H.R.589 - Emergency Unemployment Compensation Expansion Act of 2011

To amend title IV of the Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2008 to provide for additional weeks of first-tier emergency unemployment compensation, and for other purposes. view all titles (4)

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  • Official: To amend title IV of the Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2008 to provide for additional weeks of first-tier emergency unemployment compensation, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Popular: Emergency Unemployment Compensation Expansion Act as introduced.
  • Popular: Emergency Unemployment Compensation Expansion Act of 2011 as introduced.
  • Short: Emergency Unemployment Compensation Expansion Act of 2011 as introduced.

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  • WasMiddleClass 03/07/2011 5:00am

    This 99er says her number’s up

    …The plight of the long-term unemployed deteriorates.
    Most of the 99ers are 55 and older, and it is estimated that there are more than 5 million of them.

    According to a recent Gallup survey, the long-term unemployed report that they experience “worry, sadness, stress, anger and diagnoses of depression.”
    “I just talked to somebody (last week) who said they were considering ending their life” because they could not find work, DePietro said.

    Now she is a member of the American 99ers Union, which lobbied for yet another extension of unemployment benefits through House Resolution 589. The bill died Feb. 17 but has been resubmitted.

    “Politically, not even Democrats want it,” DePietro said. "Only 68 signed on, which is pathetic. Obama has forgotten about us. He doesn’t even talk about 99ers or unemployment anymore. We’ve been thrown to the wolves.

    “Who’s going to pay when we’re all thrown on to the welfare rolls? You are, and all the younger people.

  • Comm_reply
    WasMiddleClass 03/07/2011 5:02am

    There are so many who I worry are just going to throw in the towel.

  • Comm_reply
    WasMiddleClass 03/07/2011 5:13am

    I’m not sure what happened there . Only that line got posted out of all of it, then I got “duplicate comment” when I tried to repost the whole thing.

  • Comm_reply
    Legion1 03/07/2011 7:58am

    same thing happened to me “Was” with my “insanity” comment. That’ s why the quote is by itself.

  • 99Survivor 03/07/2011 5:07am

    99ers Tier 5 Supporters – HR 6556 to be Reintroduced Wednesday


  • Comm_reply
    WasMiddleClass 03/07/2011 5:24am

    During a conversation with Jackson’s press secretary I was informed that only two thousand of our resumes had been presented to Congress to date, as it will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to print them and the cost could not be justified.  Via further inquiry I found out Mr. Jackson has addressed our Congress on the 99er issue twice in January for one minute on each occasion, making a grand total of two minutes of time allotted to 20 million long term unemployed. 
    Jackson’s aid further indicated that Speaker of the House Boehner is responsible for the no-action being taken for the 99ers.  Apparently one man is running our Congress and neither Jesse Jackson Jr., nor any other Congress person can do any business without his permission.  If this is true I guess all the rest of the so called representatives might as well come home and stop collecting a pay check and let John Boehner run our Congress as an undisputed dictator.

    They are on our side?

  • WasMiddleClass 03/07/2011 5:10am

    I don’t want your taxes to go up to support me. I just want some help until I can get a job," she said.

    With boomers aging, short on cash, and with younger people unsympathetic as they themselves tough out a “lost decade” of financial turmoil, the next 20 years will be the hardest times they have faced.

    “It’s going to be very hard for people my age to adjust,” DePietro said. "I went through a period of deep, deep depression. But what kept me going is seeing my kids’ beautiful eyes. I want to see grandchildren. I want to have Christmas, like we always have Christmas.

    Old age is a shipwreck, John F. Kennedy said

    Forced to relinquish many of the middle-class comforts they have always known, millions of boomers may learn what he meant.


  • Comm_reply
    WasMiddleClass 03/07/2011 5:17am

    I don’t think she realizes that welfare does not exist anymore for most people. That was one of the things Clinton gave to the Republicans in welfare reform.

  • WasMiddleClass 03/07/2011 5:14am

    99ers Supporters of HR 589 How will History Judge Americans of Today?

    n observing the mainstream propaganda machine I heard a commentator on FOX News put forth the notion that if the labor unions could be broken it would drive down wages and allow more people to go to work at a reduced rate, and this was portrayed as a good thing. 
    Let’s take it step further.  Let’s get rid of the unions and the minimum wage and even more people could return to the work place.  Hell let’s go all the way, let’s get rid of child labor laws.  We could put everybody to work but of course they would only be getting room and board, which in reality equates to slavery. 

    What the hey, the important thing is that every available laborer gets up with the sun and works until dark so that a handful of elites can enjoy the precious time they have upon this earth. 


  • WasMiddleClass 03/07/2011 6:04am

    What happened to all our bloggers? I search the news everyday for new 99er articles and lately all I find is one, and sometimes two from Henry, and maybe one other one from someone else. Did the rest give up? Were many only doing it for political reasons? I know a few vanished from google news for some reason even though they were still writing.

    I have no respect for fair weather friends. The 99ers learned enough about them in their own personal relationships at home.

    Thank you Henry for staying in the fight.

  • WasMiddleClass 03/07/2011 6:44am

    Confession: Homeless school children segment of ’60 Minutes’ made me cry

    And last night’s episode featured the issue of homeless children talking about the effects of living in their cars, hotel rooms or sharing one room of a neighbor’s house for their whole family. They spoke about doing their homework by the light from their car overhead bulb or trying to hide where they were living from their friends and teachers at school.

    It’s a problem I know all three of our surrounding counties are facing.

    But hearing children talk about their situations, I stood in the kitchen over the salmon and asparagus I was making and just cried. One little girl actually blamed herself for her family’s homelessness – feeling guilty that they had to pay for food for her or clothes for her!

    No child should have to feel this way, right?


  • Comm_reply
    wstaff 03/07/2011 7:22am

    Will be hearing more on the same subject unfortunately.

  • WasMiddleClass 03/07/2011 7:08am

    The Plight of our Homeless in Altadena

    They try to fit in as inconspicuous as possible so as not to be noticed. It’s all about surviving and doing what’s necessary similar to our local wildlife.

    Early Saturday morning on Super Bowl weekend as I was taking my wife down Lake Avenue for a one-day bus trip to the state line I noticed quite a few people walking with rolling suitcases and wondered what might be going on at this time of morning. I thought perhaps they were meeting to go on a bus trip up in the mountains or something of that nature.

    Two couples actually were pushing a baby stroller. I assumed a baby was onboard. There was also a family of three, a man, woman and child strolling along with their suitcases.

    We observed one lady pushing a wheelchair, and another group of about four people pushing a shopping cart. This was at approximately 7 am;…

  • Comm_reply
    WasMiddleClass 03/07/2011 7:09am

    You wonder how a great society such as ours allows its own people to fall through the cracks and become homeless while we are spending billions of dollars fighting wars that are not even ours. How can we send so much money overseas to help other countries when we are not even helping our own?

    There are groups that are trying to save the dolphins, the whales, rare birds, and stray animals, but where is our compassion for those human beings who are forced to live in the streets? Can’t we combine all our resources and first take care of our own people before we reach out across the oceans to help those who are not necessarily in worse shape than some of our own?


  • wstaff 03/07/2011 7:30am

    I am Still here. Police held me in jail against my right of freedom of speech. I have been out even if by myself talking about the issues of the unemployed / Homeless. We have a deep rooted Government who is lame ducking their responsibilities to work for the “American people” all the way to the Bank.Until someone stands up and puts them back into their place, Both Houses extent their un use fullness. No reason the Jobs bill and unemployment Bill could not be considered as one Bill and put before any other work to be considered.

  • Comm_reply
    WasMiddleClass 03/07/2011 7:39am

    What is “Police held me in jail against my right of freedom of speech “ about?

  • Comm_reply
    wstaff 03/07/2011 7:55am

    Well on public side walk we have the right to defend freedom of speech. I held a sign asking people to honk if they thought the economy was tail spinning out of control and that the government had no intentions to improve joblessness. Seems as though what I was doing was creating havoc and disturbing the general flow of traffic (cough cough). In Hinze Sight if people were not seeing and hocking then the disturbance would have never happened. Bleh.. and I say that it was probably some rich politician living in Palos Verdes who didn’t like the fact that someone was actually speaking out. After all most Americans do not like to rock the boat so to speak. I am very tired of people walking this earth and not letting their true feeling being herd or just do not want to rock the boat. Dammit America, Your either in it to win your rights or your walking around and just do not care, and yes its either one or the other and not both. You only get one choice in life.

  • Comm_reply
    WasMiddleClass 03/07/2011 9:46am

    I guess it makes a big difference when you have the money and political clout of unions behind you……….

  • WasMiddleClass 03/07/2011 7:32am

    February Jobs Report Shows Tepid Growth in US Payrolls

    “To achieve the pre-recession unemployment rate in five years, the labor market would have to add around 285,000 jobs every month for that entire period.”
    The Obama administration is opposed to any genuine job-creation program. It is instead ending the wholly inadequate stimulus measures it put into effect two years ago and turning to austerity policies that will keep the jobless rate extremely high for years to come. This is part of a calculated strategy to use mass unemployment to bludgeon the working class into accepting cuts in wages and benefits as well as speedup.

    Labor Secretary Hilda Solis declared, “The bottom line—the policies and programs of this administration are working.”
    Working for whom? The real priorities of the administration were outlined in a column published Wednesday in the Financial Times by Obama’s new White House chief of staff, William Daley, entitled “Why Obama is a Pro-Business President.”

  • Comm_reply
    WasMiddleClass 03/07/2011 7:35am

    Daley, formerly a top executive at JPMorgan Chase, wrote: “President Barack Obama has always believed that America succeeds when business succeeds… As a government, our responsibility is to lay the foundations for the private sector to thrive; indeed, that is at the heart of our strategy for growth.”

    Daley proceeded to tick off all the ways in which the administration is working to maximize corporate profits, noting that “we are working to knock down barriers that make it harder to compete, from the tax code to the regulatory system.” Obama, he boasted, is intent on “reforming” the corporate tax code and freezing annual domestic spending for five years, which would “bring domestic discretionary spending down to the lowest share of our economy since President Dwight Eisenhower.”


  • Comm_reply
    wstaff 03/07/2011 8:09am

    This is what really erks me about Obama. Him and his falsehood friends could really give squat about the joblessness market. Yet you can clearly see the tax break Bill that went before the 11th congress in December did nothing to create new jobs but give tax incentives to employers without stipulations.
    Huge words for the folks on the Obama campaign, “Double Talking till they fail”
    Each day its used in either House floor. Some say Double standard but fail to realize that it is not just one party and thats why I have chosen the word “Double Talking”. Synopsis with making poor time management. They still get paid regardless of how hard they seem to work on Bills that actually make a difference.

  • Comm_reply
    wstaff 03/07/2011 8:16am

    If they truly cared about getting a solid jobless Bill on the floor nothing and I mean nothing could honestly stand in their way. They would be working 24 /7 till a Bill was drawn up and acted upon in a swift manner. I ask you how many times must useless Bill’s be brought to either floor before they have no choice but to look at the jobless market. Answer; If they can put it off, they will.
    This is were a independent accountability organization could hold each member accountable to the American People. They say they are working hard, I say they are not working hard enough.

  • wstaff 03/07/2011 7:45am

    “Employers Will Not Hire” ?
    It has been my observation over the last two years that employers will not hire and reasons reach across a broad spectrum. One of the biggest is the tax bracket employers must pay when hiring new employees. CA has tripled taxed the cost for each employee hired by an employer. Wait!!! Lets back up just a little. Last years tax break to an employer did nothing to motivate them to hire new employees but basically gave them a loop hole to (Not Hire) additional employees and yet save on the workers they have. (Bad Choice of Bill Wording). When it should have stipulated that it would only guarantee tax breaks for new hiring. The way the Bill was written gives employers the opportunity to stay stagnant in the work force with no incentives to add additional hiring. Until we add additional incentives to the bigger job market, nothing and I do mean nothing, will change.

  • Abaratarrr 03/07/2011 8:10am

    Here is a way to pay for 589 that republicans would vote for.

    hr 830 and 836 are bills that the republican want to pass this week these bills take money that was suppose to go to banks away from banks, All we need is for a democrat to propose a bill that has the same language as 830 or 836 but that uses the offsets from these bills to fund hr 589 additional weeks of unemployment benefits.

    I think we can all agree that we do not need to be sending more money to big banks. Why not use the money that was supose to be given to banks and use is to pay to extend unemployment benefits?

    Does anyone have the ear of Barbra lee or stabenow

    The bill that could be used to offset hr 589:

    H.R. 830 – The FHA Refinance Program Termination Act (Subject to a Rule) (Sponsored by Rep. Robert Dold / Financial Services Committee)

    H.R. 836 – The Emergency Mortgage Relief Program Termination Act (Subject to a Rule) (Sponsored by Rep. Jeb Hensarling / Financial Services Committee)

  • Comm_reply
    wstaff 03/07/2011 8:27am

    Abaratarr – I agree, but I also said the same thing about the billion dollars of over payments to the U.N. the Republicans agree not to ask for back in early January. I revert back to the words I used earlier,“Double Talking till they fail”. Common Sense went away years ago.. Government does not believe that it even existed. They(The Government) are first to scream that our trillion dollar deficit needs to be paid for,while continually out of the other side of their mouths scream they can not except payments (Rightly Usable) in returns,such as over payments. What they clearly are not doing is working for the American People to which they took a oath and sworn to do America’s business.

  • Comm_reply
    WasMiddleClass 03/07/2011 8:37am

    And all those big corporations are allowed to pay ZERO income tax through loopholes…..

  • Comm_reply
    Abaratarrr 03/07/2011 9:24am

    ya last months (February 2011) budget deficit was higher then the budget deficit for the entire year of 2007, so the new republicans have done what in two months? increased the deficit to exceed in one month what the deficit was for the entire year of deficits for 2007. “Double Talking till they fail”!

  • Comm_reply
    Legion1 03/07/2011 8:50am

    So you’re ok with making more people homeless then, right Abaratarrr? Seems like a fair trade to me, take away the help to keep some of the unemployed in their homes so we can get 14 more weeks? Is that right Abaratarrr?

    Your suggestion, Abaratarrr, seems like yet another division point to me, pitting one group of unemployed against another.

  • Comm_reply
    Abaratarrr 03/07/2011 9:11am

    How does allowing a person, that owes 40% more then their home is worth when house prices still stand to fall another %15-%20 (to reach historic income to home price ratios), to get another loan on their over valued home help them?

    It doesn’t, it simply sends more money to the big banks that caused this problem. It simply allows banks to transfer their losses on bad loans to the government so when the unemployed do default the government will take the losses instead of the banks.

    the long term unemployed have already lost their homes their is no reason to send more money to the big banks and to continue to allow government subsidies to keep home values artificially high. this recession will not end until housing prices are allowed to fall to a natural price that the market can bare.

    The money would be much better spent as an unemployment extension, people would then have the choice to pay their mortgages if they have one, or move to a place they can afford, or buy food?

  • Comm_reply
    lukester 03/07/2011 6:43pm

    No extra $25 for our tier 4.

    The last payable week for the extra $25 per week in FAC benefits was December 11, 2010.

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