H.R.5957 - To reduce subsidies for agricultural commodity programs.

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  • Official: To reduce subsidies for agricultural commodity programs. as introduced.

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  • Anonymous 05/06/2008 7:32pm

    We just agreed to subsidize foreign farmers. 200 million with 500 more. Asia just agreed to subsidize foreign farmers with billions. The subsidies are no different than our US legislation. Alot is direct cash to the farmer.

  • Anonymous 05/06/2008 7:36pm

    We just agreed to foreign subsidies to the price and purchase of foreign commodities and their governments. So has Asia Bank.

  • liberty69 05/01/2010 4:43pm

    The issue here is equal treatment to all farmers of the world. With our government subsidizing our farmers, other country’s cannot compete in order to sell their crops and put food in their bellies. Like the Congolese, for instance. American farmer’s at least have homes, cars, food, clothes. Developing nations’ people do not. Let’s give a little bit to help other peoples of this world.

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