H.R.589 - Emergency Unemployment Compensation Expansion Act of 2011

To amend title IV of the Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2008 to provide for additional weeks of first-tier emergency unemployment compensation, and for other purposes. view all titles (4)

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  • Official: To amend title IV of the Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2008 to provide for additional weeks of first-tier emergency unemployment compensation, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Popular: Emergency Unemployment Compensation Expansion Act as introduced.
  • Popular: Emergency Unemployment Compensation Expansion Act of 2011 as introduced.
  • Short: Emergency Unemployment Compensation Expansion Act of 2011 as introduced.

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  • ssari30 02/12/2011 3:29pm

    I hope everyone know’s that this bill could have already been passed by now! They clearly do not give two rats asses about any one of us!

  • Comm_reply
    Legion1 02/12/2011 5:46pm

    “ssari30” you have got that exactly right. The arrogant assholes (Congress & ‘pubs in particular) know exactly what’s going on out here. They can see, read & hear. They know how many jobs are available & they know exactly how many American citizens are unemployed & they know exactly when there will be enough jobs for anyone who is still able & wants to work. They (Congress) have heard all the expert testimony & seen all the expert reports. What we need in the White House is a true independent like Ross Perot would have been, someone that will slam these children, pretending to be adults, heads together & order them to start solving America’s problems. These pricks will do nothing until what just happened in Egypt happens here. I have said it before & I’ll say it again every one of these bastards, ’dems & ’pubs, needs to be taken out & shot. I hope Americans have the nards to do soon what the Egyptians have just done this past week. That, IMO, is the only thing Congress will understand.

  • Comm_reply
    fakk2 02/12/2011 6:53pm

    So, “they know exactly when there will be enough jobs for anyone who is still able & wants to work.” Really? How? Where’s the proof of this? In fact, how can they know that when most companies in each zip code don’t report to the government when they’re looking for employees? I don’t know of any small or medium sized businesses that report that to the government, and there’s still a large amount of turnaround at places in fast food and retail industries. Even though working for $7.25/hr at these places is better than begging on the street, why is there such a large turnaround? Can someone honestly say a “99 weeker” can’t get a job at a gas station, or McDonald’s, or Wal-Mart? If they’re so “overly qualified” then they should be getting these jobs, even if they have to move to do so. So here’s the question, why are those on long-term unemployment still believing these jobs are “beneath them” so to say when working for minimum wage allows you to keep your pride more than begging?

  • Comm_reply
    fakk2 02/12/2011 6:53pm

    And how can one talk about killing people to get a handout? Especially when it’s about congressmen, how is that appropriate? We don’t live in Russia where it’s the government’s responsibility to give people jobs because if we did, how much you want to bet that if your dad was a ditch digger, you’d be a ditch digger, and your son would be too.

  • Comm_reply
    Legion1 02/12/2011 8:20pm

    Now for my not so friendly side.

    By your logic, your dad & your son must be an idiot because that’s exactly what you are, an idiot.

    A handout? That’s how you see this? Due to our employment, employers are charge a tax. That tax (FUTA) is to cover unemployment. By our work, it is our right to collect unemployment. It is not a handout. Employers made much more profit from our labors than they have paid in via FUTA.

    For 40 years, Congress has done whatever it could to aid American jobs leaving America & doing nothing to stop them from going. All in the name of profit for corporate America. In aiding & abetting corporate America in gutting American jobs, IMO, Congress is traitors to the citizens of America. Traitors are shot.

  • Comm_reply
    Legion1 02/12/2011 8:30pm

    When GM started moving jobs to Mexico, did the price of Chevy’s go down? No

    Were tax breaks given to big PHARMA to move operations to the Carri-bean? Yes

    Was Rebok allowed to sell shoes in the US made in Thailand (for pennies) for $150 to $200 a pair? Yes.

    Is there any TV’s made in America anymore? No

    Are there any clothes made in the now abandoned textile mills of America? No

    Does Wal-Mart sell anything Made in America besides some foodstuffs? I don’t think so.

    Who allowed industry after industry to leave America for ever increasing profits, cheap labor, no benefits, no consideration of or regard for pollution? Congress

    Traitors to the American family/citizens.

    Traitors are shot

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  • Comm_reply
    Legion1 02/12/2011 7:41pm

    Tell you what “fakk2”…go try what you suggest. Make sure to put on the application that you’ve been out of work 1,2,3,4 years. See if you get called, bet you don’t. Go try the same thing at the Temp places, bet you don’t get a call from them either. Go to the fast food places and see how many older adults are working for them, bet you don’t see many.

    Maybe I got a little carried away with saying they know when enough jobs are coming back, however by all estimates, it’s going to be at least 2 years until there’s much of a change.

    You try moving when you’re penniless.

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  • Comm_reply
    HopefromCA 02/13/2011 8:33am

    You mentioned how the length of UI extensions is enough.
    How would you like to be over 55 years old, handicapped, been looking for work for over 2 years and trying to keep food on the table for the family? You need to start thinking of others that may not be as fortunate as yourself.

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  • ssari30 02/12/2011 6:23pm

    “Legion1” I agree with you 100%! And if this doesn’t pass. They will have a full scale problem on there hands. That will be a lot worse then what happened in Arizona.

  • Legion1 02/12/2011 7:31pm

    The Congressional Budget Office report entitled, “Policies for Increasing Economic Growth and Employment in 2010 and 2011”* estimated that increasing aid to the unemployed “would raise output cumulatively between 2010 and 2015 by $0.70 to $1.90 per dollar of total budgetary cost.

    The CBO also estimates that extending unemployment benefits would add 8 to 19 cumulative years of full-time-equivalent employment per million dollars of total budgetary cost.* HR589 will effectively serve this purpose.

    According to CBO, increased aid to the unemployed is more cost effective boosting economic growth and employment than a variety of other policies under consideration.

    There is only 1 job for every 5 unemployed persons, and 42% of all unemployed have been unemployed for over 6 months, with 21.9% unemployed for over 1 year.**

    IHS Global Insight predicts the total number of jobs in the U.S. won’t return to prerecession levels until 2013, that doesn’t account for growth in the labor force.

  • Legion1 02/12/2011 8:37pm

    I’d be willing to bet you’re not even unemployed “fakk2” & you’re here not for any type of serious discussion but rather just to cause trouble. I also consider it a safe bet that you’re at least one of the “7” negative vote against this bill. Try walking in our shoes, you won’t like how they fit.

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  • sclark113 02/13/2011 2:30am

    You know who you are!!!! Just my way of taking a moment to say thank you for all that you are doing!

    2011 Unemployment Extension – Time to Thank the Advocates for the 99ers


  • sclark113 02/13/2011 3:14am

    An interview with Gerry DePietro, a 99er advocate that recently met with her Congressman, went to Washington D.C. for the introduction of H.R. 589, and who will be interviewed on the Ed Show by Ed Schultz Monday night at 10:00 PM (EST) on MSNBC.

    Link for BlogTalkRadio program from 3:00-3:30 PM (EST) to listen live (podcast will be available shortly after the show is completed).


    You can leave questions during the show in the comments section or use the call-in Number: (805) 285-9728 to ask questions during the show and we will do our very best to field your questions.

  • adamaiken 02/13/2011 4:45am

    Concocting the illusion of me spitting on our forefather’s graves (who by the way, most of those forefathers were slave owners, I suppose that should be upheld as well according to your warped way thinking), is a puerile attempt at diverting attention from the actual argument at hand which is that you are ignoring what is current and expedient and obvious.

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  • adamaiken 02/13/2011 4:53am

    ‘That document was created by men who lived under a tyrannical ruler’…..too bad they could not identify with the slaves they owned and make the association about their own tyranny.

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  • adamaiken 02/13/2011 8:11am

    I just don’t understand why it matters if ONE IGNORAMUS doesn’t get it.
    Obviously, this IGNORAMUS is incapable of understanding.
    Why waste time over an IGNORAMUS. There are more important matters to attend to. Let the IGNORAMUS box with its own shadow.

  • sclark113 02/13/2011 9:50am

    BogTalkRadio podcast now available:

    Discussion on H.R. 589 Unemployment Expansion Bill


  • WasMiddleClass 02/13/2011 12:55pm

    I have been giving a lot of serious thought lately to overall situation we face now, and how serious it really is.

    100% of all income growth in America since 2000 went to the richest 10%, 75% to the richest 1%, and income for the lower 90% actually declined. During that same time period prices have gone up by huge amounts on many things. I have been noticing 200% to 400% higher prices on most things. A gallon of gas, box of pasta, pound of hamburger, auto parts, etc, etc. I can remember while I was still working at my last real job thinking about why I never seemed to be able to get ahead anymore. I was making about 50k per year with no credit card payments and my vehicle was paid for. I can remember adding up just my rent, utilities, food, car insurance, and gas and I was shocked to find little money was even left over each week. They say you now officially need to earn $48k just to afford a basic apartment in my area of Ct., and a lot more than that in some areas.

  • Comm_reply
    WasMiddleClass 02/13/2011 12:59pm

    I read all those people saying that we should just settle for a $9 per hour job, when even those are rare now. You could not even afford a room and transportation on that job. You would be homeless like so many other working homeless now.

    I went to a technical school, and almost all the trades they taught have had huge job losses. No jobs were even created in Ct. in 2010. From what I read most all the jobs that were created in the country are low paying part time and temp jobs, and there was nowhere near enough to even cover population growth. When one good job does become available around here hundreds of people line up to apply for it. Even if miraculously jobs creation returned to the highest level it has ever been it would take many years to replace all those lost.

  • Comm_reply
    WasMiddleClass 02/13/2011 1:02pm

    I’m in my mid fifties. What work I have now is hard, back breaking, physical labor outdoors in the cold for $12 per hour. Most of that goes to my landlord to pay for a campsite with no water or electricity. At the end of the day my back hurts so bad I can’t even sleep, I’m so tired I can barely stand up, and I have pains in my chest. I need over $1000 just to get my truck legal again. Every time I drive it now I risk losing it. I was lucky to have a room to stay in for most of the winter, but that ends March first. The person whose room it is left in July to travel the country in search of a job. He could not find one he would be able to live on and is coming back.

    There is not a day that goes by now when I don’t think about how I can’t keep living like this, and I see no light at the end of the tunnel. Am I supposed to spend the rest of my life doing hard labor and living in poverty until I drop dead? Is that what all my years of experience in several fields gets me now?

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