S.3706 - Americans Want to Work Act

A bill to extend unemployment insurance benefits and cut taxes for businesses to create hiring incentives, and for other purposes. view all titles (4)

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  • Official: A bill to extend unemployment insurance benefits and cut taxes for businesses to create hiring incentives, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Popular: Americans Want to Work Act as introduced.
  • Official: A bill to extend unemployment insurance benefits and cut taxes for businesses to create hiring incentives, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Short: Americans Want to Work Act as introduced.

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  • Comm_reply
    kc3295 08/09/2010 12:12pm

    Okay, found it. She is confused. What the news article says is that the economy and the deep unemployment have wrecked havoc on the FICA collections, therefore the fund is in trouble. Also, people taking early retirement are zapping SS. Has nothing to do with our bill!


  • Comm_reply
    attackgypsy 08/10/2010 1:02am

    SS being in trouble is a lie.

    They could continue to pay, without any changes, full benefits until like 2037. Then they’ll have to drop to 75%.



  • Comm_reply
    UnemployedAndLooking 08/10/2010 1:35am

    Unemployment rate is alot higher then reported because people falling off the rolls due to exhausted benefits , So once this passes we will see what the real numbers are . Right now we are be jerked around with B.S. Further more if they needed to extend the dates for other tiers because of no jobs in our economy what makes them think that people that have exhausted their benefits are in a better situation . Think about that this whole congress is simple slow and stupid and should be voted out for being late to the problem.

  • Comm_reply
    kc3295 08/10/2010 3:51am

    I agree wholeheartedly. She was telling me all of this because she can apply for SS in 1 year. I told her that S.3706 has nothing to do with SS. The Yahoo article was more about Congress raising the age limit. Our bill will do nothing but put money back into the economy…that has been proven over and over again.

    As to the passing of the bill, first we need to get it out of Finance and onto the floors. By the time it is passed, we may not recognize it based on the original. As long as they leave the 20 weeks alone, they can do what they want. BUT, we do have those who will try to stall…Lord help!

  • Comm_reply
    kc3295 08/10/2010 7:52am

    Hi, attackgypsy: This was great and I have passed it on to my friend.

  • kc3295 08/09/2010 12:16pm

    “According to an analysis by Goldman Sachs economist Alec Phillips that we mentioned this weekend, unemployment benefits are extended an average of 23 months following the peak unemployment rate is hit. In the current downturn, the peak in the jobless rate — 10.1% — came in October 2009, just 8 months ago. To reach the average, unemployment benefits would need to be extended through September 2011, which would require another act of Congress.

    Meanwhile, that extension would just cover the average. In past recessions, unemployment extensions continued until the unemployment rate dropped below 7.5%. That’s a long way from the 9.5% rate recorded in June."
    Meat of the WSJ article of July 20th

  • Abaratarrr 08/09/2010 1:28pm

    “will go until the end of November, at that time we’ll take up something, but not between now and then,” said Pelosi (D-CA).”
    “Perhaps it’s not a coincidence, then, that Pelosi is determined to wait until November. With election season in full swing and the pool of ’99ers growing dramatically, it might be the political gambit the Democrats need to keep the GOP from exploiting the recession in their favor.”


  • Comm_reply
    Abaratarrr 08/09/2010 1:33pm

    please leave Nancy Pelosi a message at
    (415) 556-4862 & (202) 225-4965.
    Please be nice we want them to want to help us

    they are in session this week, if pelosi will allow a vote on companion legislation for 3706 it will pass, Its up to Nancy at this point, please call her at least once a day. She graciously called the house back in session to help government employees and people with union jobs she can help us too while they are there.

  • Abaratarrr 08/09/2010 1:54pm

    “The House will vote next week on a Republican measure that would prevent Democratic leaders from passing controversial policy initiatives during a lame-duck session of Congress this year. "

    “Price explained his resolution says that a lame-duck session should not occur unless there were to be a national emergency. "

    in other words the house of Representatives might not be back at all after the election until January of 11,

    so if pelosi is not going to allow a vote on 3706 until after the election that would mean there will be no vote until January at the soonest


  • Marcy 08/09/2010 3:04pm

    We should not need to be held hostage for elections.

  • Abaratarrr 08/09/2010 3:06pm


    the house leaves for their vacation tomorrow so if they do not allow a vote it looks like we are screwed until February or march please leave call pelosi you can leave her a voice mail tonight even

  • LesGray 08/09/2010 6:00pm

    Senate Bill 3706 is needed. It will take some time to get it thru the house and senate. If it get passed it will be after the GOP trys to block and water down the bill. Passage of the bill will also depend on the balance of the GOP and the Dems. If the Dems lose their 60 seats margin in the Senate, or the GOP take over the Senate or the house of REPS, the GOP will kill the bill.

  • Comm_reply
    attackgypsy 08/10/2010 1:04am

    I think it will pass before election day. After all, who wouldn’t want to campaign on this. “We helped the unemployed by giving them another 20 weeks of benefits just last week!”

  • Comm_reply
    Abaratarrr 08/10/2010 8:55am

    the exact same thing happened in 2008 pelosi held off the vote untill after the election saying that if we want more weeks we have to vote for them.

    It’s a game. History repeats itself.

    they will do nothing for until January if at all. The can;t help us now they want the votes in November.

  • UnemployedAndLooking 08/10/2010 2:34am

    Big joke here my friends check out this B.S. Macy’s is hiring people On Call meaning you are employed but only work if they need you. LOL What a joke.

    This is getting foolish . NO JOBS

  • Comm_reply
    GDCal 08/10/2010 6:34pm

    That’s positively revolting. Why don’t they just line us all up and shoot us? Save everyone from PRETENDING that they are offering a ‘career’ opportunity. LOL! The shareholders will make out just fine though. And that’s what really counts, isn’t it?

  • UnemployedAndLooking 08/10/2010 3:08am

    One more thing that is just plain stupid is these clowns saying that spending anymore money will be a burden on our children , Well guess what if we don’t spend this money there will be an even worse situation. We Need Jobs and Money to pay are bills NOW. Unemployment money is the best way to get money in the economy it is spent . Example say a man/women can’t afford to pay a bill so they do without that service or good , What happens then is the company that provides that service is forced to layoff people then the snowball effect takes place . I know people that are growing gardens and eating what they grow almost cutting the supermarket completly out .

  • sassysally50 08/10/2010 10:56am

    Google: cnbc House Passes Bill to Help Teachers, Public Workers

    The bill would be paid for mainly by closing a tax loophole used by multinational corporations and reducing food stamp benefits for the poor. It passed mainly along party lines by a vote of 247-161.

    Are they F—- Serious !!!!!!!!!

    and reducing food stamp benefits for the poor.

  • Comm_reply
    jgallop 08/10/2010 11:14am

    Why can’t this unemployment be paid out of the Stimulus funds? Why are they sitting on that money? it’s surely a stimulus , better than bailing out banks or helping the big three move more factories out of the country!

  • Comm_reply
    attackgypsy 08/10/2010 11:58am

    Because the stimulus is already spoken for. That’s what people don’t get. The stimulus money is gone. There is no leftovers.

    How about slapping these banks and Wall Street with some big “bailout” taxes? That would get it back fast. And if they can’t pay it, seize and liquidate them.

  • Comm_reply
    Jorath13 08/10/2010 1:37pm

    Actually, there’s a sizable portion of the stimulus remaining – at least according to the Republicans. They want any Tier 5 to come strictly out of stimulus funds.

    Unless, of course (consipiracy hat on) there is no more stimulus and the Republicans know this and thusly want us to get no more money…

  • jgallop 08/10/2010 11:12am

    I’m sorry for the trash talk but actually I didn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes, Hope it goes through in the next 6 weeks. Will this be a continuation of tier 4 meaning if you drew tier 4 you’re eligible for tier 5?

  • Comm_reply
    attackgypsy 08/10/2010 11:56am

    Yes, if you drew Tier IV you will be able to draw Tier V.

  • Comm_reply
    Jorath13 08/10/2010 1:38pm

    BUT! Only according to the stipulation that your state’s unemployment rate is at 7.5% before you draw Tier 5. And whatever other stipulations that are on the previous tiers…I forget but don’t really care much as the state’s processing the benefits pretty much handle all the fine details.

  • jgallop 08/10/2010 11:17am

    They’re playing games , take it from the food stamps program, playing games pure and simple , I say take it out of the senator and congressman vacation fund, aren’t they on break and vacation majority of the year!?

  • 55UE 08/10/2010 1:30pm

    99er rally Planned for Thursday Aug. 12th on Wall St. in NYC from Noon – 1PM.

  • GonzoFL 08/10/2010 6:24pm

    Rep’s Berkely/McDermotts tier 5 pitch. Sets the bar a wee bit high doesn’t it?


  • Comm_reply
    attackgypsy 08/10/2010 10:02pm

    Won’t go thru. Period. Would piss too many people off.

  • Comm_reply
    NoGoodOnesLeft 08/11/2010 2:45am

    I don’t think it will get enough votes to pass the Senate at 10% when you consider that all the Republicans and the Democrats in states under 10% will vote NO. I think they are going to have to give something to all states in order to get enough YES votes to pass the Senate.

  • Comm_reply
    GonzoFL 08/11/2010 3:14am

    Hell, I don’t see it making it out of committee. I appreciate Rep’s Berkely and McDermott’s awareness of our plight(well sorta),but 10% is just nucking futs. The 7.5% in Stabenow’s bill is gong to be as a pissing match as it is. Is it the Congress’s(House)contention to just come up with SOMETHING as a posturing move to gain votes. Be it what it may,10% is just out of line,out of touch and out of their minds!

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