S.978 - Commercial Felony Streaming Act

A bill to amend the criminal penalty provision for criminal infringement of a copyright, and for other purposes. view all titles (2)

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  • Official: A bill to amend the criminal penalty provision for criminal infringement of a copyright, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Popular: Commercial Felony Streaming Act as introduced.

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willm1 07/12/2011 1:09pm

This is just plain stupid. The content is not predetermined like in music or a movie. It is mostly made by the person playing the game. So if i make a video and in the video i get walk on ground that belongs to a store or someone else, i should be sued because its not my property? I was allowed to walk on the ground and i am allowed to play on the games, but to record what i do with my own equipment is illegal? They need to stop these stupid bills that waste time and actually do something helpful for this country like solve our rising debt.

ove 07/12/2011 1:52am

We still have to actively fight it, or they might think we love it.

ove 07/12/2011 1:45am

This is a not a good bill. I honestly think it is so extreme that it is drawing people to make compromises to allow a more toned down version to pass. This can not happen! Any real control given to policing media online will result in media owned internet! Are you worried about the government policing the internet? Any part of any bill that even remotely looks like this is giving the badge to a different company but with the same results. Donald Trump copyrighted a phrase, people! You want to see “this is copyrighted work” when you post his phrase online?
This bill is the first step to breaking down people to allow that to happen. These entities don’t think about right now in terms of passing this thing, they look at fifteen years down the road will they be able to work up to this and worse things. I’m sure they’ll take it if someone is dumb enough to give it to them, but we can’t be!!! Stop this bill and anything that resembles more media control of free distribution!!

bones446 07/11/2011 9:34pm

I just wanted to thank everyone for +1-ing my comments! Really!

CaptainObvious 07/11/2011 4:53am

The law as worded is vague enough to include all forms of copyrighted works including games, video, music, books, pictures and other works.

“Public performance” is vague as well, and could be used to define basically any small gathering of people, watching any suck work.

The judiciary does not have the time or the resources to patrol the internet to find all potential infringement (potentially hundreds of thousands or more based on how vague the law is) or to bring each individual to court.

Some companies have a “Lassiez-Faire” approach to streams of this kind, not to mention major labels and companies actually putting such works on the internet to gain publicity for the product.

This bill is essentially a ham-fisted approach to get government to do the litigating for the Big Labels. Once someone is convicted of criminal copyright infringement, there is direct precedent on the civil lawsuits sure to follow.

redvsbluefan 07/10/2011 11:45pm

this bill is a black eye to fans of video games and there developers everywhere. people of popular channels of youtube like machinima and website like rooster teeth will lose there jobs and houses because some one wants money

when Rooster Teeth first became famous, bungie, who created the game known as halo, (which is what Red vs Blue uses and based off of for there show) said its alright to use halo and all its likenesses to make capital and thrive off it. isnt that enough! no it isnt because some one wants there money in there pockets and give every fan a big “screw off”

you cant say that only now after the fact that you can say “no” after things like walkthroughs, parodies (like Brentalfloss), speed runs, and most of all machinimas like Freemans Mind and RvB have been on the internet for years

they are cultural phenomenons and the government doesnt care. shame on them.

thank you for your time

mlbcp101 07/10/2011 12:54pm

go ahed and pass this but im sure there will be protests this bill is the acts of money loving congressmen who care nothing for the people

Rie 07/10/2011 12:37am

Seriously? All these companies support it? They won’t once their business close because youtube and other streams PROMOTE the products! People can’t seem to find out about their products until they see gameplay videos or clips and not the trailers actually brought up from that company. Yeah if it’s passed, congress is pretty much ruining the businesses and SPITTING ON THE GRAVES OF OUR FOUR FOUNDING FATHERS. It takes away our FIRST AMENDMENT because we not only use streams or gameplay to interact with games or to share our love for the movies and entertainment, but we also show our opinion and commentary. Nice United States. You are twisting the main purpose why we are here.

Keno9988 07/09/2011 9:55pm

I, personally, think this bill is bull crap.

A bunch of YouTube accounts, including mine and other ones (like Criken and gNatFreak,) would be closed down and then them and I would be sent to jail for 5 years. FIVE YEARS??? Come on Congress!

Now I rest my case for this bill to be stopped before almost ALL of American YouTubers go to jail!

The people that support this law should be tortured in the most sadistic manner for them. WATCHING TV SHOWS ON YOUTUBE.

Inkling 07/09/2011 5:05pm

You know what this will be like? The Pirating law. The government will huff and puff but not a single fuck will be given.

ihavegas69 07/09/2011 11:18am

This bill is stupid,it’s trespassing over people’s right’s to use the internet
and that’s why this bill should not be allowed to pass. That’s what I think about this bill,and thank you for reading my comment.

Dofis 07/09/2011 3:24am

I couldn’t tell you how many times video game gameplay on YouTube has ultimately led me to purchase a game I wouldn’t have bought otherwise. I don’t see how this bill could possibly help anyone, its almost as if these companies sponsoring this bill DON’T want the free advertising.

I agree with ToBeContinued, a lot of videos people have taken with their buddies contain music that was playing while the video was recorded. Families record special moments like a babies first steps in the living room, usually with the TV on, as moments like that are very spontaneous (It’s only the babies first steps the first time). Then, a family might want to upload that video so grandma and grandpa can see their grandson/granddaughter’s first steps. And now these people could face potential jail time for uploading these videos? Are you kidding me?

mxfox408 07/08/2011 10:49am

You need to let your senators know that a vote for this bill is a vote to end thier political careers. I guess these democrats want to loose to the republicans in 2012.

bones446 07/08/2011 4:59am

I am back with another statement. I would like to announce that I have heard people say statements similar to mine. Did you know that video game sites and possibly YouTube will slowly decrease in popularity, and/or money. If video game companies crash from no gameplays or reviews, the economy gets worse, and more people may lose jobs and possibly their job is one of their hobbies that they enjoy. Many people would be devastated. People will be mentally disorganized and sad. People will have no hope. People will not pick up their controllers, handhelds, mouse, keyboard, or themselves (referring to Kinect or outdoor activities). People will lose their house, or car. Stocks may go down. More people will lose physical and mental strength. Our country, maybe even the world depends on this bill. For example Machinima or IGN, or a YouTube channel: Games. Many companies are sponsored. EA, Lucasarts, or possibly Mojang.

Please give me a +1 if you agree, so we gamers can be free!

bones446 07/08/2011 4:40am

7th comment? I may state that this is being typed from a phone.

I have been typing many comments lately, due to what I believe I have to say. I am a gamer, and I was going to get fraps for my recording software, but due to the current law that may be passed, I will not be able to. I believe that the law did state “copyright material,” but did not state video games specifically, if this information is correct. The law has leaved us confused or rather puzzled to its own text, and content. If you agree give me a +1 to get all my comments noticeable.

bones446 07/08/2011 4:30am

Just 1 million? More like over 1million! I have +1 so I am back and pumped! As I have stated before: bill will most likely fail. That’s my opinion what is yours people? So far 13 people agree and over 1,000 oppose. What are the odds? Not trying to offend anyone, but let’s think about the odds. I oppose, but doesn’t the government have the last word? I believe so, BUT I believe in my opinion (once again not to offend any political party, government or U.S. citizen or foreigner) that we the people have a say in this! If you agree with my wise words as a citizen, then +1 this reply and/or comment. Thank you.

US citizen (username bones446)

Bill978Sucks 07/06/2011 7:21pm


DustTiger 07/06/2011 1:19pm

Many people will suffer if this bill is passed. Some people make a living off of what this bill prevents.

zombiebychoice 07/06/2011 12:38am

even if you were right about the music portion this bill doesn’t just effect the music industry. take the videogame industry for example. they make more money because people post videos of the videogame online, this is basically free advertising for them. if gamers cant see videogame info online the stocks for that industry will plummet as people dont know what to play. no to mention the companies on youtube that make a living reviewing games or showing walkthroughs on how to play it. the bill drastically needs to be rewritten before it ruins the lives of hundreds of thousands of people

Chunmeista 07/05/2011 11:16pm

Excuse me? But there are many other people who want media freedom. If you don’t want to post “copyrighted” stuff on Youtube, you go right on ahead and don’t.

It WILL cost us even more money to place people who break this “law” in prison. Otherwise good men and women who could be working their jobs, moving the economy along. Do you want to pay more taxes because of this bill? I refuse to pay for the cost of keeping someone in prison if they’ve broken this ridiculous “copyright law,” because the government has no right to do this to others.

That said, music artists should be creating their work from their hearts, not for profit. If the public approves of the musician, then they will be supported.

Many people visit Youtube to watch TV shows, anime, and game videos for free, and then go on to purchase merchandise related to it. If Youtube attempts to lay down such “copyright” restrictions, then it will become Google’s failed asset. People will go elsewhere to post and watch such videos.

welchljamie 07/05/2011 3:29pm

This will block Let’s Plays. I love watching LPs. There are a decent handful of streamers who stream video games and have donation buttons going to charity websites, like TheSpeedGamers do. Are they felons now?

Most of the LP’s I watch, I do so for entertainment. A lot of the time I go and watch LP’s AFTER I have already bought and beaten the game. LPers are entertainers. Remember Mystery Science Theater 3000? It was entertainers commenting on bad movies. Sure, they got permission to do what they did, but video game companies don’t have the time or money to be approving every LP.

There is a WHOLE community in LPs. They are just entertaining. These people aren’t criminals.

Watching LP’s will never replace playing the actual game. And most of the time if I see an LP with a VERY good game, I will go check it out myself. And lets not forget that I almost ALWAYS watch reviews online before buying a new game. Reviews COULD be done without game footage, but that makes for a boring video.

satilisu 07/05/2011 3:05pm

So I don’t own what I buy?

andre_1986 07/05/2011 2:49pm

Not only does this destroy our right of Freedom of Speech, it pretty much will destroy the peoples right for commentary on their own opinions of products such as video games. People has been using the fair use copyright law and we are entitled to use it. This bill is out right unfair and should not be passed.

MopeyJoe 07/05/2011 9:42am

For the 12 of you in favor of this bill, think about this:

If your little child decides it would be funny to post a video of him/her singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on youtube, you’re going to have to explain to your child why that was wrong as the authorities take them away to federal prison.

NathanKButh 07/05/2011 7:06am

this wouldn’t even cut down piracy, most people who download music illegally do not use youtube, they use torrents. well i sent a good paragraph to senator amy klobuchar and i hope she reads it. i recommend that anybody else against this does the same, but please be intelligent about it so that it actually helps.

Dreamsmith 07/05/2011 4:27am

Do you know why in movies and TV shows, people sing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” at birthdays instead of the song most people sing at actual birthdays in real life? Because that song is copyrighted.

Did you know if you have posted videos on Youtube of your kids birthday party, this bill would see to it that you are sent to prison for having done so?

I hope Amy Klobuchar don’t run again. I tend to vote Democratic, but I certainly won’t be voting for Amy Klobuchar again, and I’d like to not have to vote for someone from a different party given that I’ll have to be voting against her next time around. Sorry I voted for her last time…

s978opposer 07/05/2011 3:21am

I’m adding onto my previous comment.
Think of the economical downsides to this bill. People would lose their jobs. WHOLE COMPANIES would be shut down. Machinima, IGN, and many others would lose their jobs. Think of the unemployment now, and think of it after a few more thousand or a couple dozen of thousands lose their jobs and have no way of finding a job, due to them being scoured and leeched dry by others who beat them to it? Think of all the advertising people would lose and MORE people would lose their jobs. Video Game creators, musicians, artists, even actors and performers. This act is sickening to my mind. This could trigger even worse of an economical breakdown than is going on right now. We need to FIX the economy! Not break it more! People WILL physically react. I know several people who claim to react violently or by leaving the country, or other things if this bill passes. Their jobs? Gone. Their entertainment? Gone with it. Their hope for America’s future? Gone with it.

s978opposer 07/05/2011 3:16am

I honestly wish I could sit these three senators down and give them a big lyrical slap in the face with logic. THIS. BILL. IS. HORRIBLE. Think of all of the fre advertising corporations get from videos watched on the internet. As an example, a small company has made no content. They make a video game and within a few months over 1,000,000 copies of this game are sold because of advertising. Minecraft. Don’t believe it? Go look. Think of all of the READICULOUS attempts to throw little kids into jail due to videos they put up or songs they sing on film. Throwing children in prison as would be done to adults. I’m going to lose my professionalism for a few sentences. WHAT KIND OF MORON DOES THAT. HOW IMMORAL DO YOU HAVE TO BE, OR HOW DECEIVED BY LIES, OR HOW BLIND, OR HOW EVIL, HATEFUL, SCEMING, OR BACKSTABBING must you be, to throw INNOCENT CHILDREN into JAIL for up to 5 YEARS because of a song being in their video. Senators, think about your sanity, and think about your choises.

Aspharxeno1011 07/05/2011 2:44am

I disagree, the only good part is stopping piracy. There are way more bad parts than good. For example: Machinima will fall and people are forced to stop advertising games for companies! Please reread and think about what you have just read.

jarm2608 07/05/2011 2:00am

Not only I’m disgusted at seeing this kind of bill, I am furious over seeing such a ridiculous proposal! Five years in prison for this?!! Aren’t the prisons over crowded enough and now they want them filled with people who uploaded the wrong song on a video!!? I got a better idea, how about putting any congressman out of office who even has the audacity to vote for this bill!? There is no justifiable excuse for this since it would ruin online companies and individuals who are barely trying to earn a living in this recession. It would obliterate anyone just trying to get a foot in the door to making a better life then you want throw them in prison over it? That’s sickening! I am totally against this bill! Highly unfair and too strict, congress really needs to rethink this one! 50,000 online radio stations were swept away at least five years ago over a similar law and it hurt a lot of people. ENOUGH!! Dinosaur corporations hurting people to keep the status quo! Follow the money!

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