H.R.19 - To require employers to conduct employment eligibility verification.

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  • Official: To require employers to conduct employment eligibility verification. as introduced.

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  • rhonda 04/02/2009 6:21am

    Oh yeah! this bill is like a beam of light during a horrific storm.
    What did Obama say? A beam of light will shine down upon you.." Well it has. My Nation, My People We should not have to support and promote those in this country who are not entitled to jobs and benefits simply because they managed to cross the border, while the children of this country go hungry and without.

  • gaskorup 04/02/2009 10:11am

    Remove the “voluntary” and the “phase in” period.
    Require all to use E-verify before and / or change of employment.Within 90 days verify all CURRENT EMPLOYEES (not only those seeking employment).
    To set a baseline database and to eliminate claims of inequality. Notify any individual and employer that there are discrepancies in E-verify data.Give 30 days for individuals to correct any erroneous data found during E-verify. All corrections by ocumentation presented to and preformed by the Social Security Administration. Notify employer of non-correction compliance.Require immediate suspension of use of employee until compliant.2.) $1000 per day employer fine until employer validates his employee. (That should give employer incentives to E-verify)

  • Clint_Thomas 04/13/2009 11:05pm

    This is a state issue, not a federal one. The congress is continually overstepping their bounds.

  • johnpage 04/30/2009 5:59pm

    The “phase in” period should be shortened. Two years is more than adequate for everyone that employs anyone to get on board. The only thing standing in the way of passing this legislation is the Democrat Party, Labor Unions and greedy business owners and stock holders.

    Mr. Thomas is mistaken when he says “This is a State issue, not a Federal one.” Although the Federal Government has ignored the problem for may years, and the States have been forced to deal with most of the fallout from illegals, immagration is still a Federal issue that must be dealt with.

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