H.R.875 - Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009

To establish the Food Safety Administration within the Department of Health and Human Services to protect the public health by preventing food-borne illness, ensuring the safety of food, improving research on contaminants leading to food-borne illness, and improving security of food from intentional contamination, and for other purposes. view all titles (2)

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  • Official: To establish the Food Safety Administration within the Department of Health and Human Services to protect the public health by preventing food-borne illness, ensuring the safety of food, improving research on contaminants leading to food-borne illness, and improving security of food from intentional contamination, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Short: Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 as introduced.

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  • theoptimist 03/26/2009 5:55am

    With the FDA, USDA and CDC each with their hand in this responsibility, I agree with the comments on “why another agency?” It sounds like the government is trying to employ the majority of its citizens as a way to keep us under it’s control!

  • BugD 03/26/2009 7:37am

    “And other purposes” leaves it wide open. I’m getting more and more cynical and less and less forgiving of politicians. There always seems to be a hidden agenda just under the surface and and as soon as it’s discovered, they miraculously have an excuse.

  • jamiehillegonds 03/27/2009 4:00am

    I hold my family’s ability to choose, buy, and/or grow our food seriously. While food safety is one of my primary concerns, I am not foolish enough to believe that any large-scale national and international food system (such as the United States’ food system) can ever completely ensure my food’s safety. That is why I chose locally grown, organically grown and home grown foods for my family whenever possible. I know my farmers. I visit their farms. I take responsibility for my own food system.

    I don’t want or need Monsanto, Carhill, or any of the other mega-food or pesticide producers to direct my nation’s food legislation. If farmers are interested in pesticide sprays, genetically modified seeds, one-size-fits-all produce, they are free to buy them, use them, and even advertise their use as a “valued added” part of their advertising. But they should not be allowed to dictate what I can and cannot put in my produce bag.

  • icesurpher 03/27/2009 11:42am

    This bill is sponsored by Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut. She is married to Stan Greenberg who is a political strategist and was on the staff of Clinton and Kerry. One of his major commercial clients is a company called Monsanto. Monsanto develops and markets genetically modified food crops. This is a multinational corp driving people away from local food systems, and would gain significantly from additional barriers on self sustainability. One of there innovations was to modify seed crops to not produce viable seeds, so that farmers have to buy seeds every year as opposed to gleaning seeds from the previous years crop.

  • mefford509 03/27/2009 12:35pm

    How can we add an amemdment or wording to protect “my backgard Garden”? We do not PRODUCE food for others, but we freeze and can many vegetables. How could we be protected as I feel that these regulations as they stand could easily be misconstrued to include my private garden. LETS SPEAK OUT TO PROTECT OUR BACKYARD GARDENS!!!!

  • zzman 03/27/2009 7:54pm

    We have a right to buy organic foods!! You can thank Obama for this messy bill because if he really cared he would stop it but he’s probably friends with the congresswoman. Mosanto probably donated a bunch of money to his campaign just like AIG did. Obama and Dodd received the largest donations from AIG and never returned their money after they demanded that the bonuses get paid back from AIG executives(what hypocrites) THE PEOPLE CAN’T LET THE GOVERNMENT GET AWAY WITH THIS. The new administration is slowly chipping away our rights and freedoms.

  • tracygoes 03/28/2009 11:19am

    HR875 is not about “protecting” people’s health. Its about control and greed. My family pays extra at the market to avoid the unhealthy effects of chemicals on our food. This proposal is ridiculous and very intrusive on the freedoms and rights of all of us.


  • MuuhdistMonk 03/28/2009 6:32pm

    I agree with rhino235. DeLauro should be impeached. But hey, just keep eating GMOs. Everything will be okay. Go back to sleep, Monsanto will take care of us. There’s no fascism here, heck, there’s almost no regulation as it is. The truly free market, that we’ve had for the last 100 years, has ruined this country. We need more regulation to stop organic farmers from tainting the food supply. Monsanto will provide the nutrition we need. No need to worry people!

  • USNavyRet 03/28/2009 10:29pm

    This comment will sound like it is off the subject, but I believe it is right on target… We need “Term Limits” (if it is good enough for the President, it is good enough for the House and Senate). The other thing is to stop legislators from re-districting to their liking so that they can get the election results they desire.

    If both of these things were enacted we would have less stupid bills like the Farm Bill and be electing more middle of the road Representatives.

  • hilomermaid 03/29/2009 2:05pm

    http://farmwars.info/?p=257 This is their way of criminalizing seeds. Go to this link and read the fine print. Go to the site and read this article and see how they will control us, if this law passes. Unbelievable, they control the food, they will control us. Pass this on to everyone. ASAP this can not pass! Have they not taken away enough? We are heading for a 3rd world war and 3rd world country if we do not fight this Bill HR 875

  • DonaLuna 03/29/2009 3:39pm

    In every facet of our life, dragging the quality of life down, down down, we need new blood, scientest, co op farms, who are in it for the betterment of all, not just the kick backs and pay offs to grow fast cheaper, disregarding the health and wellness of peoples. Perhaps its a domino effect and they’re in bed with Big Pharma.. {"We’ll crupt their bodies and you take over with your drugs…"} Organic food heals, pure food and water always has.. not syntheics.

  • jellofast 03/29/2009 7:54pm

    everyone check out mercola.com they have an article about this.

    this is madness. this bill better be rejected or im gonna lead a community campaign against the traitorous representative that supports this bill that leaves local farmers without some money on the table!

  • Theultimateg 03/30/2009 8:42am

    Write your representatives and urge them to oppose this bill, that is of course unless you want to be force fed by large corporations.

    This video explains it all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGZL6q-3LOw

  • agribean 03/30/2009 8:59am

    I concur with mspitalnik:
    ‘Personally, I’d like to see more teeth in the regulations and inspections that are already there for the large operations. Not new regulations extending down to the operations that have never been a problem’. I don’t believe this bill is really about food safety, but more likely about greed, power, & control of agribusiness by the few.

  • DDAY 03/30/2009 1:35pm

    I already have so many food related allergies it is difficult to find anything to eat. If I can not get heirloom/clean seeds I will have no fresh veggies or fruits at all.

    Where do they think all the food related allergies are coming from ?

  • pancharito 03/30/2009 8:44pm
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    There’s no way we can let them pass this crap.

  • ahavens 04/01/2009 7:03am

    HOW DO WE APPOSE………..dont forget that our children are suffering the worst from these genetically modified foods….they are poisoning our children with growth hormones…then try to diagnose them with bullshit …then zombify them with chemicalized meds so they can control them….grrrr

  • poet416 04/02/2009 5:03am

    We cannot fish without a license, hunt with out a license, and now we won’t be able to grow our own food without a ton of regulations. This is just another way to keep us dependant on the government. Furthermore, my grandfather had a small garden in his back yard for as long as I could remember. My granny would can fruits and vegetables every year, and these were shared with the entire family. That is American to me, not this regulated facist bs.

  • Jenna1607 04/03/2009 5:36am

    This bill is the complete opposite of what the government needs to be doing. We should be shifting back towards a local, smaller food system, not crushing the smaller farms and helping the larger one. Notice none of the contamination outbreaks have been from small farms/companies, but from the large ones.

  • FarmerswifeLinda 04/06/2009 9:15am
    Instead of “punishing” the majority of us by imposing rules and regulations and restricting our freedoms, we should punish the few whose judgment is corrupted or impaired, that hurts others. I suggest “guidelines”(former rules), which in effect take away most of the risks of an activity if followed,(but don’t have to be enforced), then take away all the rules and regulations except the one that says: "If you are responsible for an action that hurts someone else, then you will be held accountable in a court of law, in a pre-determined consequence, a sentence which fits the crime and is severe enough so that it makes others think before they engage in an act that could hurt others. This would encourage Individual Responsibility (Which is what makes this country great!).
  • FarmerswifeLinda 04/06/2009 9:20am

    PLEASE think about this. This government can’t protect our borders, win the war on drugs or get rid of the terrorist leaders. Bigger government has let to poorer quality of schools, the private schools (with no government funding) do a better job! By government “setting” rules in HR 875 that would take both time and money to “try” to enforce, (because time is money to the small business person) it will definitely make us less productive and make it so complicated it would be easier to give up and go onto the SSI lines like so many other undeserving individuals do.

  • Comm_reply
    DianaAmerican 04/13/2009 10:19pm

    This is bill to put Expensive, Stringent Regulations on Small Business to force them “Out of Business”.

    This is what happened to all the Mom & Pop gas stations around the country, the government’s Stringent, Overly Expensive, Regulations put them “Out of Business”. This gave way for Only Big Companies to take over.

    Take note that once the small Mom & Pop gas stations were gone, the maintenance of these regulations just kind of fell by the way side are no longer enforced. But I’ll bet those government committees and advisory committees still exist for the purpose of getting their paychecks from the Taxpayers.

    Younger generations won’t remember how nice it was to have those Mom & Pop stations, a great America.

    (14) FOOD PRODUCTION FACILITY- The term ‘food production facility’ means any farm, ranch, orchard, vineyard, aquaculture facility, or confined animal-feeding operation.
    I say, “This will put an end to farmers markets, where you can now go to get great food.”

  • FarmerswifeLinda 04/06/2009 9:22am

    The time and money that has already been spent just to get this far in this bill must be staggering…taxes could have been lowered! All this money spending scares me! Having someone who can’t see our own unique problems dictate to me how to run my farm scares me even more!

  • smithb32 04/06/2009 4:37pm

    Under this bill, anyone who produces/distributes/sells food can be fined up to $1,000,000 for noncompliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act. The wording in the act is very ambiguous about what is allowed and what is not. The act repeatedly states that the Administrator of the Food Safety Administration will determine using “science” what is safe food and what is not. So we will have one single bureaucratic in Washington determining what any farmer in this country can and can’t do with their food.


    Section 405. (a) (1)

    Section 3. (15)

    Sec. 101. (A) (2)

  • mitchpamf 04/07/2009 5:48pm

    Intrusion into the private lives and businesses of our citizens by the State, yet again. As usual, the serious infringements of liberty is masked in do-gooder “social-justice,” nanny-state nonsense.

  • Deborah7R 04/08/2009 11:13am

    NO! This is terrible – do not let it happen!!! Guess who backs this ………….. Monsanto – yep!!! That’s right. If this passes no more heirloom seeds/gardens – just GMO and pesticide/herbicide infused seeds.
    Go here and sign this petition:

  • SubVet 04/09/2009 2:29am

    This is a blatantly UNCONSTITUTIONAL bill – notice that it defines a state as a state – not the fifty (50) states. It is territorial law that will be unlawfully extended to the fifty states!

    Time to repeal the 17th amendment and get the states back in control of our future!

  • WA_patriot 04/11/2009 4:34am

    No good can come of increasing the cost of food through government intervention. VOTE NO!!!

  • frank222k 04/11/2009 5:55am

    This insideous bill, introduced by the wife of a Monsanto executive, is a test to see how much the American people can be suckered. It is Monsanto’s stated goals to control the world’s food production, to eliminate all competitors, and to require farmers to use genetically-modified seeds only they can provide. The health effects of eating crops produced by the seeds are horrific, but have been suppressed and covered-up. Organic farmers grow the best quality food and nobody in their right mind would prefer GMO foods once they know the risks, and taste the difference. This is just a further erosion of personal freedoms by the Obama wrecking crew.

  • msouthard 04/11/2009 12:02pm

    All you conspiracy nutjobs need to take your ritalin and read this:


    As usual, it’s not what you think. I don’t know what draws you people to this website…

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