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To help you track which bills were rushed through the legislative process, we've created this page. This is a continually-updating list of bills in Congress for which the time from the full text being publicly available on the website of the Government Printing Office to the point of consideration by the full chamber of the U.S. House or Senate is less than 72 hours.

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Bill Text Available Considered Time Between

Negative times mean the bill was considered before the text was available.

* - Due to limitations on Congressional data, the exact time this bill was made available cannot be determined at this time, but it was considered in less than 72 hours. For more info about a bill's timeline in the legislative process, click on a bill name above and then follow the link in the middle of the page to "See All Actions".

** - While the initial bill text in the House and the Senate was publicly available for over 72 hours, the final text, in the form of the conference report, was available for fewer than 72 hours.