts versus serving special interest groups with no value to the overall community.

  • shieny 12/12/2009 9:17pm

    Why are snakes being targeted here? There are a lot more dangerous animals than snakes that are legal. A dog is probably more dangerous than a snake could ever be. The fear and ignorance of snakes should be the one that needs improvement. Education about the species and exposure could be all that’s needed.
    I’ve never owned a python before, but I have always wanted to have one to call my own ever since I was a little. By passing this bill, my dreams would be crushed, as well as millions of others!

  • Python 12/13/2009 10:19am

    The leather and fashion industry are in trouble here as well as putting these constrictors into the lacey act would mean that the snakeskin could no longer be imported as well. So no more snakeskin boots , purses,wallets or jackets . Wonder what real poor countries around the world are going to substitute for those constrictors hmmm maybe some new species will be critically endangered should this bill pass. I casually asked my local leather store at the mall thought and they said they are going to talk with their suppliers as it is a real high mark up item.

  • Draigess 12/13/2009 11:15am

    What everyone else is saying is true. Im from IL & this is a HUGE business/hobby. In every state. Those of us who have these beautiful & sweet pets know full well how easily they get sick. They can NOT survive beyond S.FLA. There is no real science behind this bill. What about the Dwarf species of Burmese & Retic’s? They stay very small & completely harmless. All this needsd to be considered. The polititions have no idea how many people they will be destroying. Not to mention the economy. It WILL be very noticable if this bill gets passed. This is not a federal problem. Please do not be a hipocrate. Educate yourselves! Pet stores, online businesses, even FedEx & UPS will be losing millions. They just have no idea. Reptiles are more popular & much more of an investment than any other animal out there. They are also much less of a threat.

  • LemonPastel09 12/13/2009 4:55pm

    This bill will do so much more harm than good. It is poorly written and based on poor research. They are preying on the common fear of snakes, and that’s just not right. This bill will take away thousands of jobs. I thought we wanted more jobs, not less.

  • lov2wrench 12/13/2009 8:10pm

    I live in Florida & I oppose this bill! Their are irresponsible people in CONGRESS, crooks, thiefs, and LIERS. Clean up your own yard first and fix this dam country before your worried about snakes LOL Obama in office for 1 year & this is shit! Where is my shoe???

  • Darkice 12/14/2009 1:57am

    In light of the failing economy why would you try to pass a bill that will put hundreds of thousands of reptile breeders out of business. The reptile industry brings in close to 3 billion dollars a year. That money keeps people in houses and their children fed. Take that away and you will be putting them on the streets with Nothing.
    The evidence pushing this bill is complete made up and not based on real scientific studies. Only a few of these snakes have been found roaming the everglades. The reports of the hundreds of thousands was just fear mongering.

  • ChristopherBrumley 12/14/2009 1:15pm

    I am active military with over a dozen boa constrictors. This will mean the destruction of my beloved pets, substantial investments, and a hobby I have enjoyed over 20 years.

    This bill is ridiculous. I can not and will not support such a bill, period! Nor will I vote for any Senator or Representative that does. There is no middle ground. This is yet another attack on our rights by AR groups. This bill is a way for them to circumvent the process already in place to add animals to the Lacy Act, with scare mongering and a biased unscientific report. If this passes it sets a precedent, an extremely dangerous one, that will lead to the end of the whole reptile and pet industry.

  • danadewitt 12/14/2009 6:41pm


    I am not making light of the tragedy this poor family has endured, I am just trying to show that reptiles aren’t the only animal that must be responsibly kept.Should we ban all large breed dogs too? And talk about invasive species, lets get rid of all the illegal immigrants. How about abusive parents, street thugs and politicians that don’t listen to their constituents. Heck, lets just go back to the lands of our ancestors and give back to the Indians what is rightfully theirs. Keeping reptiles is a joy and passion for people like myself and many others and even if people can’t or won’t try to understand our hobby at least they should respect out right to responsibly keep these wonderful creatures.

  • SpectreWriter 12/15/2009 8:08am

    Bans should be off the table. There is no need to ban a species to address the concerns of those who do not desire to have that species. Legislation making it illegal to release non-indigenous species into the wild, perhaps? A constructive means of addressing unwanted large snakes, those are solutions. A total ban is unnecessary and demonstrates total disregard for those people who DO enjoy Pythons.

    The vast majority of python owners enjoy them safely. Snakes have a market value, so it’s not common for them to be tossed out the door. Would you toss a hundred dollar bill or two out the window to go where it may?

    We must not allow ANY such legislation to be passed — whether by itself or attached to some other bill. Next thing some fool will try to ban alligators too!

  • dwherp 12/15/2009 2:37pm

    Dear Senator Nelson,
    The fact that you are unable to provide clear, credible, peer reviewed scientific data to support this bill is very worrisome, and points toward a motivating force other than the protection of native species and habitat. I will not engage in speculation as to what that is, other than to say that it is clear that the interests you are representing with this bill are not those of your constituents. Whatever your true agenda is, I pray that there are those in Washington with the intelligence to call you on your diversionary smokescreen!

  • rab21w 12/16/2009 3:45am

    The way I see it, I’ve already spent 500 dollars on my snakes and I’ve only had them for a couple months. To ban these animals would be the government doing what it knows best. That is to say, fearing that which it does not understand and ignorantly attempting to destroy it, all the while only hurting themselves. If they ban my snakes, I will still keep them and feed them and when they’re the right size I will breed them. I am not the only one who will do this. So if they want a black market for herp lovers so be it.

    Let’s look at some statitcs though, before we make any hasty decisions. They’re are approximately 50 MILLION feral dogs and 70 MILLION feral cats in the US alone. Wiki says that about 4.7 million people are attacked by dogs every year, with the majority of the attacks being from pets(77%). At http://home.att.net/~crinaustin/Snake1.htm it says about 8 people have been KILLED in the US in the past twenty years. I cannot verify any stats to be true but it’s what I found.

  • SiouxsieQ79 12/21/2009 10:43am

    This Bill is so poorly written. It is so generalized and unfair. There are pythons that only reach 3 feet in length. How if that harmful? Why should that not be a pet? These bills need to be rethought. If you people took a closer look into the reptile community, you would see changes that we have made on our own. Many reptile store do not sell large python species anymore. They n\do not do this because we have a responsibility to our hobby, and people abuse our hobby. You should consider talking to people who really know this industry and hobby, and figure something out that is reasonable, not ridiculous.

  • garrettb 12/23/2009 1:00pm

    Why is the government worrying about a problem that will not be fixed by this bill? They have such a problem with people releasing snakes into the wild (which i do not support in any way), yet seem to not be troubled with all the wild dogs and cats that are running around the entire country due to neglectful owners letting their pets run free and not spay/neuter them. This bill will not achieve anything except punishing thousands of snake owners who are doing nothing wrong and thousands of breeders and businesses. I strongly oppose this bill and hope that the reptile community can come together and not let this useless, bullshit bill be passed.

  • alexrevolution 12/27/2009 4:10pm

    This bill is ridiculous, and it actually really upsets me. I have a pet python and two boas. They have names and personalities; they are tame, social, and very loving; they are my friends, just like a pet should be. The fact that something I consider a friend is going to be considered “illegal” kind of disgusts me. How can you outlaw a living, breathing thing?
    Just because you ban something doesn’t make it go away. In many cases, doing so makes the situation more dangerous. The Everglades problem will remain the same unless something is actually DONE about it! It’s not going to stop anything. Some people may even begin keeping wild snakes with absolutely no guidance from professionals on how to handle the creatures, as these experts will subsequently be put out of business. By removing education/resources currently available, MORE injuries and errors, both in snakes and humans, will occur.
    Stop being ridiculous and solve some real problems. Leave me and my snakes alone!

  • right2descent 12/28/2009 5:17am

    This is ridiculous! Can’t we find something worthwhile for our extremely over compensated bureaucRATS to debate.? How about either we get benefits equal to theirs or they get nothing.

  • JohnApple 12/28/2009 12:47pm

    this is like prohibition on constrictors…I breed inverts and a few colubrids….the problem with this is that many LAW ABIDING people might become criminals in the yees of narrow minded people in power.
    Education is the key not blind society influenced ignorance

  • tearaz 12/30/2009 1:58pm

    This is a very misguied use of goverment to ban many species of snakes
    because you have a minor issue in one state out of 50 and affect a very little number of americans compaired the the number of americans who own one of these species of snakes or have a buisness of breeding selling wholeseling or supplies for these snakes looks to me you want more americans to be out of work or to go bankrupt why not do somthing about your blown out of proportion problem in fla and leave the rest of the country alone .

  • deloughy 01/02/2010 9:27am

    This bill is the epitome of stupidity. The people who support and proposed this bill will be known as the morons who single-handedly put millions of people out of business. Unemployment will skyrocket. What a great way to try and help the economy. If this bill goes through, I know for sure that myself and many other people you guys put out of business over this will no longer vote Democratic. It will set a great example of the true agenda of the people in office. You guys are supposed to represent and stand up for the working guy, not crush their business due to frivolous accidents by people who lack intelligence in the field. Way to care more about the people who don’t have common sense, and less about the people trying to earn a living. But hey, if you clowns want significantly less people paying taxes, go for it.

  • plays2 01/03/2010 8:38am

    i think this is ridiculous! I really don’t think the responsible snake owners should be punished for the stupid acts of the few irresponsible snake owners, the irresponsible snake owners should be fined, There should not be a ban there should never be a ban. What happens to all the snake breeders who rely on these snakes and are going to end up homeless huh? the economy sucks already and millions of people don’t have jobs so what are we gonna do about it? potentially raise the amount of homeless people in the country by decreasing the amount of jobs for snake breeders!?

  • HomeCat65 01/03/2010 4:39pm

    This bill is a joke, I seriously laugh at how arrogent Bill Nelson really is. Now I have a few pythons and plan on getting more, and I get bit more by the cat next door than I have EVER been bit by my snakes. This is ridiculous. Senator do you honestly think this will solve FLs problems? Do think the Burms will magically disappear because there banned? NO our economy is horrible right now and we really can’t afford to ban anything at all right now especially throughout the entire counry. I mean really do think a 20ft snake could survive in places like Nebraska or Wisconsin? It would die in 10 minutes minimum. All I can say is your a tool and I find it funny how you get your views from a bunch of irresponsible rednecks and those terrorist foundations PETA HSUS. Keeping reptiles is easy and a fun hobby that people will enjoy regardless whether they are banned or not,

  • SleazyHippo 01/04/2010 3:14am


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